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  1. Do you know how much each PK PTS will be worth in terms of value in Blood Money?
  2. Kooda

    New Superior Pet

    I think there should be a limited time exclusive custom Superior pet called a Superior 6ix9ine. It would have an infinite soulsplit like the others, but would also have a special effect that would heal the player 69 hp every 69 seconds. This pet would also have a few quotes it would say every 690 seconds (11 minutes & 30 seconds). I included some phrases in my rendition of what I think it would look like below. You can have it on sale for 69 days and have it sold at donor shop for 690 donor pts.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ip1-POSiwB4 Just follow the step-by-step walkthrough in the video linked above and you will complete the Easter event in no time!
  4. Kooda

    Slayer Shop Buff

    I agree, the Slayer Shop desperately needs a upgrade. I think adding something like this to the shop, and keeping whats already in there would be kinda cool: $10 Scroll - 400 pts Flame Gloves - 375 pts Diamond Box - 350 pts Abyssal Vine Whip - 275 pts Dragon Hunter Xbow - 275 pts Dragon Crossbow - 220 pts Warrior Box - 175 pts Archer Box - 175 pts Mage Box - 175 pts Gold Box - 150 pts Korasi Sword - 150 pts Legendary Mbox - 100 pts Gold Bag - 75 pts Mystery Box - 50 pts 25 Dragon Arrows - 30 pts Crystal Key - 25 pts Overload Potion (4) - 5 pts Rocktail - 1 pts
  5. Looks promising. Curious to see how these new zones turn out in the future. Elite Clues are a great addition.
  6. Kooda

    New Boss

    Would be sweet
  7. I have an idea! How about it goes..... Toxic Blowpipe - Magma Blowpipe - Atomic Blowpipe - Twisted Bow
  8. Make it called an Atomic Blowpipe and you have my full support.
  9. Well, I know I wouldnt mind having access to some of that stuff personally. But I can see where your coming from. And I agree that it could use a fix, But I just want to say that Onyx should probably get a buff for their special zone, but lets try not to forget about the rest of the ranks. I know Emerald and Sapphire have their spots, and Gold/Ruby tree are a thing. I am sure theres likely room for improvement in these places. One of the most common zones that effects the biggest % of the players that I think needs a boost so badly is the ::di . Donor Island hasnt had many additions. The only one I can think of is the Diamond Demon tele and the Black Portal that I cant use lol. A while back the Slash Bash that was located there got removed. Nothing ever put back there to replace it. The prayer altar could use a fix too, like making it able to use bones on it to train prayer! Maybe some sort of teleport portal leading off to some key locations might be helpful. And adding a bit more to the donor shop. And the other area that could use some love, but its not a donor zone, is Arthurs Dream area. Making the fire able to use logs and raw fish on is a start. Definitely needs more Bloodveld npcs there. Quite a few more in my opinion. Maybe putting a few of those Lava Fire Titans scattered around would be cool. Maybe add some sort of key drop to the Bloodvelds that would enable you to open a special chest located in this zone. As I said, theres room for improvement in all these spots, show them all some love!
  10. That whole big area south and to the east of Greater Demons needs to be fixed. It ends currently near the lava. That long stretch all the way down south along the eastern body of water is singles. Please fix this.


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