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Found 5 results

  1. Welcome to My Crafting Exp Guide! Getting Started. Click the Crafting Skill in the Skill tab. All the Exp Rates are on a Non-donor account with no exp boosts other than Well. Can Spin Flax into Bowstring at level 10 giving 1,500 exp You can get Moulds and Balls of wool At the Smithing Shop. Amulets - Adding Ball of Wool gives an Additional 400 exp Sapphire Amulet (u) - level 24 giving 6,500 exp Emerald Amulet (u) - level 31 giving 7,000 exp Ruby Amulet (u) - level 50 giving 8,500 exp Diamond Amulet (u) - level 70 giving 10,000 exp Dragonstone Amulet (u) - level 80 giving 15,000 exp Onyx Amulet (u) - level 90 giving 16,500 exp Necklaces Sapphire Necklace - level 22 giving 5,500 exp Emerald Necklace - level 29 giving 6,000 exp Ruby Necklace - level 40 giving 7,500 exp Diamond Necklace - level 56 giving 8,000 exp Dragonstone Necklace - level 72 giving 10,500 exp Rings Sapphire Ring - level 20 giving 4,000 exp Emerald Ring - level 27 giving 5,500 exp Ruby Ring - level 34 giving 7,000 exp Diamond Ring - level 43 giving 8,500 exp Dragonstone Ring - level 55 giving 10,000 exp Onyx Ring - level 67 giving 11,500 exp Leather At the Crafting teleport is this fella Soft Leather Gloves - level 1 giving 1,300 exp Boots - level 7 giving 1,600 exp Leather cowl - level 9 giving 1,800 exp Vambraces - level 11 giving 2,200 exp Leather Body - level 14 giving 2,500 exp Leather Chaps - level 18 giving 1,700 exp Coif - level 38 giving 3,700 exp Hardleather Hardleather Body - level 28 giving 3,500 exp Green Dragonhide Green d'hide Vambraces - level 57 giving 6,200 exp Green d'hide Chaps - level 60 giving 12,400 exp Requires 2 leathers Green d'hide Body - level 63 giving 18,600 exp Requires 3 leathers Blue Dragonhide Blue d'hide Vambraces - level 66 giving 7,000 exp Blue d'hide Chaps - level 68 giving 14,000 exp Requires 2 leathers Blue d'hide Body - level 71 giving 21,000 exp Requires 3 leathers Red Dragonhide Red D'hide Vambraces - level 73 giving 7,800 exp Red d'hide Chaps - level 75 giving 15,600 exp Requires 2 leathers Red d'hide Body - level 77 giving 23,400 exp Requires 3 leathers Black Dragonhide Black d'hide Vambraces - level 79 giving 8,600 exp Black d'hide Chaps - level 82 giving 17,200 exp Requires 2 leathers Black d'hide Body - level 84 giving 25,800 exp Requires 3 leathers
  2. spud

    Simplicity Pets

    All BUT Heron/Beaver Pets are able to be Exchanged for A EXP Lamp Located West of ::shops, outside Sumona Slayer masters Room Skilling Pets: Gives Bonus EXP in the Skill Runecrafting- Cannot be obtained from the Energy Orbs, You'll have to Get from making Runes. Fishing- Pretty Easily obtained Thru Westerfish Woodcutting- Another Easy to obtain pet via any tree/AFK tree Thieving- Can be Obtained on any stall Farming- Can be Obtained on any Patch(has every version) Mining- Can be obtained Thru ::Star and Regular rocks. Agility- Can be obtained on all the Courses PVM Pets: Pet Rock Crab Baby Blue Dragon Blue Dragon Green Dragon Frost Dragon Black Dragon King Black Dragon Commander Zilyana (Saradomin GWD) K'ril Tsutsaroth (Zamorak GWD) Kree'Ara (Armadyl GWD) General Graardor (Bandos GWD) Nex Jungle Styrkewyrm Desert Strykewyrm Ice Strykewyrm WildyWyrm Kraken Lizardman Shaman Kalphite Queen Princess and king Verzik Vitur (Theatre of Blood) Chaos Elemental (Wildy) Venenatis (Wildy) Scorpia (Wildy) Abyssal Sire Hellpuppy (Cerberus) Phoenix Skotizo Slash Bash Bork Giant Mole Barrelchest Bandos Avatar Dagannoth King Supreme Dagannoth King Prime Dagannoth King Rex Tormented Demon Alchemical Hydra (has all 4 colors) Tztok-Jad (Obtained Thru Tokkul Shop) Pet Jalrek-Jad - Dropped from Jad Tektiny (Obtained Thru Tekton Event) Lil Mounted Terrorbird Gnome (Szone/Ohall) Worki Pet Lil' Hespori Pet Corporeal Critter Dark Core Pet Lil Gal Pet Vet'ion Jr. Pet Bloodhound (easy clue reward) Zulrah ( 3 different pet drops) King Kurask Barrows brothers (dont have all pictured yet but each one has one) Callisto dawn drac (old halloween event) headless beast seren warmi zalcano Baby Dark Lord - ::Lord Lil Demonic Necromancer Elite Slayer Pets Lil' Skinweaver - Dropped from Divine Skinweaver Lil' Xamphur - Dropped from Xamphur Lil' Pummeller - Dropped from Ballak The Pummeller Lil' Yama - Dropped from Judge of Yama Lil' Reaper: - Dropped from Shadow Reaper Lil' Dreadnaut - Dropped from Superior Dreadnaut Lil' Mage - Dropped from Superior Reborn Mage Lil' Necro - Dropped from Superior Necrolord Lil' Gulega - Dropped from Superior Gulega CoX Pets Vespina Vasa Minirio Puppadile Vanguard Tob pets bloat sot maiden Xarp nylo Superior Pets Superior Pets can be obtained Thru Certain mystery boxes as well as PvM While Summoned Superior Pets will give the Host the effects of Soulsplit. The only Pets that can be made Superior are: Tzrek-Zuk (Inferno) Vorkath Olmlet If you get them via PvM you will have to Talk to the Note Trader inside Home bank The Superior Scroll costs 50b to buy from here. Lil' Lithil from ::eliteboss Halloween banshee kevins demonic baby Halloween beast (old halloween event) Elite pets Elite Olmlet this pet gives 10% drop rate bonus with damage accuracy boost on Raids & Great Olm. Elite Zik this pet gives 10% drop rate bonus with damage accuracy boost on ToB & Verzik Vitur. Elite Nightmare this pet gives 10% drop rate bonus with damage accuracy on Nightmare boss If i missed any Please let me know I'll update If and when new pets are added! Thanks for checking this out!
  3. Hi all, I have set myself another challenge to complete all of the Master Achievements that have been set for us to complete. Altogether I have completed - PVM Great Olm Pest Control Chambers of Xeric Chambers of Xeric 2 Chambers of Xeric 3 Dragon Slayer 2 KBD Slayer Hydra Hunter The Sire Cerberus Cerberus 2 Mole Destroyer Zulrah Queen Killer Hydra Hunter 2 Pet Hunter Pet Hunter 2 Pet Hunter 3 The Warmonger Drake Hunter The Liquidator 2 The Liquidator Chaos Zulrah 2 Barrelchest Chicken Slayer Great Olm 2 SKILLING The Pets The Summoner Dungeoneering The Crafter The Slayer The Slayer 2 Arrows The Chef The Magic Trees OTHER Trivia King Defender The Elite Knight Active Player Boss Daily Voter The Olm Slayer Infernal The ones that I haven't done that I will be working towards are below. I will also post screenshots of the progression and I will mark them off once they have been completed. The Kraken Nex Slayer Chaos 2 Dragon Slayer 3 The Reaper Tournament Dharoks Broker Dragon The Last Man Dragon 2 The Korasi The Rangers The Reaper 2 Dark Bow The Light The Light 2 Teleblocked Vesta Rambo Killer The Ice The Rangers 2 The Maul The Vengence Jiglojay The Titan Torva The Korasi 2 Ahrims The Last Man 2 Vesta 2 Zamorak Duel Arena Duel Arena 2 The Cannon Dharoks Brother 2 Dharoks Brother 3 The Voids Knights King Slayer Dragon 3 The Last Man 3 The Monkfish Yew Cutter Master Smith The Dragonfire Evil Tree The Star Pineapples The Venger Shark Hunter The Redwood 2 Lobster King (Half way there) The Farmer The Crafter 2 The Miner The Miner 2 The Chef 2 The Redwood 3 Evil Tree 2 The Prayer Overlord King The Star 2 The Chef 3 I will post updates as I go along trying to complete these. I will mark each one off as I do them! Regards, R M B T
  4. spud

    Skilling Ideas

    Hey everyone here is a list of Ideas I had Some are from my Old posts but might as well repost Farming guild in Zeah, for Tree patches, herb and allotment patches (as a possible high level farming zone) Adding Coal bag to stardust mining shop Add Prospector gear to Stardust mining shop(give Bonus exp or possibly bonus ores per rock) Also add farming contracts or just adding Farmer's gear from Tithe farming. Make certain skills such as Crafting more profitable (By making amulets sell to gen store AS of RN prices are 398gp for sapphire, 618 for emerald, 1080 for ruby, 1898 for diamond, 52,461 for Dragonstones.Would be nice to have like 5k for sapphire, 10k emerald, 20k ruby, 30k diamond, 100k Dragonstone.) Add Hunter Skilling pet- Golden Chinchompa Adding OSRS Deep Wildy chaos altar Noted Bone prayer training location (like OSRS) Adding Skilling contracts + Skilling Points Store Adding Red spider eggs to herblore shop This ones a stretch but i think it'd be neat, making a random event somewhat like the star or evil tree but for fishing. I was thinking like a minnow pool spawn and a shop where you can spend minnows in order to buy Angler Gear for a fishing exp boost. Here's a photo of the minnow location in the fishing guild on osrs.Maybe making them spawn every 30-45 minutes Witch-Doctor outfit as a Herblore skilling outfit for bonus exp/fashionscape I'll Add more as I think of them. Let me know what you all think! Thanks for checking my ideas out!
  5. Hello! So this is my first forum post for this sever and I have only been playing for a little bit of time. Some of you may not agree with me on my suggestions but this is what I see a problem with. The current state of the game's economy is very high. I am fully aware that this is a mostly PvM server and I really enjoy that, as I personally love PvM. At the same time, I am also a fan of skilling and being able to make money with various skills. Because of the current state of eco, Thieving is a bad money maker and as I have been training the other skills on my way to max, I have noticed that almost every other skill has no viable money-making method to keep up with this economy. I think it would do the server well if we looked at the various different skills and reworked them and removed a lot of the shops from the game in order to make the gathering skills valuable and keep players interested in more then just PvM. Thieving stalls should give much higher gold, fire making is a waste of skill but can easily be changed with "random" loot from burning logs. woodcutting has relatively no value because all logs can be bought within a store. crafting has no value. fishing has no value. There are just too many shops carrying the items from the various skills within the game making it hard for them to be "profitable" in any way. I think this server would do really well with a rework to the various skills to make skilling a viable money-making method as well as giving players another way to make decent money without PvM. This is only a slight suggestion and more of a discussion because there are just so many skills that have no value to training them except for maxing your account and I really disagree with maxing a skill just to max your account. every skill should have some value or use case, and I understand that is a big task to do, but I really do believe it will give a lot more value and playtime to this server. Skill's Worth looking into for reworking This is just a basic list that I personally see could benefit from reworking. There is no particular order altho I do think Thieving should be first as its the first thing players start doing when they join a new server. after that, I would prioritize the gathering skills: Mining, Fishing, Woodcutting, Herblore (if you count it). Thieving Crafting Fishing Woodcutting Mining Firemaking Runecrafting Farming Hunter Herblore Fletching I Understand just how much of an undertaking this will be as I have previously coded in the past but I really do think that the effort put into this rework will truly benefit the longevity of this server, as well as help, keep newer players that much more. Most of us currently playing the game are Fans of PvM but there a big group of skillers out there, that this server could benefit from the player base of skillers.


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