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  1. @ Rytech has been promoted to trial support, he has shown a lot of potential. None
  2. @ Offline X @ 99Slayerlol @ Finland have all passed trial support and are now ready to take on the server support role!!! @ sponsored by has decided to step down as a trial support due to irl duties.
  3. No promotions in this staff update @ Ak 47 has decided to step down from his Head Administrator position, we wish him the best of luck in the future and thank him for his time served here.
  4. The ::pos command is a benefit for Onyx donators + I think it should be kept that way. Regarding the Sapphire zone I do believe it needs buffing, if you could possibly suggest what you would like to see added in the zone that would be pretty insightful.
  5. We have the ::raids command to get to Olm, The phases are a bit long but I feel it's fine due to the reward you can get from raids.
  6. Welcome to Simplicity mate!
  7. We have a couple of staff changes to announce today! We welcome @ Xelta back as Moderator, he has proven himself before. @ copskillcows has been promoted to Moderator, he has shown he is worthy and ready to take on the new role! @ Finland has been promoted to Trial Support, very exciting prospect. On a sad note, @ Pixie Joe has decided to step down as, Administrator & Event Manager. After being a staff member for the longest time we thank her for her services and contribution to the team and server.
  8. Some useful information here. Thank you for the guide +1
  9. Really liking the series can't wait to see the progression.
  10. Nice content mate!!! Keep up the good work.
  11. Bernard


    Welcome to Simplicity mate! Glad to see you part of the community.
  12. Sheesh I can't wait to see the 100k tab! Tabs is already looking juicy mate nice
  13. We have two staff changes to announce tonight! First off all we would like to congraulate @ stkdeath on passig his trial period and becoming a full fledged Server Support. On another note @ 99Slayerlol has been promoted to Trial Support, we wish him luck and welcome him to the team! No Demotions/Resginations for this update thread.
  14. @ Bernard has been promoted to Forums Moderator! @ sponsored by @ Offline X have both been promoted to Trial Support! We wish them luck on their new adventure! J has been demoted from his Moderator & Forums Moderator role


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