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Found 3 results

  1. 💥Neon's Guide Directory💥 What's up guys, Neon here with my first guide since I've been back. I noticed that staff are frequently linking to threads for different resources, so I thought I would make this post to organize everything in one place. If there's anything you'd like that is missing or could use more explaining, let me know! ctrl + F will make it much easier to find guides! 💢Brand new to the server? Start here💢 New Players Guide Another Useful Ironman Resource Armor/Weapons guide Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Player Owned Shops and Pricing Guide Simplicity YouTube Overview Starting an Ironman? read this. 💰Want to Make Money?💰 Pro Tip: Get Protect From Melee and Kill ::lava for 2.5M GP / Kill Start with this guide. Skeletal Mystics can be good too if you're new Demonic Gorillas are decent as well 🎮Skill Guides🎮 Cooking Guide Construction Guide Farming Guide Firemaking Guide Fishing Guide Herblore Guide Mining Guide Prayer Guide Runecrafting Guide Smithing Guide Summoning Guide 🔥Boss Guides🔥 Alchemical Hydra Guide Corporeal beast guide Donor Bosses Guide General boss guide (lots included) Inferno Guide Low level Olm Guide / In-Depth Olm Guide Tarn Guide Theatre of Blood Guide Treasure Island Bosses/Minigame Vorkath Guide Workath Guide 😎General guides/tips😎 AFK Spots / Guide Bonus event orb guide Clue Scroll Locations Crystal Key Loot Donator Benefits Gambling Guide Guide to Simplicity Pets Magic Well Items/Chances NPC Box Drops Prestige Shop Guide Server Events Guide Special items Guide Superior Pet Guide Tournament event Guide Trivia Answers Guide Voting Guide 💢Client Issues?💢 Client Won't Run Missing Special Attack Orb Simplicity+ Plugins/Trackers Fix Troubleshooting Client Issues Credits: Big Thanks to @ Skovos , @ Rob Macabre , @ spud , @ Mak3 , @ Sleepinwmy9 , @ Stickle , Sean4755, Cass, Victor, Talents, Iron Trees, Kooda, Alexa, Cloud9Toes, Jabrone, Ruhbeartoe, Cava, Tramp, Ebyss, Master Cut22, Bigzy, Pixie Joe, Dro, 2incher, All Might Me, Adam, Bryan, and Kevin for their contributions to this post! If I included your guide and didn't give credit message me here or ingame and I'll add you.
  2. Hello everyone, I'll start off by saying i'm new to forum posts and creating topics but I wanted to come out of my shell to see if i can help the admins. I really enjoy playing this server for it's content and the community. It made me SUPER interested in the Donator status but being new I felt uneasy to look at the store and understand how to become one. When i got to the benefits tab every status had great perks but it was hard to compare the value with them. For other new people this might be hard for them as well and discourage them from donating. So to help with that i made a little comparison for the first 6 statuses (minus a couple of things left out). It's a very rough draft but i hope this would make it easier for some people. If the admins like it i can complete it so that way we can have one for everyone to feel better and hopefully fuel the server for more content! Stay safe! Play more! 😁 The Gestalt ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** (Update) Thank you everyone for your positive feedback and special shout out to everyone (who i might've bugged a little) in helping me make the complete version! I feel this helps the way it was created for and to those who prefer a more visual approach. I hope to create more content for future needs so feel free to leave a comment if you think there is help needed in more areas. As always Stay Safe, Play More! The Gestalt
  3. Hello guys!, my name is Elias i'm 22 years old and live in Sweden. I started playing osrs after a long break, and it became boring after 10 days or so because of the long grind. So i decided to seek out an RSPS i would feel welcomed to. I tried out a couple but finally i found this one. Just the right amount of people online, and good content on it. I'm def gonna give it some time and see too it that i become RICH! I'm a photographer in real life, well an educated one, not hired. Currently seeking jobs. I live with my girlfriend in a small town, and we both got gaming amongst many other things in common. Maybe i'll get her to join too =)


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