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  1. @ thorwald have you joined the Discord?
  2. The results are in! After 1,000 Gold Bags, the grand total is... 20,923,169,281 GP That is an average of almost 21m per bag! To the nitty gritty. Here are the winners; 3rd - @ Slowasshonda , with a difference of 1,376,830,719! 2nd - @ Ntho💛 , with a difference of 76,830,719! 1st - @ Syrex , with only a difference of 26,830,719! Winners, please PM me in game for your rewards. Thank you all for participating!
  3. Guessing is now closed. I will begin the long, arduous process of getting these opened. 😂
  4. Hello players. I've been spending time at Dawn, stacking gold bag drops. I planned on opening them at 1K to see how much gold it would be. Let's make a little event out of it. How much gold do you think is within 1,000 gold bags? Top three closest guesses will receive the following; 5x Gold Mystery Box 1x Yellow Party Hat 1x Gilded Platebody 1x Gilded Platelegs 1x Golden Maul 1x Yellow Boots 1x Yellow Gloves 1x Yellow Cape In addition to the above, the top three will receive the following; 1st Place - 1x Ruby Mystery Box 2nd Place - 1x Emerald Mystery Box 3rd Place - 1x Sapphire Mystery Box RULES Only one guess per person (one account). After guessing, do not edit your post. The guessing time will run for one week from this post. So let's go. If you want to get an accurate guess, open up a few gold bags of your own, get an average, then multiply that by 1,000. The greater the sample size, the better the guess. Then again, it could all be up to RNGesus.
  5. Hey @ l u c k e h , If it occurs again, please take a screenshot and we will verify things on our end. For now, meet me in game for your two extra.
  6. Bro, excitement overload. Another fire update. Loved seeing how this server has grown and changed since I've joined. Great job to the devs for this, and to the staff team for making it a great environment for players.
  7. Hello again, Do you have Discord? I'd like to get this issue resolved for you via remote support. Please download TeamViewer and I will help get you in the game.


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