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  4. very handy guide thankyou for making it
  5. Hey guys! I'm Dean, I'm a 4th year medical student who will be a resident physician in the midwest at the end of this year. I've played RS and RSPS my whole life and even ran and coded my own server for a few years back in 2014. I'm trying out Simplicity today and hoping to have this be my RSPS that I play for a while. I miss having a community to belong to and a great group of guys/gals that I get along with. I'll be Dresty947 in-game! Meet you there :)
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  7. great guide thanks for making look forward to seeing tier 4 and 5 stats added
  8. Could you make me an animated signature? If you canβ€˜t make it animated that’s fine, just thought it would look cooler animated. Please give a good simplicity vibe with the bright green from the simplicity logo and white. pm me on discord ( jsteeze#3436 ) or ingame @ TehPeaks 😊
  9. Not sure if its possible. However a wave/round based minigame of zombies sounds awesome! Like a runescape version of call of duty zombies.
  10. Congrats on moderator @ Slowasshonda ! And congrats on server support @ Bazilo !
  11. Have been grinding trying to make money! However now I'm going to start a new and harder grind. Unlocking the ability to wear a completionist cape! I'll be on Simplicity for the long run!
  12. Overall a fun update! Gave me a good reason to get back into bossing! Can't wait to see the Christmas event!
  13. so i play on a work laptop, its password protected when i try to install anything, system admin told me i can install whatever doesnt require admin password, and i cant instal java thing to run ,jar files. i was wondering if there is a way for me to download the game files in a folder and just run it without having to open .jar i was able to download gamefiles for other rsps last week but i want to comeback to simplicity but cant get the game, hope zou understand what im trying to explain couse me no speak english good hehe. thanks
  14. DEATH Death Reaper is seeking revenge and wants you to return 5 items to him, these items will be in most of the bosses around Simplicity, Once completed he will reward you for your time. GHOST'S Ghost's are a community npc where the community come together to fight the evil spirits, Every 5000 kills gathered (This amount can be modified to higher or lower) will trigger a Halloween Boss spawn. The teleport for Ghost and Halloween Boss can be found at home, Ghost have guaranteed drop of the new halloween token and along with other drops. HALLOWEEN SLAYER Speak to the grim reaper to be assigned a slayer task. A player will get a certain npc as a task. That npc will have a chance depending on combat level to drop a Halloween key. Once a npc dropped a key, that tasks becomes invalid and they need to get a new task at the grim reaper. A player needs 5 keys to exchange for a reward. HALLOWEEN TOKEN SHOP This is the Halloween shop for 2022 Halloween filled with goodies, Items as new limited skeleton set's, Pumpkin ring that will turn you into pumpking pete, Dye's to make necrolord and scythe of vitur xi into a special halloween color and much more. The Halloween token shop is located at Home. HALLOWEEN BOX The Halloween box is dropped from bosses throughout Simplicity, This box contains some limited time halloween items and other goodies, This box can also be bought from the Halloween token shop HALLOWEEN EVENT BOSS: GLOD The Halloween event boss Glod is here to slay some souls. He spawns every 30-60 minutes at ::halloween (make sure to come with a team and your best gear or you might get one hitted) The Drop-table for Glod New Drop-table for Hespori boss New Drop-table for Zalcano boss The brand new AFK spot. Holy waterpump method is one of the fastest AFK spots ever added. Only allowed to use one alt per AFK spot. If we catch you using the AFK spot with multiple alts, you will get punished accordingly. CONTENT & FIXES β–  Added AFK Holy Waterpump (new AFK method next to Edgeville bank). β–  Added new and heavily improved drop-table for Hespori Boss. β–  Added new and heavily improved drop-table for Zalcano Boss. β–  Added 1/1000 drop-table for Kevin Demonic Boss Boss. β–  Added 1/1000 drop-table for Elite Slayer Boss Event. β–  Added Halloween event content. β–  Added Glod, Halloween event boss. β–  Added Grim reaper at home. β–  Added Grim reaper's portal at home. β–  Added spawns for Halloween event with drops for the mini quest. β–  Added timer icon for dream potions. β–  Added Lil' Glod. β–  Added Reaper npc's. β–  Added several custom Halloween items. β–  Added custom timer for imperial drop rate boost. β–  Added Pumpkin Pete Ring. β–  Added Halloween Necrolord. β–  Added Halloween Mythical Sang. β–  Added Halloween Vitur XI. β–  Added Halloween token 2022. β–  Added reset option for halloween tasks. β–  Added ::halloween command to teleport to the Halloween event boss. β–  Added support for Ring of Bosses + (i) for halloween items. β–  Added new items to the Dusk store (Imperial Dungeon II) β–  Fixed a bug with elite slayer instance. β–  Fixed a bug with pets in the wrong store. β–  Fixed a bug with new quick prayers not working. β–  Fixed a runelite boss timer plugin. β–  Fixed portal location and treasure hunter chance on unique halloween items. β–  Fixed a bug with outdated tridents changed to uncharged working trident's. β–  Fixed a bug with Imperial rank donator not being able to visit infernal zone. β–  Fixed a bug where some Imperial members can't use the ::ib (Imperial board interface). β–  Fixed a bug where custom superior pets crash in certain zones. β–  Fixed a bug with sorting drop-table for Halloween boss. β–  Fixed a bug with Raids drop-table when entering with full raiding party. β–  Fixed a bug where standing under Nightmare will force a safespot for the boss. β–  Fixed a bug with Nightmare boss husk spawns. β–  Fixed several more bugs with Nightmare boss. β–  Fixed a bug where you can't drop your superior pet at ::demon. β–  Fixed a bug with Zulrah no lookup option. β–  Fixed a bug where you can cut evil tree and open ::pos and still cut. β–  Fixed a bug where you could open ::pos at ::ali boss. β–  Fixed a bug with the lever at home not working. β–  Fixed a bug where level 97 Effigies only give 33k when states 60k. β–  Fixed a bug with Kraken requirements to kill. β–  Fixed a bug with crystal keys saving for non donors. β–  Fixed ::imperial so ranks with imperial permissions such as moderator can enter. β–  Fixed several bugs with Imperial altar. β–  Fixed a bug where it states name of shop above the one you opened. β–  Fixed a bug where Nylocas room Pillars are immune to Nycolas attacks. β–  Fixed npc ids for grim reaper quest npc and killable reapers. β–  Fixed some bug with key drop chances. β–  General store edgeville coords changed (had pathing issues). β–  Made halloween box spawn on 5k reaper kills β–  Replaced chickens with reapers. β–  Changed prices in Dusk store. β–  Added halloween key tasks. β–  Moved the Halloween portal. β–  Removed the old herb afk spots. Thank you, Arthur, Supreme, Kevin & Simplicity Team
  15. @ Slowasshonda Has been promoted to Moderator @ Darth Jedius Has been promoted to Trial Server Support N/A
  16. Lovely thread Max, Keep up the good work as always !
  17. Probably better off posting this on the discord. Forums aren't usually boomin'
  18. W post good for newer players & end game players such as myself cause I didn't know some of this~
  19. CAPES Hydra's Cape Deadmans Cape + Hydras Eye - These items are no longer able to be obtained by NPC's. Corporeal Beast Cape Stone Tablet (Corporal Beast) + Graceful cape (blue) (Corporal Beast) Vorkath Cape Stuffed Vorkath Head + graceful cape (green) - These items are no longer able to be obtained by NPC's. Raids Cape Mythical Cape + Cryan Crystal (CoX) - These items are no longer able to be obtained by NPC's. Verzik's Cape Disk of Returning (Verzik Vitur) + sinhaza shroud tier 5 (Verzik Vitur) Overlord Cape Demonic Relic (Lithil / Kevins Demonic Boss/ Various Boxes) + All Boss Capes ( Corp Cape, Hydra Cape, Nex Cape, Nightmare Cape, Raids Cape, Verzik's Cape, Vorkath Cape ) Fire Max Cape Broken Fire Cape (General Store) + Fire of Eternal Light (Corporal Beast) + Fire of Dehumidification (King Kurask) Infernal Max Cape Infernal Cape (TzKal-Zuk) + Infernal eel (LMS) Imbued Zamorak Cape Zamorak Cape (Magic Store Owner at ::shops) + Demon Heart (Workath) Imbued Guthix Cape Guthix Cape (Magic Store Owner at ::shops) + Ent's Root (Workath) Imbued Saradomin Cape Saradomin Cape (Magic Store Owner at ::shops) + Justiciar's Hand (Workath) Tokhaar-Kal Firecape (TzTok-Jad) + 50,000 Tokkul (Fight Caves) WEAPONS RANGE WEAPONS Fire Twisted Bow Twisted Bow (CoX) + Tome of Fire (Raids Mystery Box) + Olms Fire(CoX) Light Twisted Bow Twisted Bow (CoX) + Fire Twisted Bow (CoX) + Orb of Light (CoX) Ice twisted Bow Twisted Bow (CoX) + Light Twisted Bow (CoX) + Orb of Ice (Vorkath)+ Unstrung Ice Bow (Bandos Avatar) Sirenic Twisted Bow Ice twisted bow (CoX) + Light twisted bow (CoX) + Fire twisted bow (CoX) + Dark twisted bow (CoX) + Twisted bow (CoX) + orb of light (CoX) MELEE WEAPONS Sanguinesti Scythe of Vitur Sanguine ornament kit (ToB) + Sanguine dust (ToB) + Scythe of Vitur XI (ToB) + Sanguinesti Staff X (ToB) Dragon Hunter Lance Hydra's Claw (Alchemical Hydra) + Zamorakian Hasta (Alchemical Hydra) Ghrazi Rapier X Blood Orb (Verzik Vitur) + Ghrazi Rapier (Verzik Vitur) MAGIC WEAPONS Holy Mythical Sanguinesti Staff Mythical Sanguinesti Staff (Donor Exclusive) + Holy Ornament Kit (ToB & Nightmare) OFFHAND Avernic Defender Dragon defender (Warriors Guild 1) + Avernic Hilt (ToB) Arcane Spirit Shield Spirit Shield (Zeke) + Holy Elixer (Corporal Beast / Vote Shop) + Arcane Sigil (Corporal Beast) Divine Spirit Shield Spirit Shield (Zeke) + Holy Elixer (Corporal Beast / Vote Shop) + Divine Sigil (Corporal Beast) Elysian Spirit Shield Spirit Shield (Zeke) + Holy Elixer (Corporal Beast / Vote Shop) + Elysian Sigil (Corporal Beast) Spectral Spirit Shield Spirit Shield (Zeke) + Holy Elixer (Corporal Beast / Vote Shop) + Spectral Sigil (Corporal Beast) HELMETS Neitiznot Faceguard Helm of Neitiznot (Cow) + Basilisk Jaw JEWELLERY Ring of Bosses (i) Ring of Bosses (Galvek/CoX/Solak/Tekton/Vet'ion/Wildy Wyrm) + Ring of Wealth (Mole/Kraken/Vorkath/Zulrah) + Ring of the Gods (Dagannoth Prime/Nightmare/Vet'ion/Venanitis) + Steel Key Ring (CoX) GLOVES Flame Gloves (e) Flames glove + Fire of Nourishment Ferocious Gloves Flame Gloves + Flame Gloves (e) (ToB & CoX) + Hydra's Leather (Alchemical Hydra) BOOTS Devout Boots Holy Sandals (Alchemical Hydra & Nightmare) + Drakes Tooth (Drake)
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