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Found 8 results

  1. Welcome to the official 2024 Easter event Guide First off start the quest by speaking to the giant bunny at ::home After you've spoken to "Bunno" you're going to want to go a little west and enter the blue teleport Once you're into the "Easter Portal" you're going to want to attack the white "angry bunnies" until you recieve the "emperor bones" drop Once you recieve the bones from the bunnies you're going to want to teleport to ::shops and trade the general shop keeper for the "crystal bucket" Once you've done these 2 steps you will have to find the 3 eggs hidden around the world of simplicity! Egg Location #1 = South of Edgeville(::home teleport) in Barbarian Village! Egg Location #2 - ::falador teleport south to Falador Castle near the corner Egg Location #3 - ::gamble teleport run slightly east Egg Location #4 - Outside of the "Seers Village" bank near the agility course Egg Location #5 - Teleport to ::lumbridge and run to where the yaks are next to the general shop! Egg Location #6a - Both of these 2 are going to be in Ardougne directly teleport there using ::ardy (First Ardougne Egg Location) Crossable bridge in the "Ardougne Zoo" (Ardougne Easter Egg Location Continued) Egg Location #6b House located directly north of the ::ardy (Ardougne) teleport Finally sorry for the long guide but you're doing great just a few more steps! You're going to need the "crystal egg" drop from the world event boss Lord (::lord) You can check its respawn timer by doing the command ::events in game Below is the Lord Boss Teleport (::lord) Once it spawns and you teleport ::lord you will see the boss spawned and the area it is spawned in you will need to obtain the drop "crystal egg" Once you have recieved the egg you will need to get to the world easter event boss by doing the command "::easterboss" You will need to kill the said "Easterboss" in order to get the "hand cannon (easter)" As well as the “Demonic Emperor Egg” You will then use the "crystal egg" and the “Demonic Emperor Egg” on the "hand cannon (easter) in order to make the "cannon" Once you have obtained the crystal cannon you will want to return to home (::home) and right click on "bunno" and use the "teleport" option to teleport to the "Angry Bunny" You have to pick up the "Hand Cannon" shots in the corner unless you already have them acquried! (YOU NEED TO KILL THIS BOSS FOR THE CRYSTAL CARROT TO FINISH THE QUEST) ONCE YOUVE KILLE THIS BOSS TELEPORT BACK ::HOME And speak to "Bunno" again to finish the quest! Great job you did it! (Rewards are posted below) Thanks for reading my guide!
  2. Demonic Lands Guide Before You Start Demonic lands brings you back to Treasure island where you have to defeat demonic monsters to continue to the next stage. You will spawn inside the mini-game with a special custom set that contains dark magic "Demonic celestial" together with the powerful Demonic staff (AoE). * You don't need any gear, as you will be given full magic equipment when going through the portal. * You don't need anything in you inventory. After the first wave you will be provided with some resources. * If using regular prayer its recommend to have level 43 prayer at the minimum for the protect from melee prayer and if you have level 77 prayer its recommended to use Augury, as you are using magic the whole time. * If your using curses its recommended to have level 71 prayer for deflect from melee and level 95 prayer for torment. * DO NOT TAKE ANY PETS/FAMILIARS INSIDE AS YOU RUN THE RISK OF LOOSING THEM !!! Level One * As you step through the portal and begin. You will want to turn on protect from melee or defect from melee. * Take out the spawns. * Once spawns are killed click on either chest in the center. * Use a Overload Potion and step through the the yellow portal in the center, in between the fires. Level Two * In level 2 "Throne hall" you will find new weapon upgrades and supply chests that will help you progress through the mini-game. Every wave comes with various unique monsters and mechanics that need to be mastered in order to continue to the next stage. * On Level Two there will be three waves. * You will want to focus on the southern area where I'm standing as It will give you more time to see enemies coming your way. Wave One * There will be a group of spawns that you you can kill quick as they are grouped up. Wave Two * There will be a group of spawns that you you can kill quick as they are grouped up. * There will be ghost spawns called " Summoned Soul" be careful they can one shot !! you will see them on your mini map walking towards you. Kill them before they reach you. * A supply chest will appear. Make sure you have a least two inventory slots open and you will get a new weapon and cape. Wave Three * Wave three is basically the same mechanics. *About half way through wave three you will see two ghost spawns. Kill the one in the north first. *After you tag the northern ghost you can run east and attack the second ghost and run, don't let it get close as they can one hit you! *Run back to that spot in the south so you can see the spawns coming in easier. *There will one more time the ghost will spawn. There will be three. One in the south, middle, and north. *Kill the middle ghost first and then run north alongside the eastern wall. Once you have some distance kill them both, might get them at the same time. *After these three ghost are dead no more will spawn so you can relax and kill the rest of the spawns in the center of the room. * Once all spawns are killed a chest will spawn to the east. * After you collect from the chest enter the portal in the center of the room. Level Three * Once reaching level 3: "The Necromancer", you will have to go through 10 waves, including 2 boss waves, before facing the final boss. A secret Treasure room entrance will spawn once the final boss is defeated. * No need to move let the spawn come to you. * You will get another supply drop which has a ring and a amulet that will help boost your mage damage. * Once looted prepare for more spawns. * You will get one more supply drop which will have a overload cape. * Once you get your Overlord cape the Necromance will spawn in. * In the fight with the Necromancer be careful as they can disable your prayer. Make sure you have protect from melee or delefect melee on! * You can hit him and run to the middle or stand where there is no fire, the fire will do a lot of damage so be careful! * Once the Necromancer is killed stick around where the Necromancer was. Two more will spawn. * As you run east to the second Necromancer you will pass the Supply Drop on this level. * Kill the second Necromancer. * There are a total of ten waves on level three with the last one being a Giant Necromancer. * Once the Giant Necromancer is killed you are done and can go through the door in the north to enter the treasure room. The Treasure Room You will be rewarded with 100 Demonic points and one roll from the treasure chest for completing the mini-game. The best rewards from the chest are the Demonic relic, Roseblood set and Infernal box. The Demonic Merchant The Demonic merchant is located next to the Demonic lands portal, he lets you exchange your demonic points for items in his store. You will get rewarded with 100 demonic points for completing the mini-game every time. The merchant also has a list of achievements available for the real mini-game grinders that like to earn rewards. There is also a collection log added for Demonic lands. Demonic Tribrid Set The Demonic lands mini-game comes with a lot of rewards as listed in the previous parts of the update log, however there is also a special custom set added to the Demonic merchant shop. The first Tribrid with textures that also possesses the same set effect damage boost as Celestial, Sacred clay & the Sagittarian set. The Demonic set is highly exclusive and only available to get from the Demonic merchant store. Good Luck Grinding !!
  3. Alchemy Guide Frist off, to start use the teleport ::alchemy -Alchemy Requires a few things, first being a Formula Scroll -There are Formula scrolls for Each Item In Alchemy and you can look them up via ::Drops in game -Depending on the item you are trying to make there different items needed to craft. To Start ::alchemy Click on the Alchemy Table -You will need your formula scroll. -And you will also need the required ingredients. Once you have your Formula Scroll and the correct ingredients for the item you can attempt to craft. -Go ahead and click on the CRAFT Button to craft the item. -Now when crafting items there is a success rate for each Item. -There is a chance of failing, when you fail you will loose your ingredients and the formula scroll !! When crafting items you will earn Alchemy Points. You will be able to spend your alchemy points at the Alchemy Masters Shop Points seem to vary by item irrespective of difficulty rate -Very High success rate items grant = 1 point (blow pipe) -High success rate items grant =25 points ( dark twisted bow) -Medium success rate items grant = 3 points (ring of bosses) -Very Low success rate items grant = 15 points ( amulet of blood fury) Thank you @ Jpmorgan for testing the alchemy points! Good luck crafting your items!! Enjoy the Server!!
  4. Simplicity RSPS Starter Guide (2023)
  5. Hey guys, We get this question a lot so I decided to make this easy to use list of items you aren't allowed to bring into the wilderness! Hope it's helpful. If I missed anything, please comment below, or let me know in server. OTHER BANNED ITEMS FROM THE WILDERNESS - Twisted slayer helm Handcannon XI Enjoy
  6. Level Requirements: Costs (gp): XP rates: Guide: Grand Total Farmed: Cost Grand Total: IMPORTANT NOTES******** Good luck 99 hunting!
  7. Firemaking Guide Click on the firemaking skill to start Talk to Ignatius Vulcan for logs/tinderbox Level Requirements: Logs - 1 Oak - 15 Willow - 30 Maple - 45 Evil Kingling (From evil tree, ::tree in-game) Yew - 60 Magic - 75 Guide: You can go one of two routes: buy all your log and make fires or chop them down yourself and burn them. I highly suggest chopping them yourself as 99 Woodcutting is easy to get and can net some starter cash. Pretty simple - use a tinderbox on the highest level logs and can and you'll create a fire. Click the "Add to Fire" option when mousing over the fire and type in the amount you want to burn. This will burn that amount of logs in your inventory regardless if they're different types, level permitting, and will start with the first logs in your inventory and make its way to the last slot. If Donator (20$+) there is a fire just west of the ::di teleport that never runs out. Congratulations you're 99 Firemaking


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