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  2. Add-on: Mystery 1-28 inventory bingo (choose 5 of the 28 inventory slots for further rewards)to go with ::voted cash/scrolls/Runelocus Crystal Box)) -elff
  3. elff

    +1 Item to game

    Since we have every pair of boots in-game, why not add "Bronze boots" as well to the monster drop table. Kind of un-logical not too. +1 --- ADD - Bronze boots https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Bronze_boots -elff
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  5. Add a title - "naughty" ? or Fishy
  6. i personally like this feature being able to see the lvl reqs for the stats when i click them. i see that when you click you tp to the skill, so adding it could be easily a drop down option on right clicking. ive never fully skilled thru rs so having the ability to just see the lvl ladder when clicking my stat is super convenient.
  7. elff


    new boss - "Soulgazer" (popular for the drop "hexhunter bow") Thought this would be a good new addition for the future when the servers all caught up on its maintenance and what not so no extra bugs or fix's are needed or added. I think it would also be a good add on because of the "Enchantment of dispelling" attachment that can also be added to game which added a damage boost overall to the bow (boost % of choosing). Also the bow can be "Augmented" and instead of that process you could add the "augmented Hexhunter box" to the ::alchemy table as the upgraded version like the Scythe and Scythe x alchemies. Would recommend making as a --lower-- drop rate! would love this to be taken and be developed, be a cool new 3 items to add as well as something different to do. https://runescape.wiki/w/Hexhunter_bow https://runescape.wiki/w/Enchantment_of_dispelling https://runescape.wiki/w/Augmented_hexhunter_bow https://runescape.wiki/w/Soulgazer Ty
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  9. Making this Thread for 30s, he's streaming the server on youtube. (he's having problems getting his confirmation email) Check out his youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRa-Z0TrE_hv_3YH4PIMzeA
  10. thank you my man! lovely feedback!
  11. Drogo


    BIG LOVE TRUUUUUU โค๏ธ thank you so much for the feedback man, means a lot to me and the server! Glad you and many others are havin funnnnn!
  12. Truuu


    He is always very willing to help with all from questions about donons to generall stuff about the server/game Just all around a very helpfull guy. He has this persona that just gives of a very helpfull and welcome feeling and thats very important for me atleast
  13. Good guide, plain and simple but still very detailed and helpful! Thank you!
  14. Super good guide! Appreciated!
  15. POS revamp, Elite boss points, Elven crystal chest, New prayer spells & MORE! CONTENT TWEAKS & FIXES Thank you, Arthur, Supreme & Simplicity Team
  16. Alchemy guide Alchemy is new way to create gear and upgrade existing gear. Formular Scrolls and other items are required to create New/upgraded gear. Formula Scrolls can be dropped from different bosses. The Nightmare โ€“ can get multiple formulars at once Verzik Vitur โ€“ both boss only and full ::tob Workath โ€“ Wildness in mage bank arena ::mb Dawn โ€“ need crystal rank (8k) or overlord cape full COX โ€“ only full ::raids you can teleport to ::alchemy to see what items can be made by clicking on the table. It will then show a list of items that can be made using the correct formula scroll and items required. Once all the item requirements are in your inventory you can click Craft. Be aware there is not 100% chance of success as the more expensive the item the less chance of succession. You also receive points per attempt, less points for a successful attempt and more for a unsuccessful attempt. These points can be spent in the shop buy speaking to the Alchemy Master walking near the table. Alchemy is also the only way to get the below equipment. Amulet of blood Focus โ€“ Range amulet that offers healing capabilities. Amulet of blood Fury โ€“ Melee amulet that offers healing capabilities.
  17. An AUTOMATIC FFA, that sounds really awesome and people will definitely see me there. The new pets from clue/COX are gonna be a huge hit too, think a few more people gonna run full COX, and those pets are so cute. And to all the players who have asked "when is the drop party gonna start"? you won't haveto wonder anymore about when it'll happen and those new bigger boxes in there looking real nice. The NPC gambler to play 55x2 IS AWESOME. Can't wait to use it! THIS UPDATE IS ONE OF THE VERY BEST YET!!
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