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  1. These are awesome!!
  2. Pretty sure you can eat past 99 with celestial, soulsplit doesn't give hp back with mage attacks though
  3. Yeah, I understand where you're coming from, but I don't really see this adding much to the wilderness tbh
  4. Honestly, I think this would make the wildy too safe. What's gonna stop me from going into wild with a fully untradeable set and a Sang X, making it impossible for PKers to get any loot? I can understand your point and where you're coming from, but just in my opinion I don't think it would help the wilderness scene very much. The whole point of the wilderness is to risk items, and if I don't risk ANYTHING besides food and pots, it would make PK less active than it already is.
  5. Sang X in wildy doesn't sound like a good time tbh
  6. Today I opened 10,000 Clue Scroll Caskets. This is the loots. Tried to organize as best as I could, but as you can see I'm not very good at it LOL. Pretty content with the loots I got as well
  7. Very well thought out suggestion, +1 this could be dope!
  8. Spud this is amazing 😍


play now
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