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  1. We are pleased to introduce the Simplicity end-game item minimum price reference. This is NOT an 'enforced' minimum price but rather a reference starting price for which these can be traded at. For questions or feedback please contact 'Jpmorgan' in-game or on Discord. Updated by Jpmorgan as of June 23, 2024 Disclaimers: 1. Prices can fluctuate higher / lower due to current supply and demand 2. Custom variants may be traded at higher prices but are ultimately left to the discretion of buyer and seller 3. These are ONLY suggested starting prices and will not be enforced or punishable Armor Aetherium Set (armor only) - 3Q Emperor Set (armor and wep only) - 1.2Q Neptune Set (armor only) - 600T Ocean Set (armor + crossbows) - 120T Myth Set (armor only) - 55T Overlord Set (armor only) - 60T Weapons Godbow - 300T Neptune Staff - 100T Holy Myth Sang Staff - 20T Sang Sov X - 50T Rings & Amulets Emperor Amulet - 200T Emperor Defender - 300T Neptune Defender - 350T Overlord Defender - 20T Ring of Elites - 300T Capes & Pets Emperor Cape - 100T Neptune Emp Cape - 150T Overlord Cape - 20T Executive Drake - 120T Neptune Drake - 175T For other items please check ::thread 5511 for more suggest prices! Please make sure to check all pos prices for the latest market values
  2. The following list down below are the approved pets eligible for utilization within the context of Elite Slayer activities, with the caveat that all other pets are expressly prohibited from being employed during such encounters. Only pets that have Drop Rate Increase/Chance are allowed. Lil Lithil Greatish Guardain : obtained from ::summer boss Draco - obtained from emperor massacre event via ::emperor (algar shop) Dark Creature - obtained from ::wildyboss lil' blood star- obtained from ::blood Executive Drake - obtained from buying with in game cash or via Donation from our ::store page lil' infernal - obtained from elite raids @ ::inf/ ::infernal
  3. i have no idea why my computer doesnt let me downlaod .jar files


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