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  1. Latest staff changes. @ Charmie has been promoted to Global Moderator @ Noki has been promoted to Global Moderator @ Maxime has been promoted to Administrator Congratulations! @ Ventura has been demoted from Server Support @ hiddenblade9 has stepped down from Moderator
  2. @ Skovos has passed his trial period and became offical Server Support @ Cody has rejoined the staff team as Moderator Congratulations! @ Nate has stepped down from Staff Manager
  3. @ Nate has taken Staff Manager role. We're 100% sure he'll do great things with this new position. Well deserved for your hard work! Due recent Forum Changes, Global Moderators are no longer forum staff. Lack of overview, hereby @ Sezy has shown interest into Forum Moderator. After few days scanning his activity, professionalism on forums. I'm impressed, Welcome on Forum Staff board! Congratulations boys! @ Xelta has been demoted from Moderator @ Tinee has been demoted from Moderator @ swe monkey has been demoted from Moderator @ Blitz has stepped down from Global Moderator @ Bernard has stepped down from Staff Manager
  4. A summer full of events! Staff members of Simplicity are going to host some events for you boys & girls during the summer. Schedule Trivia Event @ Alb will be hosting a Trivia Event You'll be answerring some basic trivia questions for a chance to win some good cash! 1000M Note each question. Date: 17/07/2020, 14:00 Gametime Boxing Event @ Alb will be hosting a Boxing Event You'll be boxing eachother in a tournament. Top 3 winners gets a prize! 1st place: Emerald Box 2nd place: 2 000M cash 3rd place: Runelocus Box Date: 18/07/2020, 14:00 Gametime Secret Event @ Kevin will be hosting a secret event for you guys! Whatever this event may be, it will be lit. Date: 18/07/2020, 16:00 Gametime Are you the next most lucky player? Enjoy the events, more yet to come!
  5. We'd like to announce the latest staff changes. Today includes 4 newly promoted staff members and fortunately zero demotions/resignations. We got 4 trial support staff members has passed their trial period. We've noticed a lot of amazing work from you four, and we're really satisfied with the performance. Keep sharing your knowledge, activity and you'll see whats yet to come in your path. Congratulations! @ Spoookydoo2 @ GravityZ @ rabe37ob @ Ventura - Simplicity Management team
  6. Thank you @ Sezy for hosting this amazing event! Also really nice layout you've used! Looking forward to the entries & winners! May the most creative player win!
  7. That loot tab really looks interesting and juicy! I'd love to see more of these projects!


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