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  1. Hey my fellow Simpers, This will be a quick one the realism game mode is slowly coming back. But I feel like we need a little bit more to entice people to play. My first suggest is maybe like a discord rank or something that says (Realism) if ya'll got any other suggestions don't be shy and post them down below :simp:
  2. New emojis sound blessed thanks for the suggestion Maxyyy ❤️
  3. First off wow you guys always seem to pull stuff out of the hat like a rabbit. The fact that the interfaces look super clean is outstanding. Can’t wait to try out the new things. Thanks again Simplicty Team
  4. I second this, seems like it would be a great idea maybe would make the community more active~
  5. Softwarev1


    Buying infernal eel Purple Partyhat Torva Sets Bloodnecklaces Sled message on here - discord - or pm me in game~
  6. Wanted to leave some positive feedback for this guy because he’s great. Wether I have a zillion questions or I’m trying to donate RSGP he’s always quick to respond he’s great at what he does and I’m thankful for him
  7. Gg to the new guys you’re the real mvps
  8. Just donate enough to have unlimited prayer, nuffsaid~
  9. We’re gonna keep you too this @ Kevin
  10. Haven’t seen you around yet, but welcome back, it’ll be nice to finally meet you
  11. Great guide Syrex, you’re always ontop of the latest things to be helping out the new players. Keep up the good work


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