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  1. Great update, fan of everything but the degrading lol glad my event timer was added
  2. Agreed, would be simple update and improve QOL a lot.
  3. Kinda goes with my leaderboard suggestion, since it's still basically a boss. So yeah i support lol
  4. Not to brag or anything but i was beside him gz mate
  5. I agree, this bothers me a lot lol
  6. Thank's for letting everyone know mate.
  7. It gets more necessary the older a server gets.
  8. Hey guys, I have put together a little list of suggestions, please lmk if any have already been suggested and leave your opinions on them as well - Currently, you cannot cut gems twice, this means that players are missing out on a lot of fletching xp, with them not being able to cut into bolt tips and add to bolts. This should be added so that they have more use, and it's easier to gain fletching xp - Filter game chat, this is a very important QOL to me, if you are doing something like woodcutting, it is very annoying to be talking to people in help and public and have your box flooded with "You get some logs..." - A timer in quest tab for wildy wyrm, evil tree, etc - A scoreboard addition, fastest boss kills and highest boss killcount - Colored whip mixes for vine. - Mist: an item similar to icons but is just a colored mist around the players feet - Code In presets for duels - cannot change duel options after selecting a preset, such as dds/whip (will eliminate the scam of turning on prayer, gloves etc) - A shop to exchange repeat pets for something, like boss pets could give 100 boss points and skiller points could give a dragonkin lamp - Perhaps make skiller pets, or all pets, tradable. I've seen it before in other servers and it can actually do pretty well economy wise - Make titles show up in yell. Instead of donor rank. We can see the $ sign so no need for the rank name too. I'd prefer title over donor rank. - Open up the rare drop log history to the public and make a page for it on forums, that way for example if I wanted to know if anyone got a kbd pet before I could ctrl f and see. - A proper lottery, an npc at home that you can add however much gp you'd like, and it would be a great money sink even if it just kept 5%. It could be automated, or make it an event only mod+ can start any time. So that they can start it when there's more players on, leading to bigger pots. - CTRL + hover to view stats of items in shops, bank, inv. Like if I wanted to compare chaotic kite to dfs without google, I have both stats right there. - Notification for casket drops as it does with clue scrolls - Announcements after milestone kills for bosses (500, 1K, 2K etc.) - Announcements for 200M, 500M, 1B xp I'm sure I'll have more in the future, let me know your thoughts.


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