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  1. well put up overall guide for the events, definitely worth putting in the golden list
  2. a new one to the collection
  3. Some new stuff i have done recently. Got some more done in the background, but since they are not approved by the person yet i thought i won't post it yet. 😛 (Didn't feel like creating a new thread so i had to post here even after the 30 day mark)
  4. As you may or may not know you get text in the chat whenever you enter the ::gamble zone. The problem occurs when players are on the "Public" or "Clan" Tab and not on "All" Tab - You can't see this warning message. For someone that doesn't necessarily bother going through tabs or is not aware of the rules (You should read the rules btw), my solution is pretty straight forward - once you teleport to the ::gamble zone you see this This is pretty much rules thrown into your face with an extra step of you actually having to agree with what you have read. If this pop up does not suffice i don't know what else should help people notice. Of course i marked some words that should attract more attention to what is important, but it's not necessary. Thank you for your attention.
  5. Hello there, i am sure you have gotten a lot of help already. In any case, feel free to use these links in the future Knowledge Base and One Guide to Rule Them All - Hope this helps
  6. @ Couvee Jr you did it bro! congrats!
  7. Something new, still not sure how i feel about this haha, but decided to share it either way Opinions?
  8. So i have noticed that there are only like 10 Reputation ranks that go to around 70 likes (Max), so why not update it a bit? Since there are a lot of people that go way above 100 (Close to 400). - Dragon - Chaotic - Dragonstone - Druidic - Godswords - Masterwork -Nightmare Staff - Overlord Cape - Party hat - Sang - Tekton - Twisted Bow - Scythe of Vitur - Wings So i got here potentially another 14 ranks (Not in order) that could be assigned, theoretically even more since any item from the game could be put in those slots, or even custom ones
  9. Pretty interesting work and really happy to see more people keeping the graphic section alive ❤️ also loving the popeye avatar (idk why it's spelled pepeye there). the 3D effect looks pretty cool too, makes it all fit together nicely, so well done on that.
  10. Glad you love it and ofc mate, any time ❤️
  11. Really happy you like them and that they are already implemented haha, one thing i have noticed though: The new Support icon really fits the "Trial Support" so maybe leave the old one for the Server Support? Sort of helps to differentiate between those 2 ranks
  12. I have made some custom crowns a while back and i really like them so i decided to share them with you and maybe even have them as our new ones; The list will start from highest to lowest rank (Owner - Support) + Main Color HEX code and Shadow HEX code Owner Main HEX: #ff0000 Shadow HEX: #ff0000 Developer N/A N/A N/A Forum Manager Main HEX: #e9bb08 Shadow HEX: #deb310 Staff Manager Main HEX: #00f6ff Shadow HEX: ##04dddd Server Manager Main HEX: #de8301 Shadow HEX: #ff9600 Head Administrator Main HEX: #ea0e63 Shadow HEX: #ff0063 Administrator Main HEX: #ffff00 Shadow HEX: #ffff00 Head Moderator Main HEX: #c000ff Shadow HEX: #c000ff Forum Moderator Main HEX: #00aeff Shadow HEX: #00aeff Moderator Main HEX: #36ff00 Shadow HEX: #36ff00 Server Support Main HEX: #51bce6 Shadow HEX: #579dba Overview of all: What are your opinions?
  13. Found some really old work from back in the 2017, some are cool some are not that good, but i am so excited to have found it, even has my old logo 😱 I hoped to find my fav one with diana, but i have no idea why it's no longer saved on my imgur account
  14. Sounds like an interesting idea, looking forwards to see how it plays out. Good luck to everyone who will be participating!


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