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  1. Disclaimer: The following guide is for basic reference only. This is not the fastest, or most efficient way, rather a good starting place to practice and perfect your TOA skills. Use this information and build upon it to find the best way for YOU to complete TOA. GEAR and INVENTORY INVOCATIONS Once you practice the mechanics and understand how to complete TOA, you may add invocations to boost your drop rate. Here is a list of invocations, some of which may be disabled currently. Start with invocation at Zero and work your way up to level 350+. ROOM ORDER There is no correct order to doing each room. However, starting with Akkha and rotating clockwise maybe be the easiest to keep track of which have been completed and will help you practice. See the image below for the room order used in this guide. AKKHA: (ROOM 1) ZEBAK: (ROOM 2) KEPHRI: (ROOM 3) BA-BA: (ROOM 4) FINAL BOSS REWARDS Written by: Deezus Special thanks to the owners and all staff members who made TOA possible.
  2. This is a quick analysis of the 1.2 million drops that have occurred in the #live-drops section of discord. Data is subject to change at any given moment and prices may vary. I used current POS prices to determine the price of drops as well as recently sold items. Not all drops are announced in #live-drops so this is a baseline on what to expect when playing Simplicity. A few examples that are not included are Event Bosses, TOB, COX, Any Chest or Key as well as any loot coming out of any box. All numbers are in the form of B. 195 = 195B. 12872 = 12.872T From Here on out I will be doing a monthly analysis of drops to see how the server is growing, what people are doing, and what monsters are best to kill. Let me know if you have any suggestions! Top 50 most highest paying monsters in 2023. Disclaimer! This does not include a Kill Count. There is no way to calculate any GP per Hour - it just shows how much $$ was brought into the eco from a specific monster. Again, this does not count any items that do not announce. Example: Dusk Bones from dusk do not count so they are not calculated into the final total for Dusk. This is just all drops that have announced in the discord's #Live-Drops channel. Top 100 Earners for 2023. I know there was an issue with the Dragon Relic - so these might be skewed slightly as the item may have been removed from the game, but not the live drop channel. Here is the pricing file I used. If adjustments will vary but this is how monster totals and player totals are calculated.


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