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    @ raqnar Did you find your way to our Discord? or are you still needing your bank pin?
  2. For sure, Ill ask them for complete account deletion.
  3. Hello, We normally don't delete account, I can ask though. If your worried about anyone logging on to the account we Ip/Mac Ban the account?
  4. It’s Christmas Time!!!!! πŸŽ„ Time to grind, thank you Arthur,Supreme, Drogo, Athos, and the rest of the dev team for posting this Banger!! πŸ”₯
  5. Hello, are you apart of our discord server? If not I can help here but its faster and easier to create a support ticket on our discord server. https://discord.gg/u5vmsfXb
  6. Can you please use this format πŸ™‚ Username: Date of Ban: Reason for Ban: Reason for Appeal (Explain why the punishment should be lifted) Additional Information (Evidence, witnesses, ect.)
  7. Have out done yourselves again πŸ”₯ Can’t wait until Toa is live!! Thank you and the entire dev team for all you guys do πŸ‘
  8. 100% quality work, fast and immaculate! True master of his craft. 10/10 reccomend πŸ‘Œ
  9. This guide is focused towards new players to help assist them on easy ways to generate money within Simplicity Voting is a very simple way of generating Cash from day 1 - When voting on all 6 sites players will receive 26 Vote scrolls, Cash money, Advancing their Voting Streak, Monthly Vote Streak Rewards, and the chance at getting an extra reward on top! 1/3 Runelocus Crystal Box 1/5 Owner's Vote Box 1/8 Sapphire Box 1/10 Emerald Box 1/15 Ruby Box 1/20 Onyx Box 1/30 Runelocus Grand Chest 1/35 Runelocus Executive Bond 1/40 Infernal Box Voting Panel - To access this panel type in the in game chat box ::vpanel, this is where you can check your weekly vote streak -Once you have voted on all 6 sites use ::voted or ::claimvotes in game to collect rewards *All 6 sites must be voted on for streak to move forward *Vote streak is 24 hr based, when using command ::vpanel in game a timer will appear in the chat box, players can vote 1 extra time within this 24 hr time frame but the streak will not move forward until this timer has reset at 24hrs and says "You are eligible for vote streak reward in : Now!" Example Roughly after voting 2 Hrs ago Example When Streak has reset - Vote Scrolls Sells roughly for 200m - 250m ea $$$ - Vote Scrolls can also be claimed for either * 10 minutes of 30% Bonus Exp * 1m & 1 Vote points (doubled when ::well is active) - Monthly Voting Rewards *Along with Vote Streak Rewards, each time voting every 24hrs players will receive a monthly voting reward as well in their ::collect box - For Brand New players *Easy beginner level tasks that can accessed by using ::starter in game *These are a variety of low tier tasks players can complete for early game rewards - Master Achievements offer a massive variety of achievements that can be completed for rewards, ranging from easy - extreme tasks These can be accessed by clicking on the M Achievements text in quest tab (red star) or by typing ::eliteachievements in game. *Few easy tasks include -Mole Destroyer -KBD Slayer -Barrelchest -Chicken Slayer - Simplicity has a multitude of afk area's that offer different afk methods to allow players to gain some easy cash while they are away from their computer *Items obtained through these afk methods can be sold to the General store at ::shops for extra cash $$$ All AFK spots Blue Bells - Afk fountains at home located east of home bank Crystal Chunks - Summer Tree located at home area (3 spawns that rotate and has chance to drops Box's) Buckets of Saltwater - (::afkzone) Wester fish - (::westerfish) Gold Fragments - ::goldtree (requires Gold Rank+) Juniper Logs - ::rubytree (requires Ruby Rank+) Large Rocks/Gems - Crystal afk mining (requires Crystal Rank+) Dragonfruit - Infernal zone ::elite (requires Infernal Rank+) Imperial Crystal - Imperial zone ::imp (requires Imperial Rank) - Simplicity has a huge PVM base!, therefore Bossing is a great way to earn some $$$ in game *Players can open the teleport menu via ::tp in game, alternatively by the boss tab. Feel free to try out all of the bosses to find your favorites to grind Here are a few beginner level Boss's to start with King Black Dragon *Goes towards KBD Slayer Master achievement & Collection Log Tormented Demon *Goes toward Collection Log Zulrah *Goes toward Master Achievement & Collection Log -Each Boss Kill will reward you with Boss points, which can then be used at the Boss points Store located inside home bank *Double Boss points with Sapphire Rank+ *Bossing can be a great source of $$$ as you progress and are able to kill harder/higher level Boss's in game you will generate more $$$$$ -Everyday Multiple Events are held amongst the server, these are either set on a timer you can check with ::events or hosted by staff members -Everything from Hide and Seek, Pet Hunts, Boss Mass's, Cow's Event, and even more! -Be sure to visit our Discord Server and react to all the Posts in #alerts to be notified of when Simplicity/Staff Events are hosted! *Most Boss Events are already set on a scheduled timer in the ::events tab, the Simplicity Staff Team hosts a variety of events on their own during different times of the day and we even have some player sponsored events from time to time as well! Couple of the easier Event Boss's include Warmonger Tekton Couple of the Higher Tier Event Boss's Dark Lord The Great Guardian (Summer Event Boss) -Don't miss out on Simplicity Event Boss's they can offer some very spicy rewards $$$ -Collection Log offers a variety of challenges to players by requiring them to obtain all drops/items possible from Boss's, Raid's, Theatre of Blood, Elite Slayer, Skilling, Clue's, Minigames, and more! -You can access this panel by going into the quest tab (red star or yellow star) and clicking on the text Collection Log or by typing in game ::collection Collection Log Panel *Once a Log has been completed players may claim there rewards by simply clicking on the Claim button in the bottom right of the tab *Rewards will go to your collection box ::collect *These are rewards for the true Grind kings & queens of Simplicity! How many have you completed? Thank you, hope this guide has helped you learn ways to generate $$$ in Simplicity πŸ˜€ Enjoy!
  10. Congratulations Winners! 1st - @ pure peekoo $150 Emperor Deal πŸ”₯ 2nd - @ Xshuned $100 Emperor Deal πŸ”₯ 3rd - @ M90K $50 Emperor Deal πŸ”₯ Thank you to everyone who participated in the Event, good luck on future events! Pm @ Drogo in game to claim your rewards!


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