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  1. Lovely thread Max, Keep up the good work as always !
  2. Drogo


    thank you my man! lovely feedback!
  3. Drogo


    BIG LOVE TRUUUUUU ❤️ thank you so much for the feedback man, means a lot to me and the server! Glad you and many others are havin funnnnn!
  4. That would be nice lets see what the rest will say about this!
  5. This must be one of the best guides ive seen in a while, good job Ytmillsey! +1 for you buddy!
  6. omg im so hyped, i waited so long for this ❤️ lets freaking goooooooo !!! biggest update everrrr!!!!
  7. Hi everybody, First of all, I would like to thank the Simplicity Owners for giving me a chance to be part of this wonderful team of Administrators, Moderators and of course the best for last, the amazing players! My name is Drogo, 26 years old and I am currently a part-time System Administrator at a mortgage company. I have been playing RuneScape on and off since 2002. I must admit, RuneScape never gets old! I am very excited to announce that I will be joining the current Administrators group and hopefully we will cross each other's paths in-game. There is currently over 400+ players on daily, so fingers crossed that we will both have a chance to say "Hi". Thank you for trusting me. All the best, Drogo ❤️
  8. Hello Simplicity, It has come to my attention that many *new* players aren't exactly sure what in-name donations are and how they work. This guide explains everything you need to know about in-name donations. First and foremost, all ToS rules apply. Legend 1. FAQ 2. What is an in-name donation? 3. Buying an in-name donation. 4. Selling an in-name donation. 5. Middlemanning 6. What are goodiebags? 1. FAQ Question: How much is my cash worth? Answer: the prices for innames are as below right now ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question: I just donated in someones name, but they logged out when the donation was completed? Answer: This is seen as scamming and the person logging out is likely to be permanently banned from our community with no chance of returning. Ofcourse, disconnects happen to everybody, so if he logs back in and explains the situation it should be all good. Refer to the ToS about refunds, and always discuss the matter with the donation manager. 2. What is an in-name donation? An in-name donation is nothing more but to donate your OWN real life cash, in someone elses name. When you type ::donate in-game it leads you to this screen: the player buying the inname will tell you what item to select when buying the inname 3. Buying an in-name donation. When you're buying an in-name donation, it means YOU (the buyer) need to have proper funds of in-game wealth to pay for the donation. You must both agree on what has to be paid for the donation. When you're buying an in-name donation, it's extremely important the person that donates, donates in YOUR (the buyers) username. Let's say for example, I'm buying an in-name donation from @ NewPerson . That means that @ NewPerson has to donate the money in MY (Akimbo's) username. It has to be entered here: 4. Selling an in-name donation When you're selling a donation, it means you are the only paying with real life cash. The person you are selling it to, needs to have the proper funds of in-game wealth to pay for your donation (this is something you both must agree on). Again here, be very careful that YOU (the seller) donate in the buyers name. Let's say again, for example, I'm selling a 30$ donation to @ NewPerson , I have to make sure I enter his username upon donating! 6. Middlemanning Very simple, only the person that's hosting the goodiebag (usually an admin+ or an owner), is the middleman in this process. any staff member can be trusted as a middle man to help you and keep everything safe. Be aware that scamming is highly against our ToS, and scamming will most likely end up in you being permanently removed from our community, with almost zero to no chance of return (For example, logging out after someone donated in your name). 7. What is a goodiebag? A goodiebag is a very common way of getting some extra in-game wealth for your buck. The donation-team occasionally hosts goodiebags containing very good items in it. If you're lucky enough, you can win extremely BIG. How it works is as following, a donation manager will sometimes shout in the yell box: This means that when you donate 30$ or 50$ (donation manager/host decides this) in your own username, you'll get a pick in his goodiebag. If you're lucky enough, you can sometimes win items up to 500$ for only 30$! Thank you alot for supporting our server by donating! Happy grinding. , Simplicity Staff Team


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