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  1. Xelta


    I'm assuming you've figured this out by now, but new player protection lasts ~16-30 minutes (16 in most cases; I've met some players who've had to wait 30). Simply play for that long and these restrictions will be lifted.
  2. Good guide; lots of players ask about this! I'll keep the thread number handy
  3. Good guide that explains the details nicely perhaps consider linking some of our content creator's videos to the sections as spoilers so prospective players can get a look into the eyes of someone playing as each account type? Just a suggestion!
  4. Nice guide, @ Rob Macabre ! Helpful for Mac users Similar steps can be followed on Linux; I may make a guide for that!
  5. Looks very nice and clean, thank you for compiling this for us!
  6. Golden Balls is neat, the rest are good too! Definitely loving the ideas, @ Charmie !
  7. Very nice model but it's 2D for now - what if you were to make the spontaneous pieces stemming from the main bow have bulb-like and elliptical 3D shapes? Just a thought! Love your modeling! #secquioaboys
  8. The well idea is what I was considering, and yeah definitely more benefits but this is just a rough outline of the suggestion
  9. This has been a long time issue and one I'd love to see improved, I would definitely be in support of fixes to our economy
  10. Something to keep our players on their toes As we've seen other MMORPGs do it in the past, I think this would be an interesting addition. COVID19: SimpGang Edition Possible Methods of Spreading: X % Chance for Transmission via Trade X % Chance for Transmission via Duel X % Chance for Transmission via ::gamble (if there's a way to ensure it) X % Chance for Transmission via Buying / Selling on the POS X % Chance for Transmission via Bossing / Raiding with Others If Infected: Genuine Corona Virus Symptoms Partial Animations in the middle of fights Coughing: -3% HP High Blood Pressure: More DMG Taken Excruciating Stomach Pain: No Healing for 5-7 seconds Slight Reduction in Movement Speed Increased Droprate (slightly) to compensate for the disease. And for the End: "Event" to Cure Simplicity Possibly need "funds" to unlock the cure (money-sink for the economy) Rewarded with (possibly) Surgical Gloves An N-95 Facemask Hazmat Suits <-- Exclusive Rare Items, possibly from killing a "Bacteria Boss" ? Just trying to get the community lively and give them some motivation to look at the game in a new light All suggestions / feedback are welcome below
  11. Uhhh yeah easily a +1 from me, I'd love to see this happen
  12. Definitely looks good mate, Keep up the work! I'd love to see more available and affordable customs in the game, and with more minds working together on more models, that means more opportunities! Quality


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