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  1. first a counter point to adding nex sets to the wilderness chest, u say its a bad idea because nex is so undervalued as it is, in the bluntest way that is due to donation and the way the donation system works on here with the boxes. the nex sets got flooded into the game not because of the wilderness chest but simply because the donation content i.e all the mystery boxes. now due to this flood of nex items into the eco the only people who even do nex are people pet hunting or ironmen trying to get the the next step in the game, in addition to this nex sets are the best and most viable high tier armor in the game currently for pvp. by adding more items and benefits to the chest (like nex armors) it will bring more players into the wild as the wilderness chest was and still should be a solid and reliable money source (like revenants in osrs), give me a boss that people sit in the wild other than workath for a stable money maker. at the end of the day simply put, u say more pvmers wont bring more pkers but its really the opposite, the more attention there is into the wild in any asect will always bring more pkers. as for the drop notifications I think that argument is silly for 2 big reason, first if I and every other player has to sit and watch drop notifications for gold bags all day then the wilderness notifications are just, and should stay the same. secondly u say u don't like how it brings (rushers) or pkers and I think that kind of thinking is only catered to people who only pvm and don't want to get killed in a PVP ENABLED area. Last point towards ur comments is that idk where ur getting this random loot from kills, ive had over 260 kills more than half being targets and I have never received anything outside of blood money, gold, and pvp armors and weapons (vesta, statius, Morrigan, zuriel) this is all my opinion on ur take on the post and thanks for ur feedback.
  2. blood money store: the bloodmoney store needs and entire rework, prices are not up to date with the current prices of certain items, i.e elder maul is 150k but only costs 80-180m as of the time of posting, in comparison to ring of the gods which only costs 45k and is 1b. the store in general has a very lack luster variety of items or just very common items for the game but require a hard grind of pking (which is super dead) the only relevant items in that store is ring of the gods, anguish (but way to over priced), and the team capes for some form of risk. Wilderness chest: the wilderness chest has now become an irrelevant part of the wild as the chest was nerfed (so I have been told) I think the wildy chest also needs a rework in the sense of rewards from the chest, as it stands ur in like 47 wild where u can be killed at any time why not add some better drops like re adding nex sets but at a much lower drop rate than before. all drops from the wildy chest, from the keys to any valid items in the chest get announced globally. THE RISK SHOULD BE WORTH THE REWARD. (Gnik's idea) my recommendation is to dump that store and its prices and build it from the ground up and make pvp relevant, the server has many customs now but all are catered towards pve, why not make a pvp weapon that isn't super op but can be upgraded like the twisted bows with blood money or even add the random chance for like 1 in 5k kills to get a certain item to upgrade or drop. this can be done with many weapons or armor for all 3 styles and would make the pvp in the game more interesting, BUT THAT BEING SAID POWER CREEP IS A HUGE ISSUE FOR CUSTOMS IN A PVP ENVIROMENT. so for the owners/developers that would be something to keep in mind that we aren't getting items that just 1 shot people and to avoid prod rushers. quite frankly there is so much that could be done with the store and items that could potentially be put into the store and for the pvp on this server. there are many wildy activities but no one to contest them. (except me) also as an after thought why not add pets that come from pvp, they could come with perks like more blood money for each kill and they are kept on death (that being said please don't add op pets like other servers that heal, restore prayer, tp at 50 wild, extra dmg, etc, etc) for anybody reading this and got this far add some comments of items u would like to see or generalistic ideas for pvp that we need
  3. in my opinion the set is fine, think about it the set would be ridiculously op with an hp boost. as pvm currently stands u have 3 weapons that hit stupid amounts i.e tbow, sythe, and sanguinesti staff, why would u want to make pvm less interesting and more afk compared to being a bit more challenging and not afk so players are actually engaged in the game. for pvp, what is to stop one of these players who own it to combine it with divine or demonic ss and just camping smaller players. sure if u are manage to be killed ur dying for billions, but the chances of anyone killing a player in a already op set with more op gear with that set (divine, split tooth, pegasions, or whatever else) probably an op special weapon is little to 0. set bonus it currently has, if it is 15% as I have been told it could be. this bonus would need to be removed if it gains a health boost for the reasons I put above. at the end of the day it is a what 300$ set so it should be op but in my opinion its one or the other, health boost or its current boost. as for the arguments with ancestral and justiciar having hp boosts, those items are best in slot for players who aren't willing to pay 300$+ I think it has appeal for a player to again be engaged in the game and its grind. I think as much as the devs should be pushing out their p2w side and making money, they should also balance the game and its end game features and make it so its not all about donating.
  4. WANNA BE A GAY FISH THEN THIS IS THE PLACE FOR U Requirements to join: DONT BE A FLAKE. have a laugh and have a bit of banter here and their, at the end of the day everybody is just trying to have some fun. GOALS: their is no goal of this group its honestly just to find a group of friends and have some fun. (kick all of divine forces, Tr's, lnw, and some dutch clans asses in wild) (even though they all pk in gross max gear*) (cant group pk to save their lives tho**)


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