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  1. Agreed would be a noice lil addition.
  2. Congrats on the Promotion Boys! Well deserved
  3. Congrats on the promos everyone!
  4. spud

    Workath Guide

    Welcome to my Workath Guide This is meant to get the average player more interested in the possible money making method through the Wildy. The Wilderness can be a Scary and Deadly place as you can be Attacked by Other Players, But if you manage to Avoid any PKers you can make Extremely Good Money. Loadouts: Workath How to Get Here: Located outside of ::mb teleport inside the Mage Arena There will be a Lever to enter/leave the arena. Inventory Setup: Bringing a Pack-yak is 100% optional but extends trips 10x with an additional 30 spaces for food/drops. Workath's Drops: Without ANY Unique Drop The Average Kill comes out to be atleast 5m-6m at 25k per BM That's just the Bones, GP and Blood Money drop. Workath is a Great way to Obtain a Vorki Pet Pray Melee While fighting Workath, fire protection not needed. Best to use here: Twisted Bow, Craw's Bow and Dragonhunter Lance. The Ent's Root, Demon Heart, Justiciar's hand are used on the God Capes from Mage Shop Ent's Root is used on Guthix Cape Justiciar's Hand is used on Saradomin cape Demon's Heart is used on Zamorak cape Saradomin's Tear is used on Saradomin Sword to Make Blessed Sara Sword If i missed anything feel free to Let me Know Thank you for checking out the Guide Hopefully you all make some ez gp from Workaths!
  5. Welcome to My Crafting Exp Guide! Getting Started. Click the Crafting Skill in the Skill tab. All the Exp Rates are on a Non-donor account with no exp boosts other than Well. Can Spin Flax into Bowstring at level 10 giving 1,500 exp You can get Moulds and Balls of wool At the Smithing Shop. Amulets - Adding Ball of Wool gives an Additional 400 exp Sapphire Amulet (u) - level 24 giving 6,500 exp Emerald Amulet (u) - level 31 giving 7,000 exp Ruby Amulet (u) - level 50 giving 8,500 exp Diamond Amulet (u) - level 70 giving 10,000 exp Dragonstone Amulet (u) - level 80 giving 15,000 exp Onyx Amulet (u) - level 90 giving 16,500 exp Necklaces Sapphire Necklace - level 22 giving 5,500 exp Emerald Necklace - level 29 giving 6,000 exp Ruby Necklace - level 40 giving 7,500 exp Diamond Necklace - level 56 giving 8,000 exp Dragonstone Necklace - level 72 giving 10,500 exp Rings Sapphire Ring - level 20 giving 4,000 exp Emerald Ring - level 27 giving 5,500 exp Ruby Ring - level 34 giving 7,000 exp Diamond Ring - level 43 giving 8,500 exp Dragonstone Ring - level 55 giving 10,000 exp Onyx Ring - level 67 giving 11,500 exp Leather At the Crafting teleport is this fella Soft Leather Gloves - level 1 giving 1,300 exp Boots - level 7 giving 1,600 exp Leather cowl - level 9 giving 1,800 exp Vambraces - level 11 giving 2,200 exp Leather Body - level 14 giving 2,500 exp Leather Chaps - level 18 giving 1,700 exp Coif - level 38 giving 3,700 exp Hardleather Hardleather Body - level 28 giving 3,500 exp Green Dragonhide Green d'hide Vambraces - level 57 giving 6,200 exp Green d'hide Chaps - level 60 giving 12,400 exp Requires 2 leathers Green d'hide Body - level 63 giving 18,600 exp Requires 3 leathers Blue Dragonhide Blue d'hide Vambraces - level 66 giving 7,000 exp Blue d'hide Chaps - level 68 giving 14,000 exp Requires 2 leathers Blue d'hide Body - level 71 giving 21,000 exp Requires 3 leathers Red Dragonhide Red D'hide Vambraces - level 73 giving 7,800 exp Red d'hide Chaps - level 75 giving 15,600 exp Requires 2 leathers Red d'hide Body - level 77 giving 23,400 exp Requires 3 leathers Black Dragonhide Black d'hide Vambraces - level 79 giving 8,600 exp Black d'hide Chaps - level 82 giving 17,200 exp Requires 2 leathers Black d'hide Body - level 84 giving 25,800 exp Requires 3 leathers
  6. spud


    I agree with some of the post, 100% on the fact that the store needs some loving
  7. Looks pretty tight i do like the idea of customs to make us stand above the rest of the rsps, but i feel like they should be of other items, no more scythes unless cosmetic imo
  8. Would be a Solid idea to boost the number of active GIM players


play now
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