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  1. HEY SIMPS, THIS IS A LITTLE SHOWCASE OF OUR DONATION ZONES, THERE ARE MANY TIMES WHEN PEOPLE QUESTION WHAT ZONES THERE ARE AND WHAT THEY HAVE TO OFFER, SO I'VE TAKEN THE TIME TO PUT TOGETHER A LITTLE SHOWCASE OF THE ZONES. QUICK NOTE - THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY TELEPORTS TO AFK TREE ZONES BUT WILL INSTEAD JUST LIST AT THE START. Gold Donator - ::goldtree (NO SPECIAL AREA'S) Ruby Member - ::rubytree (NO SPECIAL AREA'S) NOW ONTO THE SHOWCASE Starting of with the Bronze Donor Zone Starting off with what the Bronze Donator Zone has to offer, you get here via ::Di At the donator zone there are a mix of bosses and skilling features. SKILLING Donator zone stalls give you cash instead of items, speeding up the thieving experience, and is also a super useful method for getting the achievements for thieving. The donator zone skilling area allows you to cut a magic tree, mine runite ores, smelt ores, pick flax use the anvil, and spinning wheel. Energy source are used to obtain semi-afk Runecrafting experience these can reward you with energy fragments which can be exchanged for rune crafting pouches and the rune crafter outfit at the runrafting teleport ----> and trading wizard distentor to obtain the outfit. Campfire can be used to cook food and burn logs, as well as being used to burn evil tree kindling and is directly opposite a banking booth. Skilling shops are located in one building and have the following shops. Wilfred for Fletching supplies, Mining instructor for Smithing supplies, Master crafter for Crafting supplies, Master fisher, for fishing fishing supplies, master hunter for the hunting supplies, Master gardener for farming supplies and finally the druid spirit for herblore supplies. Just outside the skilling shops is a rune armour stand allowing you to gain thieving experience and additional coins. PVM The Di area offers the following monsters/bosses to battle. Glacor Frost dragons King Black Dragon Phoenix. Abyssal Demon Tormented Demon Bork Barrelchest Sapphire Donator Zone The sapphire donator zone found at ::szone offers access to afk Westerfish fishing spot, 5x Magic trees, Runite mining spot, a barrel for rocktail fishing (NOT NOTED) a Frost dragons teleport which teleports you to an island of 3x frost dragons. and a Wildrymwyrm (NON WILDERNESS SAFE AREA) WILDYWYRM MOST WANTED DROPS: Emerald Donator Rank Nightbeast At Emerald can use ::nightbeast to access a mini area with 3x night beast wasn't listed as own area as no official zone. Drop table for Nightbeast Onyx Donator Zone The Onyx Zone is accessible via ::ohall Has a few good monsters/bosses to kill, I've listed the main focused bosses below. Porazdir. Drop table for Porazdir. Unholy Cursebearer. Drop table for Unholy Cursebearer (MOST WANTED DROPS) King Kurask Drop table for King Kurask Derwen Drop table for Derwen: Crystal Donator Zone Crystal Donator zone can be located at ::crystal and has a few different areas. RED is the Crystal Boss zone. Here you can find Porazdir from the onyx area but with plenty more to kill, The favourite being Dawn, and crystal ankou. Drop table for Dawn: Drop table for Crystal Ankou: Yellow is Statue of Rising Seren This area has more Dawn spawns, along with Stone guardians. Drop table for stone guardians Finally the green - Statue of axemurdera This has a small amount of lizardman brute Drop table for Lizardman Brute: Infernal Donator Zone the Infernal donator zone, you can get here via the ::infernal command. the main thing here is the infernal bosses, and the ELITE RAIDS. Here are a some of the rewards for completing elite raids. As well as these you can spend champion tokens on other rewards found below. Prices are as follows, Sapphire box - 3 champion tokens Emerald box -6 champion tokens 1000m note -1 champion token $10 scroll -5 champion tokens Each raid lasts between 15-20 minutes, and will reward you with the following 6x champion tokens, 1x elite raid key and 15x 1000m note Inside the boss area you can find the Justiciar Zachariah, and the Shaded beast. Justiciar Zachariah Drop table for Justicicar Zachariah: Shaded Beast, Drop table for Shaded Beast: Imperial Donator Zone The Imperial Donator rank. The top exclusive donator rank packed with a ton of bonus's and perks. This rank comes with its very own executive zone the Imperial Zone. Here you will have access to Imperial Boss Contracts, Dusk Bone Shop, Imperial Altar, AFK- Imperial Force, 2 Exclusive Dungeons. You need a total of 30,000 of which 10,000 claimed in your name to unlock the imperial rank, meaning you can only claim 2/3 of the total amount with scrolls, the rest you will have to buy in name. Imperial Donators will receive the Imperial Mythical Sanguinesti Staff for reaching this rank. Imperial donators will have a boosted drop rate bonus of 20% on all bosses and monsters. The Imperial Altar can be used once every 60 mins and grants the player a 10% drop bonus, restores attack/prayers/run energy/health, and boosts your special attack recovery. Imperials donators have access to the Imperial Board ::ib, this gives the player teleports to all imperial exclusive area's and 4 custom perks Overload/Special/Accuracy/Damage Bonus's, and a free weekly spin for a chance at insane prizes! Imperial Zone accessed with ::imp or ::imperial Imperial Board ::ib Imperial Dungeon 1 In the Imperial Dungeon one, you can kill a variety of different monsters to get some good drops and Elemental Fuel. You need 1000 Elemenal Fuel to be able to open the chest in the middle of the room. These are some rewards you can get from the chest. 450291bdde7531f034ad3493fffec144.mp4 Imperial Dungeon 2 at Imperial Dungeon 2 you can kill Dawn and Dusk. in your own private instance. Drop-Table for Dusk: With the Imperial Key you can open the Imperial Chest in the middle of the room. These are the rewards you can get from the chest: 143455727_a4a81e3599d246711f8c046588609c68(1).mp4.cd396ba5ed4eabc137f7e6487d06bcd1.mp4 You can also exchange the Dusk Bones in the Dusk Store. Imperial Boss Contracts The Imperial Boss Contractor will give you tasks that requires you to kill a certain amount of monsters just like slayer. he will give you points per task completed. you can spend these points in the Reward Shop. Imperial Altar Imperial Force (afk) A lot of time went into this guide in order to obtain the screenshots and the information on certain zones, a BIG thank you to @ Lausac and @ rapiid ags with helping me access Crystal and infernal zone in order to gather the needed screenshots, and to @ Garbage bin for the screenshot of the raid reward, this guide would not of been possible if it wasn't for the three of you!


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