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    Two Man Army

    Team Name: C and B Team Members (main accounts): Virraz, Waffels Team Members (event accounts)(dont make until prefix is updated): ICY virraz ICY waffels Final Placement(FOR ME ONLY):
  2. Hey everyone, Waffels here. I decided to go ahead and create a simple easy to follow. In the following you'll see from a mid level gear perspective of full chambers of xeric run. Gear: Full Sagittarian, Raids cape, torture amulet, and a ring of bosses. Inventory: 1 melee weapon of any sort, 1 mage staff, (I use the Sang staff because its cheap and you only need it for 1 thing), 1 overload, 2 spec restore potions (From ::di) and 15 sara brews just in case. First Room! Crystal Room: So this big ol guy will walk around to different crystals and during this time you're going to attack him, once he reaches the crystal you can attack that, after killing the crystals rinse and repeat until it's like murdered ya know. Be aware this is where you should use sara brews, during the fight after a certain amount of cycles it will go back to the center and teleport you and do all but 5 hp so make sure to brew up so you don't die. Second Room! Deathly hallows (its a good pun) So there are 4 minions in here, 2 rangers, 2 magers, kill all 4 of them and then cross the rope and grab the crystal, then return to the door with the funky skeleton and dispell the barrier super easy! Third room! TEKTON Super simple just murder him. Fourth room! Vespula! During this fight is when you will actually need to use the scythe that you brought, it can be any scythe at all. During the fight vespula will transform into a melee form, during this time go and attack the portal and once you finish both "bosses" you're all done and onto the next room. Fifth Room! Crabs galore. so there are a few crystals in here that you need to change colors, you do this by position the crabs and changing the colors. This is done by using range, mage, or melee on them, the only one you need to worry about is mage as you will need your mage wep to turn them blue, which turning the colors is all done by attack. crystal 1: make a crab green here. crystal 2: get the crystals stuck as such and use the mage weapon that you brought to turn it blue. crystal 3: get all the crabs stuck like this, and let them turn to white. crystal 4: only need 2 crabs, one at the far right of the picture and far left you smash it before the orb gets to it for it to be red. and the crystal room is all done now! Final Boss. OLM. Olm is fairly easy to defeat, and is in my opinion the least difficult room. When he first spawns in what I like to do is hcx spec the left hand once before going to the right. Phase 2 falling rocks: Run around to avoid them as they will do quite a bit of damage. Phase 3 hands: Kill both hands once more and you will phase olm yet again onto the rocks. Phase 4 final phase. During this phase if you want more points to try for better loot kill both hands, otherwise just aim for the head. Congratulations you have now done your first full raid!
  3. Honestly I agree, a power gap should be bridged, it is highly unrealistic for someone to just sit at lavas til they have 30b to buy a tbow, however going about saying its because of donations is not the correct way to do it. Maybe some new mid level items would help retain a lot of players. I would honestly love to have more mid level content in general, maybe new bosses, new items, new zones even? I know a lot of current "mid level" donation tiers currently dont have much to offer, so maybe we could include a new zone and revamp the server as a mid level turn around. Would make for great advertisement, and hopefully boost up the numbers quite a bit. As someone who joined a long time ago I can honestly say I dont know what it is to start fresh on the server anymore, but as someone who has been around a long time I do remember when we didn't have a lot of what we currently do, I think changing this into a suggestion for a mid level revamp would be a better method to go about change. I would love to brain storm some ideas as well if you have any interest in that.
  4. Account Name: APE waffels Screenshot of the account when created: END OF EVENT ONLY Screenshot of skill tab (must be full client screenshot): END OF EVENT ONLY Scrrenshot of your playtime (must be full client screenshot):
  5. waffels


    Its pog and I want it. Please? https://gyazo.com/9e029ac1e6fad9efbdaae78c7f278c89
  6. Owner Arthur - I've literally never talked to this man, but he seems to do a good job and that is highly appreciated. Supreme - Same thing as Arthur tbh, but very pog Kevin - guy messages me all the time to donate money, other then that good lad. Management Foly - Same thing as Kevin Shiftynex - Very pog person. Donation Manager Jor - Semi pog person, never won a major prize out of his goodiebag so pretty sure it's 100% rigged. ProBaillie - Who? Head Administrator Rapiid Ags - Ah mate I love Rapiid, straight pog. Kattrockbell - Katt is the Taco queen, straight pog. Mak3 - Corp. Administrator Dro - Who? Sezy - Pog, sold me sirenic, good lad. AK 47 - Mate he can't rap at all. Charmie - WHO???????? Head Moderator Couvee Jr - Couvee is the kid. Fatal Novaz - Fatal is perm afk, very sad because he's pretty pog Sleepinwmy9 - WHO? Moderator Ntho Skiller - The pog pvmer, he good dude. Pixie Joe - What can't I say about Joe, she's incredibly active, attentive, and knowledgeable. She will help even if she doesn't full know the subject, but she will try her hardest to understand it and give the person the most amount of help possible and it's incredibly pog. She is a great staff member. Rob Macabre - Hahaha Rob does TOB with me so its pog Xelta - WHO? Server Support Big wewestew - Stew is the boy, very pog. Kreatiivs - No idea who this is Slinky Joey - Joey's the gamble homie. Ganjaclown - WHO? R M B T - Haha pog.
  7. Mate, fantastic idea. I present the gentlemen skiller.
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    please https://gyazo.com/3c25fe88da6bad3e627e815b0bb3cbe4


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