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  4. Most likely still will be XD
  5. haha i won't be there till the summer, when its not rainy and cold
  6. Welcome Austin!! Glad you found Simplicity! Moving to UK 👀 hope you bring warm clothes haha, shocking weather here compared to Turkiye! Any problems/questions just reach out to any staff member and we shall assist Mak3
  7. Hello everyone, my name is Austin (discord AlphaBravo) and its nice to be here. First day on the server was smooth and the community seems to be great and striving. I haven't played runescape in about 5 years, and I most of my good memories were on pvt servers, so I decided i'd come back to a RSPS instead of oracle's. I am 22 years old, and currently live in Turkiye (born in the US) and will be moving to the UK here in a few months. So if anyone has any IRL questions about going to Europe/Asia I don't mind answering them. Obviously I'm a newbie, so save the simplicity PS questions until i get a better grip on the server as a whole. Go ahead and add me in game - austin4448, and we can play together sometime. Looking forward to meeting everyone here, and hopefully contribute to an already amazing server. Best Regards, -Austin
  8. Best of luck. It's an amazing achievement.
  9. Kinda of a pointless update. You can do this at all bank booth.
  10. Support this idea. Leaving and coming back a lot gets old.
  11. Congrats everyone. Keep up the hard work! You all are doing a fantastic job. Much respect! ❤️
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  13. ign - priceyx tickets- 0 look foward to this be nice distraction after work
  14. @ Drogo Has been promoted to Co-Owner of Simplicity 🔥 @ Couvee Jr Has been promoted to Head of Server @ Rob Macabre Has been promoted to Server Manager @ R M B T Has been promoted to Server Manager @ Pixie Joe Has been promoted to HR Manager @ Slowasshonda Has been promoted to Content Manager @ shiftynex Has been promoted to Media Manager @ shiftynex Has been promoted to Forums Manager @ rapiid ags Has been promoted to Event Manager @ Mak3 Has been promoted to Moderator @ lapin Has been promoted to Trial Server Support @ Jpmorgan Has been promoted to Trial Server Support @ vapegod Has been promoted to Server Support @ Mystifiedgt Has been promoted to Trial Server Support @ Karma0221 Has been promoted to Server Support @ Kevin Has resigned from his Co-Owner role @ simp god Has resigned from his Head Administrator role @ Bagheera Has resigned from his Server Support role @ foly1 Has resigned from his Head of Server role @ kimber Has resigned from her Moderator role @ Terpy has been demoted from his Server Support role
  15. Thank you it Means a lot 😀 You will find our entire staff team are dedicated to helping and do our very best to make sure all players have a good time.
  16. Roja Diablo


    Hello Am new. Nice Admin Mr.Honda
  17. Hello, Let me ask a few qeustions to better understand what's going on. Which first reward are you speaking of? The games asks you to choose a type of account when creating it on the client, can always make another account if one was choosen by mistake. Which minigame and which reward?
  18. i paid the man for a gfx and didnt even deliver last year in feb
  19. HI I am writing this email regarding some complain about the game first i didnt get my first reward in game for bigners and they didnt let me chose a chreacter second i cant get my mini game reward
  20. Client FIX for Window PC's - Video tutorial Section I - Finding and deleting the cache Go to " c :\Users\enter your username here\" - Once you are there you should be able to see a folder named ".SimplicityCache" - Delete it. (Make sure your Client is closed before you delete the Cache) Section II - Client loading but not launching Go to the search bar and go to "Add or remove programs", search or look for "Java Development Kit" and uninstall that. Once that's uninstalled then download a fresh version of "Java Runtime Environment". Once downloaded then Launch the client up. JRE download link - https://javadl.oracle.com/webapps/download/AutoDL?BundleId=247947_0ae14417abb444ebb02b9815e2103550 Section III - Jarfix When opening your client, does it show a different icon rather than the .jar icon? Does it open the internet explorer? Well look no further. Using Jarfix is an easy fix to get your client running properly and back to playing Simplicity! Download here - tinyurl.com/SimplicityRSPSjarfix Section IV - .JAR file Does your client open up as a .JAR file when you download and try to open the client? A simple solution is to Right click the .JAR file > open with > Choose other App > Tick the box 'Always open with' and select Java .
  21. Ign - cm slaughter cw tickets - 0
  22. Nice event! Good way to bring the server together!
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