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  1. There are 6 Superior pets in game total. Some were from holiday event past. So they do add more with certain updates.
  2. The Superior Pets are the custom part of this server, the pets in game are ment to be collected not to server a purpose other than a achievement of grinding the different boss's. This is just my opinion also. This has also been suggested before about making a scroll to rename the pets maybe but not make them superior. I Think making them tradeable is a better option.
  3. - What kind of project is this? Signature - What are the colors you're wanting to be included? Red,White,Black - How much time are you giving me to complete this project? 7,200 Seconds - What style or themed do you want this project to be? One Piece/DBZ Mash UP, Plus Infernal logo in there somewhere is possible.
  4. I'll be honest I'm not full sure about the melee phase, but i know the beginning phase can hit up to 99.
  5. People will just lamp the skill and capes would lose all value.
  6. Could be That verzik just killed you.
  7. Name me a MMORPG that you can obtain BIS end game gear in under 1 month without any kind of donating that is actually worth playing. You got to realize at the end of the day this is a business. As a business owner (which I'm not) you would want your brand/game/product to grow as much and as fast as possible. Now we all know money doesn't grow on trees. I don't think anyone should be ashamed or feel bad for spending money on a game, its their money let them do what they want with it. Now at the same time if your spending money on a game you want to get your monies worth correct? You don't want the same old thing everyone can get in a couple weeks of just playing. Imo this server is one of the more conservative on pushing goodie bags. Its throw in the chat but every player has the option to turn them off and if you do you get no alerts. So if you feel like they are pushing ads all the time, ::togglealerts fixed. Does every game have flaws yes but you your not going to get away from that no matter where you go. Now I 100% agree there needs be some fill in items in between Magma Bp-Tbow, Raiper-Scythe of Vitur, and honestly I think mage is probably fine how it is with thammaron-sang, well if sang ever goes back down. I am in no way saying that I think people NEED to donate, but if someone wants to spend their own money, let them. Mak3 if living proof that someone doesn't have to donate a bunch of $$$ to get to end game gear. This is a game based on "grinding" remember that. #nowroastmyopinionlol
  8. Now you can yes they have implemented this into a recent update
  9. So is Overlord relic Dono only then, from Demonic box? Overall though a freaking awesome update!


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