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  1. so it would be cool to have a one time only name change ?
  2. Vote if you want harambe boss in the game !
  3. congratz to all the promotion
  4. didnt even know you were doing this
  5. i can help you with that ive hosted it on another server before ( like 6years ago ) you can maybe ask kevin to spawn you temporary gear for the tourny could be 3 winner 1st get X amount of money or a good item ect..let me know when you're going to host it ill throw out some money for winner and i can be there to see and note who win ect..
  6. well im a tech/operator we make product for hospital /autopsie/dna test ect...been working there for 7years now
  7. welcome to this insane server hope you enjoy your time here
  8. Owner Kevin ( Great owner always answer help people does a awesome job !! ) Donation Manager Jor ( he does a great job hosting goodiebag always bait me into donating more for goodiebag still love him!! ) Head Administrator Mak3 // Rapiid Ags ( both of this guys helpful they answer in a second you ask them a question great admin !! ) Head Moderator Stickle ( helpful,activ does a great job ) Rob Macabre Moderator Rob Macabre Pixie Joe Ntho Skiller ( these 3 always on when im on always see them helping/answering question even when theyre busy they make time to answer and be there for new people ect..!! )


play now
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