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  1. Awesome looking update, a ton of cosmetics which are very cool and some are very silly. @ Jsteeze Exactly what i thought, i need that dagger in my life. also the dog pet is hilarious. Thanks developers and staff team for these sick updates.
  2. Congratulations on the 5th year anniversary. I'm happy to be apart of this great community. Amazing update! Looking forward to trying out the new content.
  3. Making this Thread for 30s, he's streaming the server on youtube. (he's having problems getting his confirmation email) Check out his youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRa-Z0TrE_hv_3YH4PIMzeA
  4. Syrex

    Load issues.

    You could try these solutions, just do them step for step. let me know if you get stuck on anything, 1st solution: could you go to your windows settings > apps > apps & features. and then search java like i did here, there should be only 1 version of java installed. if you have 2 please uninstall the one thats not in this screenshot 2nd solution: https://simplicityps.org/play/ could you download the cache reset tool on the right? and run it. 3rd solution: jarfix: https://johann.loefflmann.net/downloads/jarfix.exe 4th solution: AFTER you close all clients. Go into C:\users\youruser\ and delete .simplicity and .simplicity cache also Delete everyting in the %temp% folder. you can find this by typing %temp% in your windows search bar Let me know if any of these solutions worked for you or not.
  5. Syrex

    Load issues.

    Hey, 800813 could you make a screenshot of what you're seeing exactly. Then it will be easier for me to find a solution
  6. Awesome update, The amount of New content and Bug fixes are insane, Props to the Dev team / Owners / Staff team for all the hard work!!
  7. Download Java, then download the Launcher client. Then try opening the file you've just downloaded with Java. Let me know here if you're able to download it, or not. If you have discord, you could join our discord server. And make a #Support ticket there, make sure to click the ✅ at #Rules-read-me. To see the support channel.
  8. I agree, can't get funnier then Teno :kekw: if you'd like you can also give feedback in the #staff-feedback section in our discord server.
  9. Wow again great guide YTmillsey. its so detailed. and looks very nice with the hidden content.


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