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Found 2 results

  1. This guide is just an example of what to do for newer players. you don't have to follow this exactly all the way trough. consider doing everything that the server has to offer and be a part of the Amazing community Some things beforehand: -- Check out ::thread 1112 for all the gear in simplicity. -- you can click any skill to teleport to the training spot. -- check out ::thread 3935 for the guide on all guides. -- Donating is always an option to increase your donor rank and get lucky with a Goodiebag. --Check ::thread 3841 For different game modes (Most of this guide is meant for the Normal game mode). $10/$20/$50/$100 scrolls add to your donation total, these do not give donor points. (nothing gives donor points its an old system) Looking for Benefits, check ::benefits. also check out ::thread 5808 for a nice overview of donation zones Check https://simplicityps.org/store Some Basic rules: -- Do NOT vote on more than one account within a 12 hour period. -- You cannot give away more then 10B to other players. -- You are to use a Middleman for all flower poker games where the total pot is over 1000b. -- Make sure to read through all the rules ::rules start out with voting, type ::vote in game. Vote on all 6 sites, after that type ::claimvote in game. (recommended to stand still for 1 or 2 min before claiming, because of a bug where you don't get any scrolls) You can only vote on top100arena every 24 hours and the rest of the sites will be available every 12 hours. To find your PROMOCODE click on the vote banner of simplicity, and follow the instructions on the screen. [Never give away your promocode to anyone!!!] Type ::Discord Ingame to join the Discord server, all events will be announced there, make sure Read the rules and to click the at #Rules-Read-Me. Choose your alerts for ingame bosses/Drop parties/Events at #Choose-your-alerts. And check the #events tab for the current amazing events hosted by @ Lausac (these require you to have voted for a certain amount of days, check the rules in the event) If you encounter problems which can't be resolved ingame, go to the #Support section. Make sure to Click the at #Rules-Read-Me first. If you haven't received any vote scrolls after claiming, please make a General Support ticket. (not a Player/Bug Report.) you can sell the vote scrolls in PoS (Player owned Shops). Click Legacy POS While selling your scrolls, Buy your first gear setups at ::shops Start out with training your stats at ::train when you reach level 70 in any combat style, you could start doing some slayer ::thread 5009 Whenever you've sold the vote scrolls, you could buy as your starting gear: (All of these next things can be found in the PoS or things like dragon hai and obsidian cape, etc at ::shops) Range: Melee: Magic: [BIS] = Best in Slot. Range is cheapest and magic is most expensive at further upgrades Always try to keep up with the ::events. (you might die a lot, but just keep coming back. try to be alive when the boss dies. otherwise you get no loot.) ::Warmonger (top 5 damage gets loot) ::Tekton (top 10 damage gets loot) ::Ali ::Demon Easter/Christmas/Halloween After you've gotten your combat stats up to around 90-99. you can start doing the Master Achievements there are 3 ways you can open the achievement window -- Type ::eliteachievements -- Talk to the Npc called ''Master Achievements'' outside of Edgeville bank -- Click your quest tab For some easy to do Master Achievements check out this guide ::thread 5802 Try to do one of these next achievements, or any achievement you would like to do. (the next achievements are mostly PvE based, in the guide are also easy skilling alternatives.) -- The best Achievement to start with is killing 250 mole bosses. ::tp > Bosses > Giant Mole This will give you 15B cash and a Emerald box (which you can sell in the PoS) -- An alternative would be 200 Pest control games ::pc, you need 3 people to start pest control. just ask in cc if anyone want to join. this will set you up with 40b cash and a sapphire box (which you can sell in the PoS) -- Or 100 Zulrah kills for 10b, this would only set you up for the next magic and melee setups. ::tp > Bosses > Zulrah. Zulrah cannot be killed with melee. You could choose any of these achievements to have enough money for the next gear setups. Range: Melee: (This setup will still save you a lot of money, but you have to save up for a Sythe of Vitur, which is the next huge upgrade). Magic: (This setup will still save you a lot of money, but you have to save up for a Sanguinesti Staff, which is the next huge upgrade). After these upgrades, the next best achievement will be Pet hunter. (get a king black dragon pet) this could take a while depending on your luck. but the achievement will give 3b cash and 3 Emerald boxes! you can also just have a look through other achievements for more cash to upgrade your gear. The next 3 Gear setups could be: Range: Melee: Magic: * Ring of Bosses can send drops to your inventory or bank once you toggle the option. (this doesn't work on some bosses). You can also get one for 100 tournament points. Tournaments happen every 4 hours. ::thread 1329 * Boss capes give a drop rate increase on their respective boss. Again, check ::thread 1112 for different cape/ring/weapon/gear upgrades. I can't emphasize enough that this guide is just a rough path you can follow, Explore at your own will. and most of all remember to have fun 💛 If there is anything i could add or change, please let me know, any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated 🧡 Special thanks to @ Lausac @ MuRado @ Kevin @Ryan @ Ytmillsey @ xfaz @ Aspecton @ Bradders99 @ copskillcows For their feedback and help!!
  2. One of, if not the most, commonly asked questions in the Help Clan Chat is what the cost of certain items are or if there's a price guide on the forums. Now we, as staff and the community, are more than happy to help answer these questions and guide people in the right direction but I'm hoping this will assist you a little bit further than that as well! Firstly, I agree that a "price guide" would be an amazing addition but unfortunately prices would fluctuate far too much and often to write down any sort of specific numbers defeating the purpose and would cause too much confusion in the long run. Step 1: Determine if the item is junk or not. As with most loot based games a healthy portion of drops don't serve an important purpose other than that satisfaction of getting the drop itself and looking pretty in large stacks in your bank. There's far too many to list but I'll put some common examples below. Junk items tend to accumulate in large quantities at ::shops and is where you'll end up selling it anyways. Scythe Sharpener - Diamond Roots - Fenris Pelt - Ana in a Barrel - Long Sharp Claws - Rock Cab Caracas - Whiteberry Seeds - Evil Turnip - Mole Skin Step 2: Find the item in the POS (Player Owned Shops). This is going to be your best friend for getting an idea on the value of an item. The NPCs to access the POS are located at ::home inside of the bank. Right click the POS NPC and select View Shops Using the search bar type the name of the item in Click on the players shops on the right hand side View the cheapest listings (top of list) to get an idea of value Click on the items to display the prices in the chat window Note: The search bar can be picky i.e. using apostrophes and the more specific and accurate of a name you type, the better the results will be. Step 3: Determining the accuracy of the listed prices. Now if we've made it this far and determined the item isn't junk and price justifies selling it ourselves on the POS instead of to the shop keeper at ::shops we can check a few more things to ensure the accuracy of the prices in the POS. See if there's a few or a lot of the item available throughout the various players shops. Continue looking through the shops and see how closely priced the items between different people are. If one person has a hoard of the item in question. From those we can determine if a lot of people are selling / buying by how many and how closely they are priced. If one person has a hoard of the item, they may be collecting them, buying out all of the ones cheaper to resell it themselves, or simply saving them for later. If one is significantly cheaper than the rest, they may be trying to dump the item quickly under what it's really worth so don't short yourself either! Step 4: Listing the Item for sale on your Player Shop. Right clicking the NPC and selecting My Shop will open the window where you can then add items. When adding an item it will prompt you to type in the value you wish to list the item at. I.E. Putting in an item for 26B, type "26B" and it will add it to your store for that amount. The POS does take a %3 convenience fee to pay all of the hard working NPCs in Simplicity. TL;DR Step 1: Is the item junk? If yes, throw it in your bank or sell it to ::shops Step 2: If it's not junk then check the POS to see what others sell the item for. Step 3: Determine if the listed prices are reasonable or not by looking at how many there are for sale and how closely priced each player has listed them for. Step 4: Sell your in your own POS and/or ::yell a message for other players to see. Useful Tips/Info: If there's almost none for sale it can mean it's super junk OR it's super rare. When in doubt ask the Help CC. If the cheapest item is much lower than the rest, that person is probably undercutting to get a quick sale. This is a possible merching opportunity for you to buy it and sell it for more. If you want a quick sale you can list the price lower than everyone else so yours appears first on the list. If you're farming a boss or other monster and you plan on selling a lot of an item don't undercut others to avoid driving the price too far down and hurting yourself in the long run. Typing 10B when listing an item for sale is much easier than typing 10,000,000,000 Some items may be a bit wonky like the Old Key from hydra is listed as Stone Key. To see your recent POS history and sales try relogging to allow it to update. Sometimes an item is worth more to ::shops than in the POS. I.E. Ranger boots sell to shops for 1.9M! Claim your earnings by right clicking POS NPC and gold will be added to your pouch.


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