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  1. ty worked really hard on it 😉 for like an hour or two
  2. to start of we all know the prices tend to change alot, staff will try to keep this updated as much as we can but we tossed a large margin in just to show fluctuation of prices, prices can always be lower or higher then the ones below. but this it more of an average price guide what these items tend to be around ingame the best way to pc will still always be using legacy pos. hope this guide helps ❤️ Melee Weapons Ghrazi rapier 8-18b ghrazi rapier x 15-30b scythe of vitur 55-80b scythe of vitur x 110b-160b scythe of vitur xi 250b-500b (this is the average for reg sov xis and some customs) Mage weapons sanguinesti staff 60-90b sanguinesti x 300b-500b nightmare staff no orb 1-3t volatile orb 150b-700b eldritch orb (rarer nm orb) 500b-1t harmonised orb (rarer nm orb) 500b-1t Range weapons twisted bow 25-40b dark twisted bow 35-50b (id recommend going fire tbow over this one always) fire twisted bow 55b-70b light twisted bow 90-130b ice twisted bow 170b- 240b sirenic twisted bow 300b-450b hand cannon x 60-100b important Armors sacred clay pieces 25-50b a piece ancestral pieces 10-50b a piece (hats are normally cheapest because twisted slayer helm) nex pieces 1-3b a piece (these always tend to stay around this price) sagittarian pieces 10b-30b celestial doesnt really sell besides sets and are a wild set to price 350b-700b dark clay set 1-3t dark sagi set 1-3t roseblood set 1-3t all depends on the amount of sets being sold Necklaces/rings/capes/gloves torture 30-70b anguish 10-30b occult 10-30b rob 50b-70b(people will normally well before selling less then 50b robi 280b-500b angelic boots 35b-70b flame gloves e 40b-80b (if higher should just buy feros, only used to make feros anyways) fero gloves 70-110b (can be hard to find sometimes) nex cape 25b-60b hydra cape 40b-65b vorkath cape 20b-60b corp cape 20b-60b raids cape 15-50b verzik cape 50b-100b nightmare cape 200b-400b (can always be lower aswell) angelic cape 250b- 600b cash scrolls averages 10$ 25-35b 20 50-70b 50$ 125-200b 100$ 250b-400b mystery dono scoll 200b-400b Boxes tab mystery box 100-500m legendary mystery 200-700m warrior archery and wizard boxes 700m-1.5b christmas box 6b-20b (will become wild prices after christmas event it over and no longer getting them but this is a good price range for them) bronze box 300m-1b (shouldnt buy higher then these prices tbh) gold mystery 1b-3b (high chance for 10 scroll in the 40 tab) diamond mystery 5b-10b sapphire 15b-25b emerald 25b-40b ruby 50-70b onyx 100b-130b crystal 200-300b crystal vote box 50-150b (a new box so going wild in price) superior combats 7-15b elite boxes range from 2b-10b ea junk items always asked about all can be put into this tab ranging from 5m-500m serpentine helm/slayer helms/magma helms/zuriel/stasius/whips/bandos/arma/prims/pegs/eternal/steadfast/ragefire/glaivens/3rd age/zaryte/all spirit shields/vestas/godswords/sara swords/most clue cosmetics toxic staff/toxic blowpipe/korasi lower tier items that sell for alil bit 700m-5b thams septer/flame gloves/magma blowpipe
  3. Ntho

    Great Time

    hey welcome to the server, we do have such an amazing community on simplicity couldn't ask for a better home server my self. i hope you continue to enjoy the server and if you ever need help all staffs pms are always open ❤️
  4. Ntho

    cant open client

    Hey for the easiest help you can follow this https://simplicityps.org/community/index.php?/topic/5124-for-the-fastest-support-read-me/ if you can't join the discord for help can you explain exactly what it's doing? Like is it opening and then just closing? Or downloading as something other then a jar file?
  5. Huge congrats to @ waffels @ corby123 @ Ytmillsey on passing there Trials and becoming Supports! Offline x has been demoted from hit Moderator position Flawless has been demoted from his Moderator position Jonnie has been demoted from his Head Moderator position The Heavens has been demoted from his Moderator position
  6. hello, im after forgetting my bank pin in game, can u help me

  7. hey can you make a ticket through the discord so we can get this fixed? theres the guide on it so we can get it all sorted for you if you dont use discord itll take alil longer youll need one of these people to verify its your account @ R M B T @ Lausac @ Rob Macabre @ copskillcows @ Finland @ Couvee Jr theyll need to know Username: country/city/area account was made in: internet service provider account was made on: also a list of alts you have would help
  8. Good luck with your goals! I just completed my goal of 1k treasure island keys and it was a long grind! But was fun and got afew goodies
  9. hey welcome to the server! pvming is the best love the grind for pets on here honestly since there's so many. you can defiantly work though the ranks through pvming and selling drops forums has guides on every monster you'll need and help cc is always open when your ingame with questions. hope you enjoy the server ❤️
  10. Welcome to the server man, hope to see you stay around for a while and be part of the amazing community we have here. defiantly the most homely and friendly one ive ever been around and ill be here forever lol
  11. Account Name: ape ntho Screenshot of the account when created: END OF EVENT ONLY Screenshot of skill tab (must be full client screenshot): END OF EVENT ONLY Scrrenshot of your playtime (must be full client screenshot): you know how the sang goes if your not first you last so shot for the lowest skills. defiantly didn't forget I signed up till the tag below
  12. Ntho

    Full Tob guide!

    Hello simp community! finally going to be making a guide to full tob since there isnt one ill try and keep it short and simple so everyone can understand it. so lets get started for starters the gear i always recommend to get is sagittarian and hcx as the best starter gear when going in full tob you can do it with lower gear itll just be harder to do these are just what i recommend to start you can of course use lower or higher end gear here is the prayers I recommend using throughout Melee Mage Range just make sure your are overloaded and have the timer so you dont brew your stats down through the raid Maiden phase this phase is pretty simple you'll need to avoid the blood splats she tosses out along with the blood orbs that float around. whenever she gets to about 50 percent health she will spawn spiders that will run toward her and heal her the way that I do it with groups is let her heal the first time then the second time she's at about 50-60 percent everyone unloads specs on her nice to have 1 person call out specs Bloat For bloat phase we send in one runner to attack and stay out of eye sight from bloat until he stops then everyone piles in and specs then if you don't get him the first stop you'll need to run avoiding eye contact for the flies and dodging the falling meat when bloat is moving he will randomly change directions aswell Nylocas Vasilias the first part of this phase is protecting the pillars and killing the little and big spiders. each color has its own attack style needed, blue is magic, green is ranged, and silver is melee. so for the first half your killing them with the correct styles, this part takes about 5-6mins depending on how fast with switches you are the second part of this phase is the boss phase. the only thing that matters on this phase is to make sure to attack with the correct style as above if you hit it with the wrong style you will take alot of damage and heal it Sotetseg phase For this phase its pretty simple will just be alot of brew chuggin start off by running across and attacking the boss. once he teleports you back to the start you can attempt the path, but most just run straight across while spam clicking brews to stay healed xarpus phase for the first part youll be running and covering the vents on the ground to stop the boss from healing and keep running to them until the boss stands up, one he stands up youll need to dodge the acid he throws and only attack when he is facing away from you if you attack when hes facing you you will take the damage verzik phase 1 For the first phase verzik can hit up to 112 so make sure to brew upto 115. some hide behind the pillars and attack from there aslong as your with a team the hits will spread out theres always a chance to get hit twice so make sure to stay above 115 health Verzik phase 2 this phase all you have to do is shoot then move to dodge most of the attacks its a simple phase if you run up to verzik in this phase she will hit with a melee attack and slam you back so if your using melee id use one of your switches at this phase verzik phase 3 this phase is just as simple as the last one just avoid the webs verzik shoots the little spiders just keep an eye on your health and brew when you have to All thats after is to loot your chest and hope for a purple chest! hopefully this guide helps and atleast gives you the general idea of how to do the full raid best of luck grinding out there - @ Ntho💛
  13. Glad to be back ❤️ and congrats to the other twoo!


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