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  1. 300 kills update! And thank you all for your support
  2. Just a reminder, how to get to Fire Giants is by simply typing ::lava Fire Giants are super simple to kill, simply use Protect Melee or Deflect Melee depending on your prayer book. This thread will be my drop log from my very first kill to my 5,000th kill and will be updated every 100 kills. This log will also show an updated bank shot adding in the loot from that section. For example, the first bank shot will be 1-100 kills, the second shot will be 1-200 kills and so on. The following picture is the gear I will be using for the whole drop log which has been donated from various members of the community. Special thanks to : @Spag (First person to have helped me long ago and gave me some gear) @Mak3 Helped provide some gear @Footjobfreak Helped provide some gear Please Note: Any missing numbers in the log mean that I got nothing other than the guaranteed drop of 500k gp and 3 Dragon Fire Arrows. First 100 Kills! Second 100 Kills! Third 100 Kills!
  3. Add the pokecord bot to help promote chat in the discord and such Bot website link here. If approved, just set up for the bot to read every channel but not post (to avoid people spamming it in inappropriate channels or something) and to redirect the pokemon spawns make a pokecord channel like #pokecord and type "p!redirect #pokecord" into the channel and woohoo!
  4. Looks like a great update!
  5. Welcome back! Don't know you obviously but glad to see people enjoyin the rsps community.
  6. Hey everyone, Corrupt here (so cheesy) but I'm new to Simplicity if you can't tell by my profile on the side of the screen, joined yesterday and have been lovin the server, been playing runescape and rsps for many MANY years and don't know when I'll ever stop lol.
  7. Reach those goals man love to see it!
  8. While there's already the two types of Iron Man and then the standard player type, what about the possibility of a second standard type? One that gets a drastically lowered exp gain to where its a grind, but they have an increased drop rate? They can still trade and stuff to make that beneficial and maybe give existing players the chance to change over if they prestige their skills or something.
  9. Definitely do agree with this, most servers slayer is underappreciated for points and such would love a buff.
  10. I am able to do this, don't know if it was an addition since this thread started.


play now
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