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  1. sorry i would not do that agian and i will change my name if i get banned once agian i wont try to get unbanned give me one more chance it was an accident i forgot sorry i hope i will be unbanned i didint know what i was doing

  2. Amazing update as always , cant wait to get on and grind like crazy, time to get ready for toa and elite slayer 3 mega hyped for this. Thank you dev team and owners
  3. smashing thread, really helpful.
  4. iron man is super good but it really long once you get to nex gear (without dono's) your main grind is only half done you can still aim for other high end gear, mw and sang sov, full sirenic and hc xi. also you can start the pet hunt or grind out the collection logs of different bosses, - i do that while i play an iron man. hope this helps with your next steps, keep smashing it.


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