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  1. 5) name me a server with an accurate player count. None do.
  2. i'd say no lmao such a bad idea, would make comping 1000x easier. would be shit
  3. Current rares collection - its for sale, hit me pms if you want it. no silly ofers .
  4. Congratulations, not sure the pink suits @ Charmie though ❤️
  5. Stormz

    Charmies FFA

    I’ll be on for this for real 👌👌
  6. I call your bluff you copied my setup 😏😉
  7. Sad time’s when @ Bernard leaves the team. 😭 grats to @ Nate and @ Sezy though 👌 see what the future holds from you 2 😋
  8. So if I went for skotizo pet, would I have been winner? 😝 but thanks for the competition! Was good to see people’s fashions 🤭😝
  9. Ooo love a competition me. welp here goes nothing right? fashionscape2.mp4 Thanks And good luck all ❤️
  10. Owner Arthur Working under Athur in the previous simp and this version, always has been a great guy at what he does. can't fault him tbf. Supreme Much like Arthur same situation, top developer must say, spoken to him a few times via discord, cant fault the guy, alot of respect to him. Kevin Good guy, ngl - does great goodies/deals, his flaw is never letting me beat him in tourneys 💔 nice enough has good banter ez. Staff Manager Bernard Love bernie, have done since i first started up again - cannot fault him in any way possible, my only regret is not speaking to him as much as old times, lotta love and respect. Lewis Known lewis a long time, back when he was merely a wee support ❤️ (old simp ngl) always helped me out if and where needed, cant fault his attitude towards helping me atleast. and he does good ::cows Manager Athos Nothing but good words to say about athos, he's a delight - regrettably i dont speak to him much - cant fault his ethic on the server Minh Rarely ever speak to minh, has never caused me any grief, has been a nice enough guy when i have seen him. Global Administrator Foly VERY Rarely speak to Foly - mainly discord - he may be a :clown: but hes a decent guy Nate Honestly one of my favourite staff - always has been always will be, always made time for me in good situations or bad. can never fault him in any way, hes top at what he does. Administrator Alb Like Nate - hes in my top 5, always there when needed, never says no, can always rely on when needed. Great Admin ❤️ Dro Known Dro since old simp - although we rarely speak now - i know i can turn to him whenever needed - usually through discord ❤️ Dutch Great Guy - Lotta love for his ::cows - always friendly and always happy, despite me not being his #1 Rapiid ags Very rarely see rapiid, have spoke to a couple of times, dont think he always gets me or my humour hes alright though. never had issues with him. Spud Where to start, spuds a great guy, great admin, consistently helping out, always active, no faults for the guy, easily also in my top 5. Global Moderator Blitz Really haven't had much contact with blitz, only seen him on a handful of times, could be timezones not sure Sezy Love Sezy, hes a great staff member - always helpful, still slower at trivia than me but he'll be like me one day ❤️ i cant fault his attitude towards doing his job as a global mod. Maxime Before he stepped down i rarely saw him - only a few times, was helpful when i did see him - since regaining position i haven't seen him, maybe once, hes a nice guy, would love to see more of him again tbh Moderator Tineepockets never see tinee online, ive had 1 or 2 interactions with him, once was pleasant, the other was just casual. Noki before i stepped down - i rarely spoke to noki, when i did step down, he was always pleasant, ever since my issues with irl life and what have you he has been an amazing guy, always showing compassion, always willing for a chat and help. would love to see a few staff follow his example with his attitude towards helping players Xelta i like xelta, however - i feel he could become more.. dominant in sour situations, i feel as though he wants to keep everyone happy(which is good) but think he should be less chill more mean #BtecStormz ❤️ Charmie Obviously i almost think feedback is pointless here, we know my opinions already, i've known charmie 8 years(i think i lost count after the 1st) He's always been there for me and i'll always return the favour - always been a solid team. never could fault his capabilities as a staff team or as a person in general. - this is not a bias opinion when you read other feedbacks. just facts. Swe Monkey have had a few laughs with monkey - i dont see him on often but i think thats a timezone difference, hes a funny guy. cant comment on capabilities as staff as i've rarely been on the same time as him Hiddenblade9 Very Rarely see hidden anymore, hes helpful whenever i do see him - great guy tbh. always got time for him. Sleepinwmy9 Solid guy, still my b**ch - always will be, but i love the guy hes fantastic, always helpful, even when he cant keep up with me ❤️ Server Support Riv Riv is a good support, i cant fault his willingness to help - my only issue (this is not his fault) is that we clash just a bit, still friendly towards each - got time for him always, defo worth the role he has Trial Support Ventura Ventura... where to begin, hes a great guy, hes a great support, feel he is one to watch for the future in staffing, always helpful, hosts events, very chatty, overall he is a great part of the staff team. Spookydoo2 Spooky - much like rabe i feel lacks experience on server at the moment, i feel he has the willingness to learn and progress, hes definitely friendly, and 'could' go quite far. Rabe37ob i like rabe - i feel he may have been promoted too quickly - hes got the willingness to help and learn, hes definitely friendly, but i feel may lack experience on server for now. Gravityz Gravityz - havent had too much contact - friendly when i have, not seen on since promotion - would prefer to see more activity
  11. Quality banter mate, can you repost you git gud? ❤️
  12. also when donating $30 - message a donation manager for goodiebag, if you do 50+ you pm them for the current ::ddeals
  13. I’m down for group iron with tasks rofl. Potentially Normal iron aswell
  14. does say concept but i'll take into consideration what you've suggested as i always appreciate feedback


play now
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