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  1. 10-09-2019 Thank you for playing Simplicity! A LOT more to come. So stay tuned! Content - The Maiden of Sugadinti has been added! (Completionst player boss event) - Lil' Zik Pet - Added as drop for Verzik Vitur - Steel titan now has special attack - 30 second spec cool down message - Completionist orb added at home - must complete all achievements - Added Ruby & Sapphire boxes as loot from artifacts (You got a chance of reciving boxes on a PVP kill) - Donator & Vote store updated - Special restore altar added to home Fixes - Amulet of fury bug fix - New sprites for some server messages - Lunar spellbook sprite fix (Runes required box) - Magic combat adjustments - Fixed overheads disabled for FFA - Fixed X logging from FFA - Fixed several equipment bonus stats (To improve combat) - Thammaron's Scepter & Emerald Rapier have been added to OP weapons and disabled in wilderness - Getting stuck in FFA bug fixed - Smoother following while in combat (Should prevent future safespots) - Fail safe to prevent client errors that make NPC's disappear at home More to be added to this list when Arthur wakes up! Thank you, Development Team
  2. Great suggestion! Keep and eye out this may be coming very soon
  3. Very good ideas Some of them are already planned for development. Thanks!
  4. Amazing suggestions here. Will use these to inspire future content
  5. Big thanks to our new developer Jonny for leading these bug fixes and new content! We pushed this update early for you guys to enjoy and will be updating very soon with the crystal rank and some more bug fixes! Devout boots are no longer see through When disconnecting from the game it will no longer log you into a different one of your account saves The ring of slaying teleport for Kraken has been fixed Ring of slaying will no longer teleport you directly into godwars boss teleports The second fishing barrel at Rogues castle has been removed You can now use pets/familiars at ::tarn A ::zulrah command has been added The frost dragons teleport will no longer say wilderness Forging glorys/other items will no longer say that you need a level requirement unless you actually need the level requirement Kalphite queen will now give you boss points & a drop after killing its final form. The ::togglealert command will now correctly disable displaying of alerts above the chatbox and in the chatbox from box openings Reverted the update done for blowpipe range calculation Crystal zone finished just getting new rank and icons The bug where you would hover over the left side of the mystery box discounts alert and it wouldn't hover correctly has been fixed. The 'Sell 10' option when selling items to a shop has been replaced with 'Sell All' The bug where your client icon would disapear when changing client sizes has been fixed. The lumberjack set is no longer in the agility ticket shop. You can now obtain it from chopping Evil trees 1/1000 - You will not get a piece that you already have. Added a admin command to force respawn evil trees Removed all duplicate items in boxes (minus coin tickets) The inferno adze is no longer in the agility shop. Lumberjack set now gives 5% xp boost to woodcutting. Agile set now gives 5% xp boost to agility. Runecrafting outfit now gives 5% xp boost to runecrafting. You can no longer have familiars in Raids. Added more demonic gorilla spawns. Added more insatiable bloodveld spawns. You can now get the following bosses as a slayer assignment: Zulrah, Skotizo, Vorkath Switching genders will now update the look for the items you are wearing (ahrims for example). You can now slay lava fire giants while on a fire giants task. Burning noted magic logs now count towards achievement Clay armour now has hp boost with soulsplit Removed random gtheree message when getting a kill in pvp Fixed farming icon being on friends list Summoning tab will no longer glitch out your screen when summoning a pet them opening it Merged teleport interface into master Converted the teleport interface code into a dynamic system that allows other teleport categories other than bosses Fixed misc issues with the teleport interface (not display category titles, more, etc) Added all minigames, monsters, and player killing teleports Hellpuppy pet now says the correct name instead of hellpupy Finished teleport interface Removed scrollbar from modern spellbook Ring of slaying no longer teleports you to a black empty space Nex now drops coins every kill Added a bank chest to raids closer to the teleport The raids bank chest now has presets option Oldschool bonds are no longer dropped, 3m coins has taken its place The bug where you can't teleport out of cerberus because it says your in the wild has been fixed (also fixes problems with other areas doing this or something similiar)
  6. Something I always need also but forget to write it down thanks!
  7. Thanks for your support of the server! I'm glad you are enjoying it so much
  8. Great suggestions. Will be keeping this list in mind while working on new updates
  9. - Fixed the special attack for korasi. - Fixed some bugs with Hand Cannon combat. - Fixed the issue with the new elite clue scroll rewards. - Fixed some issues with Nex boss, instanced and team Nex boss. - Fixed an issue with the blowpipe combat that was causing it to very high. - Fixed a bug with Head moderator rank to see all the help requests of players. - Fixed a bug with the flames of Hydra boss. The flames were being seen at other instanced locations. - Fixes to vote hopefully more reliable! - Added Easter bunny to Edgeville. - Added a small Easter event with a cosmetic reward. - Added the icon for Iron-man and Ultimate Iron-man for Friend list Private messaging. - Tweaked some of the special attacks for combat improvements. - Ring of slayer teleports will take you to the right location now. - Teak planks will no longer give more XP than mahogany for construction. - Changed the combat of Hydra Boss to solve some issues that some players were facing. - New admin commands to aide managing the wonderful players
  10. Agree with this will be working on some buffs
  11. Wow looking good man, definitely bringing up this list when we write out new update


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