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  1. @ Syrex the GOAT for opening 10k of each to update this great guide!
  2. Lausac

    New Player Guide

    Will be sending people here for the rest of time! Great job Syrex. ❤️
  3. Hey simps! Voting is something that helps Simplicity continue to grow and the staff team appreciates it very much so to show our appreciation we will be rewarding the top 3 voters each month. 1st Place: 100 elite keys + 2nd Place: 50 elite keys 3rd place: 25 elite keys
  4. Hey simps! The Simplicity staff team is happy to announce the return of the long forgotten Monthly Vote Rewards. Voting is something that helps Simplicity continue to grow and the staff team appreciates it very much so to show our appreciation we will be rewarding the top 3 voters each month. 1st place: $100 scroll + 2 Runelocus Crystal Box + 2nd place: $50 scroll + 1 Runelocus Crystal Box 3rd place: $50 scroll
  5. Lausac

    Two Man Army

    Team Name: Not Fair Team Members (main accounts): Lausac and Syrex Team Members (event accounts)(dont make until prefix is updated): Icy Lausac and Icy Syrex Final Placement(FOR ME ONLY):
  6. Lausac

    Two Man Army

    Two Man Army is a Group Ironman event in which you and a partner of your choice will spend one week gathering the best PVP supplies with the ultimate goal of literally destroying the competition! HOW IT WORKS OFFICIAL START Feb. 5th So Gather Your Partner ENDS Feb 12th (Tournament will be this day) Your 2 man team will set out to achieve the most powerful gear and supplies with a limited amount of hours to do so. After the 1 week period you will fight another 2 man team in a tournament style bracket until one team is declared winner! -NO DONATING ON EVENT ACCOUNT (YES NOT EVEN DONO SCROLLS) -PLAYTIME CAN NOT EXCEED 60 HOURS or 120 HOURS between both accounts. -MUST be Group Ironman -NO MORE than 2 per group -Name must have this events 3 letter prefix (THE PREFIX FOR THIS EVENT IS "ICY" Example: ICY Lausac -All fights at end of event will take place in safe pvp zone. -There will be no limit on what gear you use. Anything that can go to safe pvp is allowed. -NO AFK Tree -VOTING IS ALLOWED BUT NO EXTRA VOTE BOXES Only need one post per team! Team Name: Team Members (main accounts): Team Members (event accounts)(dont make until prefix is updated): Final Placement(FOR ME ONLY): 1st Place - TBD 2nd Place - TBD 3rd Place - TBD
  7. Congrats to our 3 winners and thank you to all who participated. Here are the final tallies! I will be contacting you here within next day or so with info on how to claim rewards and what they will be! 1st Place - @ eventmasterchaga - Ape Mastercg - 2206 total - 29h 54m 18s 2nd Place - @ Syrex - Ape Syrexy - 2202 total - 29h 56m 58s 3rd Place - @ waffels - Ape Waffels - 2166 total - 28h 14m 29s Honorable Mentions: @ Garbage bin - Ape Garbage - 2142 total - 29h 49m 47s @ Ytmillsey - Ape Millsey - 1141 total - 13h 14m 08s @ Ntho💛 - Ape Ntho - 176 total - 0h 51m 21s
  8. @ Finland @ Syrex @ Ntho💛 @ eventmasterchaga @ Ytmillsey @ copskillcows @ mr freezypop @ waffels you have 21 hours and 47 minutes from this tag to post your final screenshots ❤️
  9. Killer guide man! Keep up the hard work 🖤
  10. Welcome to the first official Simplicity Realism King of the Skill! What is "King of the Skill"? King of the Skill is an event in which you have a certain amount of time to achieve the highest total level. MUST be realism game mode NO TRADING FROM OTHER REALISM ACCOUNTS YOU MAY HAVE, THIS WILL DISQUALIFY YOU FOR JANUARY AND FEBRUARY EVENTS Account must have the 3 digit prefix in name in order to compete. The 3 digit prefix this event will be APE. Example: APE Lausac Account can NOT go over the allowed time limit. For Example: if timeplayed limit is 12 hours if you have 12 hours and 1 minute you will be disqualified. THIS EVENTS PLAYTIME WILL BE 30 hours! The event will run from Jan 4th until January 11th. In the case of a tie between two players the winner will be decided by total xp. Only one account per entrant. Anyone found breaking this rule will be disqualified from this event and next months! Screenshot of account when created is required and at end of event another of accounts playtime (rule 2 if over -h) and skills tab will be required. (anyone found taking the screenshots at different times will be disqualified) SIGN UP INSTRUCTIONS Account Name: Screenshot of the account when created: END OF EVENT ONLY Screenshot of skill tab (must be full client screenshot): END OF EVENT ONLY Scrrenshot of your playtime (must be full client screenshot): 1st Place 250 Elite Keys 2nd Place 150 Elite Keys 3rd Place 100 Elite Keys


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