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  1. We are proud to announce the release of our newest update, "Demonic Lands". This update brings a host of new features and a brand new custom mini-game, as well as significant changes and fixes to enhance your overall gaming experience. We have put a great deal of effort into developing this update and are excited for you to explore the new content and discover all that it has to offer. We are confident that you will find "Demonic Lands" to be an exciting and engaging update addition to the game! The brand new Demonic lands mini-game is finally here. The most anticipated mini-game since Theatre of Blood. Demonic lands brings you back to Treasure island where you have to defeat demonic monsters to continue to the next stage. You will spawn inside the mini-game with a special custom set that contains dark magic "Demonic celestial" together with the powerful Demonic staff (AoE). In level 2 "Throne hall" you will find new weapon upgrades and supply chests that will help you progress through the mini-game. Every wave comes with various unique monsters and mechanics that need to be mastered in order to continue to the next stage. Demonic Lands: Part I has 3 levels in total, the shortest being level 1. Once you complete the first wave in Level 1 you will continue through the portal to Level 2: "Throne hall". Here you will have to grind through multiple waves of demonic monsters before finally reaching level 3. Several supply & mystery chests will be gifted to you along the way. Once reaching level 3: "The Necromancer", you will have to go through 10 waves, including 2 boss waves, before facing the final boss. A secret Treasure room entrance will spawn once the final boss is defeated. You will be rewarded with 100 Demonic points and one roll from the treasure chest for completing the mini-game. The best rewards from the chest are the Demonic relic, Roseblood set and Infernal box. The demonic points can be used to buy rewards from the Demonic merchant. You can find the mini-game portal and the Demonic merchant in the house west of Edgeville bank. The Demonic merchant is located next to the Demonic lands portal, he lets you exchange your demonic points for items in his store. You will get rewarded with 100 demonic points for completing the mini-game every time. The merchant also has a list of achievements available for the real mini-game grinders that like to earn rewards. There is also a collection log added for Demonic lands. The Demonic lands mini-game comes with a lot of rewards as listed in the previous parts of the update log, however there is also a special custom set added to the Demonic merchant shop. The first Tribrid with textures that also possesses the same set effect damage boost as Celestial, Sacred clay & the Sagittarian set. The Demonic set is highly exclusive and only available to get from the Demonic merchant store. This NPC provides players with the opportunity to excers to monehange their in-game pets for a monetary value represented in coins. This feature not only adds an additional layer of gameplay but also allows playtize their in-game achievements and progress. We hope that you will find this feature to be both convenient and enjoyable. The long awaited NPC you have all asked for is named "Katarine", She's located just next to the ::home bank. NEW BEST IN SLOT The Neptune set is the new best in slot magic equipment. It has the highest set-effect damage boost in the game. It is the number one most exclusive set as of today, beating it's predecessor, the Mythical set. It gives the highest attack & defense bonus, and on top of that, the set also comes with the strongest accuracy & damage boost, making it the new best in slot set of the game, overpowering the Overlord set. It also contains perks such as boosted HP, Drop-Rate & DDR. The set has some of the best perks, including a record breaking boosted HP effect of 2120 constitution (210HP), meaning you can heal up to 2120 health. The set also possesses a 50% Drop-Rate & 40% Double-Drop Rate boost when equipped together with Neptune's Emperor Cape. The set is highly exclusive and only available for purchase through the store. We also have the Demonic Necrolord set, which offers a significant bonus but can only be used within the custom Demonic Land mini-game, adding an extra layer of challenge and excitement to the gameplay. Lastly, we have added the Demonic Staff, Demonic Staff X and Demonic Mythical Sanguinesti staff, powerful weapons to aid players in their journey. We also introduce you our new Demonic ring and Demonic Necklace that will help you in need at the Demonic Land mini-game. From left to right, the Demonic Necrolord set with the Demonic Mythical Sanguinesti, the Neptune set and the Demonic Celestial set with Demonic staff. (keep in mind that the Neptune set is not related to the Demonic Land Mini-game, for illustration purposes only) This addition allows for the acquisition of various rewards including high amounts of cash prizes, boxes, and scrolls, as you progress through your journey. We hope this enhancement will add an exciting new dimension to your experience. The monthly streak reward interface allows everyone to get rewarded for their consistent dedication when it comes to voting on Simplicity. We truly appreciate all of you, and to show you our appreciation we have implemented the ultimate vote interface to give you more reason to continue voting daily! Talk to the Vote Rewards supplier in the Edgeville bank to open the interface. The Starter task interface is the brand new achievement tasks specially made for all the newcomers and starters in Simplicity. It will give everyone a chance to claim great rewards along their journey. The bank interface has been slightly reworked. New buttons have been added such as the equipment button. These changes are based on OSRS bank interface features. More features are expected to follow in the upcoming updates. The AFK-zone has been revamped! The Old AFK-fountains are replaced with the brand new Holy-fountains (Double the price of previous afk-item). Same rules apply, max 1 account allowed to use the fountain. The new AFK-fountain's also give a chance of rewarding you with special items such as Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby & Onyx mystery boxes. You can get there with the ::afkzone command. We try our best to push significant improvements to our Simplicity Server. Our team of developers have been working hard to address various issues and enhance the gaming experience for our players. The list goes as followed: An issue with variant smuggles related to DMA has been fixed. A major bug with HD plugin has been fixed, making the HD feature available for almost every PC. A minor bug related to in-game sleds has been patched and resolved. An instance teleport bug for the emperor cape has been fixed. Dusk bone price has been fixed. Phoenix pet recolor bug has been fixed. Players are now able to recolor their Phoenix pet without having color issues. An issue with the Imperial board not closing in combat has been fixed. Players can now close the Imperial board and will auto-close when player is hit by NPC. A bad instance when emperor cape is equipped caused to bug the player NPC has been resolved. Respawning for Dusk has been fixed. Damage counter has been fixed. A minor voting typo has been corrected. Most of the Agility shortcuts and mining doors have been fixed. Several bugs related to the brand new mini-game on Demonic lands have been fixed. An issue with HP and Prayer on the Demonic Land mini-game has been resolved. Spawns on all levels at the Demonic Land mini-game have been fixed. Spawning of NPC's and walking towards the player has been added. An issue with Demonic Land wave completion has been resolved. An auto teleport out feature when player is inside ::ohall has been fixed An issue with double fireball attacks when 2 bosses are spawned has been fixed. We are excited to announce the addition of several new features to enhance your gaming experience. The following features have been implemented: The brand new, fully custom Demonic Land mini-game has been added! A brand new home area (Edgeville) map have been added to replace the previous home map. The bank interface has been reworked. The Infernal box has been reworked and improved. The brand new Emperor cape SON edition has been added to the collection. The Skeletal visage has been added. The Emperor's Amulet and Emperor's defender have been added. The Demonic Staff X and the Demonic Staff for the mini-game have been added, along with minor changes. The Demonic Necrolord set has been added. The Demonic Mythical Sanguinesti Staff has been added. A Demonic lands mini-game shop with variant items has been added. The Demonic mystery chest has been added. A collection log notification has been added, players will receive a notification upon collection of x item. A custom Pet exchange NPC has been added. A Weapon supply chest for the brand new demonic lands mini-game has been added. Starter tasks have been added. Variant levels have been added to the new mini-game: Demonic Land. The Demonic Land portal at ::home has been added where the old PoH Portal was. An adjustments interface for new players has been added, which can be accessed by using the command ::starter. A mystery chest on the Demonic Land has been added for mini-game rewards. The Demonic Necromancer Boss has been added. Demonic Lands boss mechanic for the demonic necromancer have been added. Demonic equipment for variant combat styles has been added. The Summoned Soul monster has been added. A demonic Land lobby region to oldschool maps has been added. An automatic gear-up feature has been added for players upon arrival/entry to the Demonic Land mini-game. Demonic Land instances have been added. Players now have the chance to enter a private instance. A brand new progress bar has been added to the Demonic Land mini-game, This will display the total progress of your journey. Custom donator pets have been added to the game. The Neptune's Magic Full Set is now available. Players can now obtain Santa suits in-game. A damage counter system has been implemented. The Vote Month and starter task systems have been added. A 12 hourly vote bonus is now available. New Votepanel weekly rewards and a changed rotation rewarding system have been implemented. The Hydra pet metamorphosis has been added. An auto teleport out feature has been added for players in ::ohall. Players with the correct donation rank can now use ::bank within the elite slayer zone. The rewards for collection logs have been revamped and reworked. A drop rate boost viewer has been added to the in-game client interface. An elite slayer tracker has been added. Rewards for all collection logs have been added. A brand new Pet exchanger has been added, players can now exchange variant pets for a certain amount of coins. A Blast furnace skilling teleport has been added. A brand new shop interface widget has been added. A Vote Rewards monthly streak interface has been added. A brand new teleport orb has been added to the client. An automatic gear-up feature has been added for players upon arrival/entry to the Demonic Land mini-game. The brand new Demonic Owner Deals (Limited), celebrating the release of Demonic lands and the birthday of Arthur. We would like to inform you of a recent change to the game that we have implemented. After careful consideration and analysis, we have determined that the following features have been removed due to a low frequency of use: The old treasure island mini-game has been removed. Christmas decoration all around ::home have been removed. Christmas tokens are inactive and can not be used nor exchanged. Unused location have been removed to save client storage and resolve minor CPU / RAM issues NEPTUNE STAFF CHANGES The bonus stats for Neptune staff have been modified (increased). We understand that this may be disappointing news for some of our players, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We hope that these updates and fixes will improve the overall gaming experience for our players. We would like to extend a sincere thank you to all of our players who support us and take the time to carefully read the update logs. Your feedback and suggestions are always greatly appreciated as we continue to strive to improve the game. THANK YOU. - ARTHUR, SUPREME & SIMPLICITY TEAM
  2. STAFF OF NEPTUNE The new best magic weapon and best in slot weapon of the game. With a max hit of 10188 on the combat dummy, but can hit higher when used in multi areas. The Staff of Neptune is the first magic weapon with AOE damage (3x3), making it the strongest weapon in the history of Simplicity. It comes with a +5% higher drop rate boost than the Holy Mythical Sanguine staff and the same health damage bonus effect. The staff is highly exclusive and currently only available for purchase through the store. You can contact donation managers for more info. SON's AoE damage effect in multi combat. The first weapon in the game that possesses this ability. The Staff of Neptune's special attack "Neptune's wrath" totals a max hit of 10188. EMPEROR CAPE The new best in slot cape in the game, this is the upgraded version of the Overlord cape. The Emperor cape has an exclusive private instance teleport where you can slay dusk bosses. The Emperor cape has a +8% higher drop rate bonus over the Overlord cape. It has the same set bonus effect when worn with the Overlord set including special attack, however the damage and accuracy boosts are much higher, making it the best cape in the game. The emperor cape can be created by forging several items together, these items are The Overlord cape, Angelic cape, Demonic relic & the Dragon relic. The Dragon relic has been added to the Full ToB & Nightmare Drop-table. The creation of the Emperor cape. The Emperor's Dungeon is a highly exclusive private instance zone where you can teleport to using the right-click option. SANGUINE SCYTHE OF VITUR X The Sanguine Scythe of Vitur X is the new best in slot melee weapon. It has a 5% higher damage & accuracy boost over the Sanguine Scythe of Vitur. It hits 1.5x faster than the Sanguine Scythe of Vitur, making it one of the fastest melee weapons in the game. The ferocious special attack "Emperor's madness" can hit up to 12291. Making it the highest special attack in the game. The Sanguine SoV X can be created by combining the Dragon relic and the Sanguine SOV. The creation of the Sanguine Scythe of Vitur X. EXECUTIVE DRAKE The Executive Drake is the new best in slot pet with many overpowered perks. The first pet that assists you with dealing damage in combat, The Executive Drake deals 25% damage on top of the owner's damage in combat (PvM & PvP). It has a 25% Tribrid bonus damage boost (Range/Mage/Melee). It has a 1 in 10 chance to cause double damage (200%) of the owners damage as an additional hit. It has a 1 in 5 chance to use soulsplit effect (healing effect for owner's health). It has a 25% Drop rate bonus on all monsters & bosses. CHRISTMAS EVENT Barbarian Santa arrived in Simplicity this year, he is ferocious and does not take anything easy. He came through several snow storms and lost all his presents on the way. He needs your help to find his lost presents, in return he will gift you a special reward. Barbarian Santa also has a shop that works on Christmas tokens, the tokens can be found in drop-tables of certain bosses that are located near the ice. Barbarian Santa is located at the General store in Edgeville (home). Barbarian Santa's shop. This shop only trades for Christmas tokens. The drop-table for Barbarian Snowman with the always loot including Christmas tokens. The Christmas tree is filled with new rewards including the Christmas box 2022 & Onyx box! The Christmas box 2022 rewards. This box is very exclusive and limited edition. Only available during Christmas 2022, once the Christmas event is over the box will disappear forever. Santa's Banger Box, this box is highly exclusive and limited. Currently the best box in the game. Only available during Christmas 2022, once the Christmas event is over the box will disappear forever. THE CHRISTMAS BEAST The Christmas Beast has followed Barbarian Santa all the way from out the mountains to Simplicity. This is terrible news! However the good news is that the drop-table for this boss is one of the best that we have ever seen! This banger drop-table includes the Demonic relic and many high tier weapons. Can you handle this tank of a beast? The drop-table for Christmas beast (Event boss). DROGO LOCO BOX This highly exclusive box was added to celebrate Drogo's birthday. One of the craziest boxes in the game and very hard to obtain. The Drogo Loco box is very exclusive and can only be bought through the store for a limited time. CONTENT & FIXES • Fixed banking for ultimate ironman. • Fixed lag issues with the client. • Fixed high CPU usage with the client. • Fixed several boss errors that would make the server lag randomly. • Fixed several nulled items. • Added 50M as always drop for Zalcano. • Added Dragon relic. • Added Giant present 2022. • Added Barbarian snowman greegree. • Added Cheer hunter set. • Added Christmas themed high tier weapons. • Added Dragon relic drop to Full ToB & Nightmare boss. • Added Executive Drake (Donator pet) • Fixed several issues with the Imperial board. • Fixed several bugs with Imperial slayer. • Added Staff of Neptune. • Added the Emperor cape. • Added the Cyber box • Added the Christmas box 2022 (Christmas deals) • Added Santa's Banger box (Limited edition) • Added Drogo loco box (exclusive) • Added Santa's Banger box (Limited edition) • Added Goodiebag raffle (more info with donation managers). • Added drop announcements for Tangleroot pets. • Added drop announcement for hespori pet. • Added Gold chest. • Added Gold chests to several drop-tables. • Added improved starter package for newcomers. • Added improved drop-table for Warmonger event boss. • Added 20+ new NPC's & Bosses for the new mini-game (More TBA). • Fixed alert box bugs. • Fixed several bugs for Imperial donators. • Fixed multiple protection network issues (DDOSE protection). • Fixed several combat mechanic bugs with Elite slayer weapons (level 3-5) • Fixed the speed issues with elite slayer weapons (level 3-5). • Fixed drop-rate issues with hespori boss. • Upon opening the vpanel, it sends you a message that says how long until eligible for vote streak • Doesn't reset the votes even when surpassed voting week. You can continue to build streak even if you miss a day • Now checks if it has surpassed 24 hours or more instead of dead on 24 hours • Improved server stability issues. • Improved several issues with the alert command. • Removed treasure chest island. • Reversed the Nylocas room pillars immunity. • Added Emperor Dungeon (instanced teleport for Emeperor cape) • Added Christmas deals, these deals are only available till December 31.
  3. DEATH Death Reaper is seeking revenge and wants you to return 5 items to him, these items will be in most of the bosses around Simplicity, Once completed he will reward you for your time. GHOST'S Ghost's are a community npc where the community come together to fight the evil spirits, Every 5000 kills gathered (This amount can be modified to higher or lower) will trigger a Halloween Boss spawn. The teleport for Ghost and Halloween Boss can be found at home, Ghost have guaranteed drop of the new halloween token and along with other drops. HALLOWEEN SLAYER Speak to the grim reaper to be assigned a slayer task. A player will get a certain npc as a task. That npc will have a chance depending on combat level to drop a Halloween key. Once a npc dropped a key, that tasks becomes invalid and they need to get a new task at the grim reaper. A player needs 5 keys to exchange for a reward. HALLOWEEN TOKEN SHOP This is the Halloween shop for 2022 Halloween filled with goodies, Items as new limited skeleton set's, Pumpkin ring that will turn you into pumpking pete, Dye's to make necrolord and scythe of vitur xi into a special halloween color and much more. The Halloween token shop is located at Home. HALLOWEEN BOX The Halloween box is dropped from bosses throughout Simplicity, This box contains some limited time halloween items and other goodies, This box can also be bought from the Halloween token shop HALLOWEEN EVENT BOSS: GLOD The Halloween event boss Glod is here to slay some souls. He spawns every 30-60 minutes at ::halloween (make sure to come with a team and your best gear or you might get one hitted) The Drop-table for Glod New Drop-table for Hespori boss New Drop-table for Zalcano boss The brand new AFK spot. Holy waterpump method is one of the fastest AFK spots ever added. Only allowed to use one alt per AFK spot. If we catch you using the AFK spot with multiple alts, you will get punished accordingly. CONTENT & FIXES ■ Added AFK Holy Waterpump (new AFK method next to Edgeville bank). ■ Added new and heavily improved drop-table for Hespori Boss. ■ Added new and heavily improved drop-table for Zalcano Boss. ■ Added 1/1000 drop-table for Kevin Demonic Boss Boss. ■ Added 1/1000 drop-table for Elite Slayer Boss Event. ■ Added Halloween event content. ■ Added Glod, Halloween event boss. ■ Added Grim reaper at home. ■ Added Grim reaper's portal at home. ■ Added spawns for Halloween event with drops for the mini quest. ■ Added timer icon for dream potions. ■ Added Lil' Glod. ■ Added Reaper npc's. ■ Added several custom Halloween items. ■ Added custom timer for imperial drop rate boost. ■ Added Pumpkin Pete Ring. ■ Added Halloween Necrolord. ■ Added Halloween Mythical Sang. ■ Added Halloween Vitur XI. ■ Added Halloween token 2022. ■ Added reset option for halloween tasks. ■ Added ::halloween command to teleport to the Halloween event boss. ■ Added support for Ring of Bosses + (i) for halloween items. ■ Added new items to the Dusk store (Imperial Dungeon II) ■ Fixed a bug with elite slayer instance. ■ Fixed a bug with pets in the wrong store. ■ Fixed a bug with new quick prayers not working. ■ Fixed a runelite boss timer plugin. ■ Fixed portal location and treasure hunter chance on unique halloween items. ■ Fixed a bug with outdated tridents changed to uncharged working trident's. ■ Fixed a bug with Imperial rank donator not being able to visit infernal zone. ■ Fixed a bug where some Imperial members can't use the ::ib (Imperial board interface). ■ Fixed a bug where custom superior pets crash in certain zones. ■ Fixed a bug with sorting drop-table for Halloween boss. ■ Fixed a bug with Raids drop-table when entering with full raiding party. ■ Fixed a bug where standing under Nightmare will force a safespot for the boss. ■ Fixed a bug with Nightmare boss husk spawns. ■ Fixed several more bugs with Nightmare boss. ■ Fixed a bug where you can't drop your superior pet at ::demon. ■ Fixed a bug with Zulrah no lookup option. ■ Fixed a bug where you can cut evil tree and open ::pos and still cut. ■ Fixed a bug where you could open ::pos at ::ali boss. ■ Fixed a bug with the lever at home not working. ■ Fixed a bug where level 97 Effigies only give 33k when states 60k. ■ Fixed a bug with Kraken requirements to kill. ■ Fixed a bug with crystal keys saving for non donors. ■ Fixed ::imperial so ranks with imperial permissions such as moderator can enter. ■ Fixed several bugs with Imperial altar. ■ Fixed a bug where it states name of shop above the one you opened. ■ Fixed a bug where Nylocas room Pillars are immune to Nycolas attacks. ■ Fixed npc ids for grim reaper quest npc and killable reapers. ■ Fixed some bug with key drop chances. ■ General store edgeville coords changed (had pathing issues). ■ Made halloween box spawn on 5k reaper kills ■ Replaced chickens with reapers. ■ Changed prices in Dusk store. ■ Added halloween key tasks. ■ Moved the Halloween portal. ■ Removed the old herb afk spots. Thank you, Arthur, Supreme, Kevin & Simplicity Team
  4. 259 files changed, 13225 insertions(+), 3253 deletions(-) IMPERIAL RANK Imperial is a brand new rank on Simplicity and highest of all donator ranks. It comes with tons of new perks and benefits including a special interface board only for Imperials. As a player you will feel the difference in game-play straight away after achieving the rank. The moment you become an Imperial you will unlock many zones, perks, bosses, npc's, shops, commands and more content that will give you the best experience for maximum game-play. When a player achieves the Imperial rank, they will also receive the Imperial Mythical Sanguinesti as a gift for the support and dedication to Simplicity. You need a total donated of 30,000 which 10,000 from claimed on your name to unlock the rank. Imperial members have the highest default drop rate (5% higher than infernal members) including 6x Loyalty point modifier, 5x Experience gain modifier & more! IMPERIAL ZONE The Imperial zone is a highly private zone only for Imperial members. Here you can find brand new content such as the Imperial boss contractor and the Imperial altars. The zone also comes with a brand new AFK method for you to gain a lot of money whenever you are away or simply want to take a break from playing. The Imperial zone can be reached with the following commands ::i / ::imperial / ::imp / ::im or ::ib/::imperialboard to access the teleport. IMPERIAL ALTAR The Imperial altar is a highly exclusive altar only made for Imperial members. Once activated, the altar will boost your drop rate by 10%, restore your special attack/prayer/run/health/poison/summoning/skill stats and give a boosted special attack recovery for the next 60 minutes. IMPERIAL DUNGEONS Imperial members have access to the Imperial dungeons where they can slay private bosses with extremely wealth gaining drop-tables including the elemental fuel chest. Dungeon I can be reached with the following commands ::icave / ::imperialcave / ::impcave / ::ic or ::ib/::imperialboard to access the teleport. Imperial Dungeon II is a private dungeon where Imperials can fight the new Dusk Boss. To visit this dungeon you need to use command ::ib or ::imperialboard. Imperial Dungeon II has its own donator item shop that trades for Dusk bones currency. Dusk shop Dusk rewards New Vote Panel Rewards IMPERIAL BOARD The Imperial Board is a brand new interface created for Imperial members. The Imperial members can open it by using the ::ib or ::imperialboard command or by clicking the notice board at the Imperial zone. On this interface they will see all the teleport options including special perks that can be used once every 3 to 10 minutes. These are Overload, Special attack, Accuracy, Damage boosts & more! Other than teleports and boost perks the Imperial board also offers a weekly spin reward to the members where they can win amazing prizes. DEATH MATCH ARENA The death match arena is an upgraded version of the duel arena where players can duel others by death matching using Preset gears or custom gears by your own making, every player will have his own profile where bets won/lost and statistics for the fights, including hiscore to view your ranking with the rest of the server (The death Match Menu interface) (Players profile) (Server hiscores) Spectate mode with all details regarding the fights Some example of locations we added for the Death Matches to take place including plenty of space ELITE SLAYER PETS ELITE SLAYER ITEM UPGRADES New items have been added to the elite item creation interface. The elite ancestral and sagittarian gear has been introduced to the game for tier 1-3. For the weapons the brand new upgrades are now available for tier 4 & 5! ELITE SLAYER EVENT BOSS The first event boss for Elite Slayer, you need one active Elite Slayer task in order to attack this boss. The first boss in the game that drops demonic relic. Elite slayer gear/weapons have 20% damage and accuracy boost on the boss. The drop-table rewards for Lithil. Lil' Lithil, the only elite slayer pet with unlimited soulsplit effect. NEW VOTE STREAK PANEL REWARDS The new drop-table revamp for Kevin's Demonic Boss event. CONTENT ▰ Added Achievement Dairy: Falador ▰ Added Death Match Arena 1v1 board. ▰ Added Elite slayer event boss, Lithil. ▰ Added pet for Elite slayer event boss, Lil' Lithil. ▰ Added more collection logs. ▰ Added Hiscores for DMA board. ▰ Added spectate mode for DMA board. ▰ Added setups for DMA board. ▰ Added better drops for Zulrah. ▰ Added better drops for Hydra boss. ▰ Added Godwars instanced teleport. ▰ Added button for filtered game messages. ▰ Added Achievement Diary System based on OSRS. ▰ Achievement Dairies: Ardougne: Easy. ▰ Achievement Dairies: Ardougne: Medium. ▰ Added Achievement Dairies: Ardougne: Hard. ▰ Added Achievement Dairies: Ardougne: Elite. ▰ Added Imperial zone. ▰ Added Imperial bosses. ▰ Added Imperial boss contractor. ▰ Added Imperial chest. ▰ Added Imperial keys. ▰ Added Dusk boss (Imperial dungeon II) ▰ Added Imperial Dungeon II. ▰ Added Imperial AFK-method. ▰ Added Home Npc's & PoH to Imperial zone. ▰ Added Imperial Interface board (::ib/::imperialboard). ▰ Added elemental fuel (Imperial boss zone). ▰ Added elemental fuel chest. ▰ Added Imperial altar (perk boosts) ▰ Added Imperial board perks. ▰ Added Dusk bones. ▰ Added Imperial dungeon II shop. ▰ Added Ardougne thieving spawn. ▰ Added Infernal box. ▰ Added TOB Rewards collection log. ▰ Added Ring of Life toggle. ▰ Added Ourania Altar Runecafting. ▰ Added Imperial boss fire lord definition and spawn. ▰ Added achievement tracker & box alert toggle buttons. ▰ Added pickpocketing npc's for ardougne diaries. ▰ Added elite slayer information to quest tab: ▰ Elite slayer Level ▰ Elite slayer experience ▰ Elite slayer experience till next level ▰ Elite slayer master ▰ Elite slayer task streak ▰ Elite slayer current task ▰ Elite slayer current task amount ▰ Elite slayer points ▰ Added special experience multiplier for Xamphur. ▰ Added Achievement Dairy: Desert: Easy. ▰ Added Achievement Dairy: Desert: Medium. ▰ Added Achievement Dairy: Desert: Hard. ▰ Added Achievement dairy: desert: Elite: ▰ Added order for collection log bosses alphabetically. ▰ Added few entries for bosses in collection log. ▰ Added Filter spam skilling messages. ▰ Added new alert system for donation managers. ▰ Added definition for twisted ancestral kit. ▰ Added new elite slayer upgrades. ▰ Added new elite slayer weapons. ▰ Added new elite slayer sets. ▰ Added elite slayer pets. ▰ Added sapling creation for farming ▰ Added a more robust weapon perks and effects system FIXES ▰ Fixed several bugs with Elite slayer hiscores. ▰ Fixed several bugs with new dungeoneering ▰ Fixed a bug with leaving Raids. ▰ Fixed a bug with ToB reward interface. ▰ Fixed several bugs with instances and teleports. ▰ Fixed a bug with global messages for collection rewards. ▰ Fixed a bug with POH. ▰ Fixed elite slayer twisted bow bugs. ▰ Fixed a bug with elite slayer set mechanics. ▰ Fixed a bug to disable ancient magicks for elite slayer tasks. ▰ Fixed several bugs with elite slayer combat mechanics. ▰ Fixed a bug with using multi damage magic vs elite slayer npc's. ▰ Fixed a bug with elite slayer instances. ▰ Fixed a bug with POS history. ▰ Fixed a bug with elite clue scroll for collection logs. ▰ Fixe a bug with ice barrage on elite slayer npc's. ▰ Fixed a bug with smuggling pets inside instances. ▰ Fixed a bug with Raids gate multi spawn. ▰ Fixed several bugs with daily challenges. ▰ Fixed a bug with dwarf cannon for elite slayer. ▰ Fixed teleport type for elite slayer. ▰ Fixed a timer issue for FreeForAll minigame. ▰ Fixed a bug where pets would get damaged/killed when using Chinchompas. - TOB chest loot widget fixed. ▰ Fixed a bug with gambling interface. ▰ Fixed a bug with Seren boss. ▰ Fixed a bug with Barrows pets and collection log. ▰ Fixed animations for Vyrewatches. ▰ Fixed bug where Hand cannons don't work with reg attack on Inferno. - Fixed elite slayer twisted bow not working on araxyte npc’s. ▰ Fixed bug where npc’s could be safespotted because of combat bugs. ▰ Fixed a bug with compost bin for farming CHANGES ▰ Removed useless notification messages from RoB. ▰ Disabled ::collect command in elite slayer instances. ▰ The drop-tables for Elite slayer monsters have been improved. ▰ Added correct POH at home. ▰ Added elite slayer casket announcements. ▰ Added UIM Deposit items to bank when starting Dung (like before). ▰ Removed Dragon claws from drop announcements. ▰ You can no longer bring a familiar to the public elite slayer locations ▰ Disabled ::pos command when in Elite slayer instance. ▰ Disabled dropping in elite slayer instances. ▰ Disabled the use of amulet of blood during elite slayer. Thank you, Arthur, Supreme & Simplicity Team
  5. Elite slayer is the first ever custom skill on Simplicity. Players can grind up to a max elite slayer level of 40, selecting tasks from 2 different elite slayer masters. The first master, Doom Slayer, is for all level 1-20 elite slayer tasks. The 2nd master, Blood Slayer, is for all the level 20-40 tasks. The tasks are mixed between monsters and bosses that give XP and rewards based on the level of mechanics. Elite Slayer Masters Speaking to elite slayer masters will open the elite slayer panel where you can follow your progress, block tasks, upgrade elite slayer weapons and get rewards from the store. The elite slayer weapons are highly overpowered weapons that can only be used for elite slayer tasks. Upgrade tokens are drops that you can get from grinding elite slayer which can be used to upgrade your elite slayer weapons to the next level. Elite Slayer Interface Elite Slayer Hiscore Elite slayer has a special category with teleports available where players can choose which monsters/bosses to teleport to. There are multiple teleport options available, public, instanced and multi instanced where you can select the amount of spawns in the private instance. Up to 5 new dungeons & locations have been added so far for Elite Slayer. Private instance teleports Elite Slayer Teleportation Elite Slayer Dungeons Elite Slayer keys are a special drop that you can get from killing Elite Slayer monsters/bosses, the chance to get one key is 1/100. The keys can be used on the Elite Slayer chest located next to the Elite Slayer masters. Elite Slayer Chest Elite Slayer Chest Rewards The higher tier upgraded elite slayer weapons have Area of Effect (AoE) damage that affect a wide area on the ground where everything within that area takes damage/healing. Elite Slayer Sanguinesti (tier 3) with AoE damage Elite Slayer weapon upgrades The brand new teleport interface with NPC/Dungeon/Mini-game & Drop-table previews. One category where players can create a list with favorite teleports. This interface will replace the old teleport interface ::tp/::teleport, however players can still access the old interface with command ::oldtp. The new Teleport Interface The new home, customized Edgeville OSRS maps Elite Slayer dungeon Daily challenges are tasks that you can complete in return for rewards from the Daily challenges Master located at South Edgeville. Daily challenges interface Skill tasks are skilling tasks that you can complete in order to get rewards from the Skill task master. You can speak to the Skill task master to view the interface board with all the tasks & the shop. This master is located at South Edgeville. Skill task interface Right-click "Check Drops" to boxes Feldip Hills (Hunter skill teleports) AFK-spot Mysterious Plant moved to west Edge bank Blast Mine (Mining teleports) ⦿ Added new home (Edgeville custom maps). ⦿ Added Elite Slayer. ⦿ Added Elite Slayer interface. ⦿ Added Elite Slayer weapon upgrading interface. ⦿ Added Elite Slayer weapons (tier 1,2 & 3) - Added Elite Slayer master for low levels & medium-high. ⦿ Added daily challenges interface (Tasks & Rewards currently being added) ⦿ Content additions for Motherlode mine. ⦿ Added automated spawns for Solak boss (Vote event). ⦿ Added 5 new dungeons and areas for Elite Slayer. ⦿ Interface added for Javelin. ⦿ Added Prospector Percy's Store. ⦿ Added Soft clay pack. ⦿ Added Bag full of gems. ⦿ Added Coal Bag. ⦿ Added Red Seed. ⦿ Added kills reflection in the winner message for automated FFA. ⦿ Added Black-jack table for Gambling zone. ⦿ Added Blast Mine 1:1 OSRS (mini-game). ⦿ Added Volcanic sulphur. ⦿ Added Salpetre. ⦿ Added Ball of wool. ⦿ Added Dynamite pot. ⦿ Added Dynamite. ⦿ Added Juniper charcoal. ⦿ Added new Bounty hunter shop. ⦿ Added Granite maul ornate creation. ⦿ Added Blighted food. ⦿ Added Blighted potions. ⦿ Added new reminders. ⦿ Added a brand new Teleport interface. ⦿ Added the creation for colored Dark bows. ⦿ Added the creation for Abyssal whip (Frozen & Volcanic). ⦿ Added Steam battle staff. ⦿ Added Lava battle staff. - Added RoW (i) ⦿ Added Magic shortbow (i) ⦿ Added Crystal seed. ⦿ Added Halberd. ⦿ Added Crystal Shield. ⦿ Added Blade of Saeldor. ⦿ Added Bow of Faerdhinen. ⦿ Added upgrade tokens for Elite Slayer. ⦿ Added Superior slayer monster: Colossal Hydra. ⦿ Added teleport tabs for locations: ANNAKARL, CARRALLANGER, DAREEYAK, GHORROCK, KHARYRLL, LASSAR, PADDEWWA & SENNTISTEN. ⦿ Added Magic imbue lunar spell. ⦿ Added Stats spy lunar spell. ⦿ Added Creating combination runes. ⦿ Added Monster examine lunar spell. ⦿ Added Collection log colour prefix. ⦿ Added Stamina potion energy drain rate. ⦿ Added modifications to the mod menu for staff. ⦿ Added metamorphosis for corporeal beast pet. ⦿ Added Inquisitor's armour effect. ⦿ Added creating twisted ancestral. ⦿ Added a secondary rare drop table for certain npcs ⦿ Added new Hunter (Feldip Hills). ⦿ Added quest related additions. ⦿ Added Clue scroll milestones. ⦿ Added Clue scroll party. ⦿ Added recoloring Phoenix pet. ⦿ Added skeletal visage drop. ⦿ Added Brawling cooking gloves effect. ⦿ Added Guthix rest. ⦿ Added new Dungeoneering (Revamp) ⦿ Added skill-teleport for Kourend Cataboms. ⦿ Added Well of Goodwill additions. ⦿ Added diamond box to display drop-tables. ⦿ Added pickpocketing for Thieving skill. ⦿ Added POH: Repairing armour. ⦿ Added POH: Combat Stone. ⦿ Added Corporeal beast critter metamorphosis. ⦿ Added Collection log for castle wars and pest control. ⦿ Added Elite slayer casket drop. ⦿ Added new vote rewards for the vote panel ::vpanel. ⦿ Added Taloned Wyvern droptable ⦿ Added notification for RIng of Bosses (i) ⦿ Added Wyvern bones. ⦿ Added Dungoneering complexity when rewarding. ⦿ Added the following items: 1. Wyvern bones 2. Volcanic ash 3. Numulite ⦿ Added new hunter shop. ⦿ Added Trees in Feldip hunter area. ⦿ Added custom elite slayer teleport animation. ⦿ Added Dwarf cannon (or). ⦿ Added level up dialogue interface for elite slayer. ⦿ Added all 6 godbooks & pages. ⦿ Added adjustments for easy, medium, hard, and elite clue scrolls. - Added collection log for clue scrolls. ⦿ Added a command to access the old teleport interface ::oldtp. ⦿ Added drop rate boost timer. ⦿ Added the Pet Jalrek-Jad. ⦿ Added black box descriptions for ancient teleport spells. ⦿ Added icon rendering for the staff ranks on right click as well. ⦿ Fixed some bugs with automated FFA. ⦿ Fixed a bug with some rares in TOB not being drop-announced. ⦿ Fixed a bug with auto-retaliate. ⦿ Fixed a bug with Nightmare melee attacks. ⦿ Fixed a bug with giving wiki rights/rank command. ⦿ Fixed a bug for Ancient wyvern and dragonfire ward achievement. ⦿ Fixed bugs with Loyalty shop. ⦿ Fixed bugs with Elite clue scroll milestone. ⦿ Fixed a bug with POS. ⦿ Fixed a bug with RFD end teleport. ⦿ Fixed bugs with Trident charges. ⦿ Fixed a bug with realism in tournament event. ⦿ Fixed a bug with Zulrah boss. ⦿- Fixed a bug with Acheivement tracker. ⦿ Fixed a bug with Theatre of Blood. ⦿ Fixed a bug with automated FFA to start automatically. ⦿ Fixed some bugs with Blast mine. ⦿ Fixed some bugs with Elite slayer. ⦿ Fixed a bug with steel titan scroll creating. ⦿ Fixed a bug with Araxyte monster. ⦿ Fixed a bug with hunter netting. ⦿ Fixed boss/elite boss points reward for cox. ⦿ Fixed blast mine interfering with other objects. ⦿ Fixed a bug with new prayer animations. ⦿ Fixed a bug with the new WOG timers. ⦿ Respawn timer decreased for few npcs ⦿ Blood and focus necklace now work. ⦿ Added new zones, maps and bosses (Planned for later). ⦿ Added Death Match arena (Planned for later). ⦿ Added Nightmare event party manager interface. (Planned for later) ⦿ Added Jormungand Boss (Planned for later) ⦿ Added player bounties interface (Planned for later) Thank you, Arthur, Supreme & Simplicity Team
  6. POS revamp, Elite boss points, Elven crystal chest, New prayer spells & MORE! CONTENT TWEAKS & FIXES Thank you, Arthur, Supreme & Simplicity Team
  7. New update full of content including Brand new automated FFA event and tons of fixes! Client fixes, Runelite Client Plugin & HD improvements and MORE! ✨ CURRENTLY UNDER DEVELOPMENT ✨ - ELITE SLAYER (CUSTOM) - NEW ZONES, BOSSES & PETS - DEATH MATCH ARENA (FIGHT & SPECTATE) Thank you, Arthur, Supreme & Simplicity Team
  8. New Banger Update. Interface Revamps. Automated Flower Poker New Vote Interface, Grand Lottery, Slayer additions & More! CONTENT TWEAKS & FIXES Thank you, Arthur, Supreme & Simplicity Team
  9. SIMPLICITY RSPS Massive update for the community with New content, Improved drop-tables and long awaited fixes. What more can you ask for? The Alchemy Table Ever mixed some junk together to make bonk? The alchemy table makes that possible! This table works on item formula's that get crafted together with dark magic. To visit the Alchemy zone, type ::alchemy. Upon binding the items you will also get rewarded with Alchemy points. The Alchemy master has a special reward shop available in return for points, simply speak to the master to view the shop or for more information regarding the table. The Alchemy Table Interface The interface for the Alchemy table, the formula creation for Crystal box is previewed on the image. The recipe scrolls are tradeable and can be obtained by grinding drop-tables through out the game. The creation of Crystal Box The Alchemy Shop Sapphire Zone Additions The Mounted Terrorbird Gnomes are taking over the Sapphire cave, they even destroyed the mushroom barrier and let the Wildywyrm loose. The cave is now larger than before. The drop-tables for the Terrorbirds are astonishing too! There is a 1/900 chance to receive a baby terrorbird, Lil' Mounted Terrorbird gnome. The Terrorbirds are added to Sapphire cave and onyx hall. The New Renovated Sapphire Zone ToB Drop-Table Improvements The Drop-table rates for full Theater of Blood and Verzik only are now slighty improved. The Extremely rare, Very rare and Super rare drops are now 5-10% easier to receive rewards from. The Holy ornament kit has been added to the Extremely rare drop-table for Full ToB. Dark sagittarian set has been added to the Super rare drop-table for full ToB. Crystal box has been added to the Full ToB rewards. Overlord Defender A new attachment for the Overlord set. The overlord defender comes with 15% Drop rate bonus for Theatre of blood & Verzik only. Currently only available to purchase from the store or with a custom deal. Contact donation managers for more info. Nightmare Drop-Table Additions Owner Box for 1/600, Crystal Box for 1/190 & Dynamite Box for 1/30 added to Nightmare Drop-Table AFK-Zone Rewards Increased In Value All the AFK-zone rewards now have a higher selling value, including all the afk-zones from the Donator zones. On top of all that we also added Ruby & Emerald boxes are to the AFK-tree (Overlord tree) at home. AFK-zone commands are ::afkzone, ::herbs, ::westerfish, ::goldtree, ::rubytree, ::crystal, ::elite Emerald Beast (New Improved Drop-table) Vet'ion (New Improved Drop-table) Vet'ion Jr Lil' Mounted Terrorbird Gnome Content - Added Red Chinchompas combat strategy. - Added Black Chinchompa combat strategy. - Added Alchemy zone. - Added The Alchemy table. - Added The Alchemy master npc. - Added Overlord Defender (15% Drop rate bonus on ToB/Verzik vitur). - Added better drop rates for Theatre of Blood & Verzik drops. - Added Holy ornam kit & Crystal box to ToB drops. - Added Dark sagittarian to ToB drops. - Added more commands to view the full CoX droptable, ::coxloots & ::coxdrops - Added more Dawns to Infernal zone dungeon. - Added Vet'ion Jr Pet - Added Lil' Mounted Terrorbird gnome - Added Crystal box & Onyx box to Galvek. - Added Teleport for Dogesh Kaan Dungeon. - Added teleport for Lumbridge Swamp Cave. - Added teleport for Mos le Harmless dungeon. - Added teleport for Stronghold of Security. - Added teleport for Elves. - Added teleport for Fever spiders. - Added teleport for Harpie Bug Swarm. - Added teleport for Sea Snake. - Added teleport for Terror dogs. - Added teleport for Killerwats. - Added teleport for Suqahs. - Green dragons to donator zone ::di. - Added Ruby box to the Overlord AFK-tree. - Added more content to Sapphire zone (Donator zone). - Added more reminder messages. - Added Mounted terrorbird gnomes to Sapphire cave & Onyx hall. - Added better drop-table for Emerald beasts. - Added several missing drop announcements. - Disabled Easter event. - Remove bank opening on cancel option on town crier set bank dialogue. Fixes - Fixed the nightmare pillars disappearing bug. - Fixed several important bugs with Chambers of Xeric. - Fixed Crystal bug for Muttadile room (CoX). - Fixed a visual bug with pegasian boots. - Fixed a bug with Glacor task teleport. - Fixed a bug with Chambers of Xeric tightrope crossing. - Fixed passing stones in karuluumn dungeon. - Fixed a bug with Overlord tree (messages). - Fixed all gates/ladders/vines in stronghold of security. - Fixed several bugs with Trivia. - Fixed a bug for Avernic defender combining. - Fixed a bug with RFD teleport coords. - Fixed a bug with Kraken teleport coords. - Fixed a bug with Leaf-bladed axe. - Fixed a bug with Verzik's Crystal shard examine. - Fixed a bug with Sire boss teleport coords. - Fixed a bug with vorki not following you properly. - Fixed smithing bug with Rune dagger. - Fixed a bug with the drops of callisto (Ranger boots). - Fixed noted ranger boots definition. - Fixed a bug with dawnbringer smuggle in ToB. - Fixed a bug with countings imps as jail kills. - Fixed a bug with count number of completed elite achievements. - Fixed a bug to stop bank chest opening from other side of the wall at home. - Fixed a bug with custom overlord cape animations. - Fixed a bug with PoS. - Fixed a bug with Redwood tree (3rd floor position issue). Thank you, Arthur, Supreme & Simplicity Team
  10. SIMPLICITY RSPS 14.02.2022 This update features mainly the Easter Event and the Easter boss and bunch of Slayer fixes. An upcoming update with new content and the rest of the fixes is planned soon after. The Simplicity team wishes you a happy Easter! Thank you, Arthur, Supreme, Kevin & Simplicity Team
  11. .glow { color: #5cc1c5; text-align: center; -webkit-animation: glow 2s ease-in-out infinite alternate; -moz-animation: glow 2s ease-in-out infinite alternate; animation: glow 2s ease-in-out infinite alternate; } @-webkit-keyframes glow { from { text-shadow: 0 0 2px #5cc1c5, 0 0 2px #5cc1c5, 0 0 2px #5cc1c5, 0 0 2px #5cc1c5; } to { text-shadow: 0 0 0px #41cad0, 0 0 0px #41cad0, 0 0 3px #41cad0, 0 0 5px #41cad0; } } This update is packed with important fixes and content including the brand new Double Damage Event, Advanced Game settings interface and more. The team is always busy working on more bug fixes and content that will follow soon. CONTENT • Added Advanced Game settings interface 1:1 OSRS. • Added dropdown menu for the new settings interface. • Added saving to the Game settings interface • Added Pet dark core. • Added Corporeal critter. • Added improved banking methods. • Added ::voted command for claiming rewards. • Added Claimvote minimum bonus gold increased. • Added Sliders cross updating. • Added Slider updating. • Added Keybindings on settings widget. • Added updated Presets interface. • Added Gameframe toggle setting. • Added methods to handle claimvote errors. • Added addtobank command to work for offline players. • Added improve trading including fitting all text on trade screen. • Added Double Damage Event. • Added a special command for high staff to activate DDE. • Added Gourmet imps to now give gourmet jars. • Added flowing graphics for Double Damage Event. • Added special message for Double Damage Event. • Added Executive Platinum Chest. • Added Executive Platinum Zone. • Added Custom nugget pet (custom order). • Added New Spring Deals. • Added improved setting objects updating. • Added Player / NPC attack option priorities. • Added house options & store button. • Added Platinum portal at Chest island. • Added Platinum keys. • Added new sprite icons for the Platinum chest. Game settings interface New Chest island with portal to Platinum zone The executive chest now has a 1/50 chance to give platinum keys. The portal will take you to the platinum zone if you have the key in your inventory. The Platinum Chest New Presets Interface Double Damage Event Double Damage Event is a brand new event where your hits will get doubled in Raids, ToB and Nightmare! More info with specific event times will follow on Discord and in-game. Pet Dark Core BUG FIXES • Fixed the bug with Farming skill. • Fixed several database bugs. • Fixed Verzik boss bug fixes for phase 3 web special attack. • Fixed a broken trivia question • Fixed a bug with raids and enable second raid rotation. • Fixed a bug with banking items. • Fixed a vote bug from not receiving rewards after claiming. • Fixed guardian npc error. • Fixed several slayer bugs. • Fixed a bug with crashing at Nex boss. • Fixed Slayer npc bugs. • Fixed stability issues to protect against errors causing dc's. • Fixed slayer assignment error when no task available. • Fixed a bug so that reward is given when opening a mimic casket • Fixed TOB party update error. • Fixed error loading blocked slayer tasks. • Fixed tob chests not spawning when wearing overlord. • Fixed stored ess banking on login. • Fixed a bug to disable last second Soulsplit activation after passing other checks. • Fixed several other Verzik boss fixes. • Fixed a npc definition bug for Verzik's web. • Disable resizing on fixed mode. NETWORK & STRUCTURE CHANGES • Completed a framework for GAME ➜ WEB integration (exciting implementations coming soon) • Started migration of all web infrastrute to Docker/Kubernetes • Mapping the move of game infrastructure to a network with better response time • Finished design of web based grand exchange. Moving towards functionality Thank you, Arthur, Supreme & Simplicity Team
  12. SIMPLICITY RSPS 14.02.2022 This update consists of HD fixes, new Runelite plugins/changes/content. A list of important server bug fixes. New updated interfaces with more advanced client settings. Hundreds of game content related bug fixes and additions. The team has done their best to try and finalize this update as fast as possible. With developers and staff team taking time at various points to recover from covid this month it has been a struggle to coordinate a definite release date. We would like thank the development team for finalizing everything and putting in the hard work when needed the most. We also thank the Simplicity community for your patience. Note: Please don't forget to reload your client launcher to get all the latest updates! Thank you, Arthur, Supreme & Simplicity Development Team
  13. CHRISTMAS EVENT Santa is back in town and facing troubles agian, you can find him by entering the hole located west of the well. There is a special 2021 custom outfit added for this years Christmas event that will be rewarded for helping Santa out with his request. The new cosmetic set "Christmas tree outfit". The new cosmetic set "Evil Santa Suit". Finding Skinny Santa's Snowballs Santa has lost his snowballs across the realm of Simplicity. You can find the snowballs and return them to Skinny Santa rewards. Snowballs are dropped by certain bosses, use the ::drops command to open the droptable interface and search by item name "snowball" to pull up a list with possible bosses that drop them. Skinny santa (Snowball finding mini-event). Ocean Archer Set The ocean archer set is the latest best in slot for ranged armour in the game. It's been crafted by perfection for the highest elite rangers in the game. The armour gives a 25% drop rate boost when fully equipped and comes with the highest accuracy and defensive stats for ranged. The set also comes with the ocean archer cape (wings) with better stats of the angelic cape and It provides the best in slot ranged attack bonus for the cape slot. The wings also have the working effect of ava's accumulator. The Ocean Archer set with the equipment bonuses. Ocean Archer Crossbow The Ocean Archer Crossbow is the new best in slot weapon in Simplicity. It can give up to 25+15% drop rate bonus when you wear it with the full ocean archer set. It has 25% more accuracy and higher damage bonus than the Hand cannon XI. The Crossbow comes with Ocean archer shots which gives the highest accuracy & damage for any ammunition in the game. The special attack "Crystal shots" similar to the special attack of the Holy mythical sanguinesti is the most powerful special attack in Simplicity. The delay between repeating the special attack is minimum to zero which allows to stack 2 special attacks into one, something that the "predecessor" Hand cannon XI was missing. The equip animation. The special attack of the Ocean Archer Crossbow "Ocean Crystal shots". Giant Evil Santa (Boss Event) Evil Santa's brother? This massive event boss can be found at ::christmas. The combat mechanics are similar to Callisto, it is recommended to bring a strong team when slaying the event boss because it can fire some serious attacks (combinations) that could stack up high enough to smack you back to Edgeville. The boss has some unique drops including Scythe of vitur X, Crystal box & Fire twisted bow. Santa locked up by Evil Santa. CONTENT & BUG FIXES - Fixed placeholders not working when using presets feature. - Fixed money pouch informational message typo. - Added Christmas tree outfit. - Added Lil' evil santa pet. - Added Evil santa globe. - Added Evil santa outfit. - Fixed bug with armadyl crossbow special attack gfx animation missing. - Disabled halloween event. - Enabled christmas event. - Changed the infernal dungeon to a new map. - Added snowball throwing. - Fixed a bug with dying in Christmas event instance. - Added possibility to receive Emerald box from the Christmass tree. - Added snowballs to bosses droptables. - Fixed several issues with customs. - Fixed animation delays with certain weapons. - Fixed Level up & Effect timer sprites on HD. - Fixed XP Drops tooltips. - Added Christmas tree. - Added Giant evil santa boss. - Added the new Christmas deals. - Slayer additions (available in the upcoming update): - Replaced ogre npc's at mudskipper point with Mogre's to match the slayer task. - Replaced the ghosts in Catacombs of Kourend with the correct level ones from OSRS. - Added 1 more magic axe spawn in the Catacombs of Kourend. - Black knights: - Added spawns in the back rooms of Taverly dungeon - Added spawns at Black knight's fortress (all 3 floors) - Moved aquanites to their correct location + added some more spawns. - Added ice fiends to Ice Mountain. - Added some more Dark Beast spawns to the Mourner tunnels. - Added all jackal spawns in the dessert. - Added guard dog spawns: - McGrubor's Wood - Hosidius - Handelmort Mansion - Added dwarfs - Dwarven Mine - Ice mountain - Keldagrim - Lovakengj - South of Yanile - Ghosts - Catacombs of Kourend - Death altar - Stronghold of Security:Sepulchre of Death - Tortured souls (only the 2 bottom ones) - Goblins - in Lumbridge - West of Varrock - Close to fishing guild - Kalphites: - Kalphite lair - Kalphite cave - Added lizard - Added dessert snake - Added small lizards - Added desert lizard - Added golden warbler & orange salamanders - Added waterfiends in kraken cove - Added whirlpools in kraken cove - Added all npc's on top of karuluum mountain - Added upper level for blue dragons in Taverly dungeon and replaced osrs map - Added upper level for black dragons in Taverly dungeon and replaced osrs map - Added upper level for baby black dragons in Taverly dungeon and replaced osrs map - Added rogues at rogue castle - Added pirates at asgardian dungeon - Added all spawns in Brimhaven - Added mammoths in wilderness - Added ents in wilderness - Added/re-added all spawns in the following dungeons/locations: * Godwars dungeon * Wilderness Godwars dungeon * Smoke dungeon * Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon * Wilderness Slayer cave * Karamja (no dungeon but land) * Braindeath island * Lighthouse * Slayer tower basement * Stronghold Slayer Cave * Karuluum Slayer Dungeon (all 3 floors) * Stronghold of Security (all floors) * Brimhaven Thank you & Merry Christmas! Arthur, Supreme & Simplicity Team


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