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  1. Thank you it Means a lot 😀 You will find our entire staff team are dedicated to helping and do our very best to make sure all players have a good time.
  2. Hello, Let me ask a few qeustions to better understand what's going on. Which first reward are you speaking of? The games asks you to choose a type of account when creating it on the client, can always make another account if one was choosen by mistake. Which minigame and which reward?
  3. Has this been resolved on discord yet?
  4. Let’s go!!!! Constantly dropping these banger updates! Thank you to the amazing dev team who keep somehow out doing themselves. 👌
  5. We have implemented a Similar idea, now right below the mini map there is a tp menu icon, if you double click this icon it will open your favorites tab in the tp window.
  6. If you right click on any bank booth, you can access your presets. In there you can save presets for difference tasks, can save everything from gear to inventory items to prayers.
  7. Has this been resolved? If not I recommend you join our discord and create a Support ticket for faster support in the future.
  8. Special Thanks to Drogo, Bazilo, and RMBT for helping! Elite Slayer Guide -Do not steal kills or tag another player's monster. It is against the ::rules. -Please be respectful of everyone in public areas. -No Soul Split pets allowed on tasks or at ::eliteboss. -No cannon, unless it is the Elite Cannon from the Elite Shop. -Elite Cannon can only be used on 20+ tasks. -How To Start Elite Slayer YOU NEED 99 SLAYER TO START ELITE SLAYER * Start By Teleporting to ::home * Once At Home Proceed North-West to the small building just north of the Player Owned House Portal *There are two different Elite Slayer Master -Doom Slayer Master LVL 1-20 -Blood Slayer Master LVL 20-40 * Once here can click on Doom Slayer Master to get a Task and start Elite Slayer *Can Also Right click on the Slayer Masters For -Get-Task -Rewards -Slayer Panel -Weapons Upgrades -Slayer Teleports *All Elite Slayer Monsters and Bosses can be accessed through the elite slayer tab in the ::tp menu *When Teleporting to task, you may choose between public area or Player Can Pay 5b for a Personal Instance for 24hrs with 1,3,6,15 Spawns. *Each Task requires 1 of the 3 Combat Styles (Melee, Range, Magic), and must use that style for the full duration of the Task. -Public Area -Instance Area (Example of 15 Spawns) *Each Completed Task Will Gain you Elite Slayer Points that can be used in the Elite Slayer Rewards Shop at each Elite Slayer Master. *You can see your points in the Quest Tab under the blue star. Elite Slayer Rewards Shop *The elite cannon can only be used on 20+ tasks. *Each Elite Monster/Boss Kill will Gain you Upgrade tokens. *These Can be Used In the Upgrade menu at each Elite Slayer Master. *Once the Required Tokens and Items are obtained can use menu to upgrade Weapon or Armour Piece to the next Tier. *Note There is a chance at failing to upgrade weapon/item past tier 1. -Upgrade Menu (Example of Upgrading Sanguinesti Staff to Elite Slayer Sanguinesti Tier 1 *Elite Monsters/Bosses Can Drop Elite Slayer Key that can be used on the Elite Slayer Chest by Elite Slayer Masters. Boss/Monster Exp Rates Level 1-19 tasks 1.eddimu - 225 xp each 2.enraged boar - 175 xp each 3.necromancer - 100 xp each 4.champion of scarabas - 125 xp each 5.nail beast - 175 xp each 6.blood reaver - 150 xp each 7.araxyte - 62 xp each 8.phantom hand - 75 xp each 9.basilisk sentinel - 250 xp each 10.icy bones - 210 xp each 11.plane freezer Lakhrahnaz - 200 xp each Level 20+ tasks 1. sphinx xp - 1875 each 2.revenant maledictus xp - 2625 each 3.xamphur xp - 5250 each 4.night gazer Khighorahk xp - 2250 each 5.kolodion xp - 1500 each 6.divine skinweaver - 2625 xp each 7.shadow forger Lhlakhizan - 2250 xp each 8.Harlakk the riftsplitter - 2625 xp each 9.skeletal horror - 1875 xp each ^attacks with melee and mage. 10.judge of yama - 2250 xp each attacks with melee, raises arms - lava pool underneath you, move 2 squares away to avoid 80 damage 11. Tokash the blood chiller - 2625 xp each 12. Ballak the pumeller - 3000 xp each 23 total elite slayer tasks Task Streak Amounts 5 Task Streak - Extra 30 Elite Slayer Points 10 Task Streak - Extra 80 Elite Slayer Points 25 Task Streak - Extra 180 Elite Slayer Points 50 Task Streak - Extra 400 Elite Slayer Points 100 Task Streak - Extra 1000 Elite Slayer Points Elite Slayer Armour Elite Slayer Armour Tier 1 Elite Slayer Armour Tier 2 Elite Slayer Armour Tier 3 Elite Slayer Weapons Elite Slayer Hand Cannon Tier 1 Elite Slayer Hand Cannon Tier 2 Elite Slayer Hand Cannon Tier 3 Elite Slayer Scythe of Vitur Tier 1 Elite Slayer Scythe of Vitur Tier 2 Elite Slayer Scythe of Vitur Tier 3 Elite Slayer Scythe of Vitur Tier 4 Elite Slayer Scythe of Vitur Tier 5 Elite Slayer Saguinesti Staff Tier 1 Elite Slayer Sanguinesti Staff Tier 2 Elite Slayer Sanguinesti Staff Tier 3 Elite Slayer Chain Whip Tier 1 Elite Slayer Chain Whip Tier 2 Elite Slayer Chain Whip Tier 3 Elite Slayer Twisted Bow Tier 1 Elite Slayer Twisted Bow Tier 2 Elite Slayer Twisted Bow Tier 3 Elite Slayer Trident Tier 1 Elite Slayer Trident Tier 2 Elite Slayer Trident Tier 3 Enjoy and Goodluck on Drops!
  9. There are 6 Superior pets in game total. Some were from holiday event past. So they do add more with certain updates.
  10. The Superior Pets are the custom part of this server, the pets in game are ment to be collected not to server a purpose other than a achievement of grinding the different boss's. This is just my opinion also. This has also been suggested before about making a scroll to rename the pets maybe but not make them superior. I Think making them tradeable is a better option.
  11. I'll be honest I'm not full sure about the melee phase, but i know the beginning phase can hit up to 99.
  12. People will just lamp the skill and capes would lose all value.
  13. Could be That verzik just killed you.
  14. Name me a MMORPG that you can obtain BIS end game gear in under 1 month without any kind of donating that is actually worth playing. You got to realize at the end of the day this is a business. As a business owner (which I'm not) you would want your brand/game/product to grow as much and as fast as possible. Now we all know money doesn't grow on trees. I don't think anyone should be ashamed or feel bad for spending money on a game, its their money let them do what they want with it. Now at the same time if your spending money on a game you want to get your monies worth correct? You don't want the same old thing everyone can get in a couple weeks of just playing. Imo this server is one of the more conservative on pushing goodie bags. Its throw in the chat but every player has the option to turn them off and if you do you get no alerts. So if you feel like they are pushing ads all the time, ::togglealerts fixed. Does every game have flaws yes but you your not going to get away from that no matter where you go. Now I 100% agree there needs be some fill in items in between Magma Bp-Tbow, Raiper-Scythe of Vitur, and honestly I think mage is probably fine how it is with thammaron-sang, well if sang ever goes back down. I am in no way saying that I think people NEED to donate, but if someone wants to spend their own money, let them. Mak3 if living proof that someone doesn't have to donate a bunch of $$$ to get to end game gear. This is a game based on "grinding" remember that. #nowroastmyopinionlol
  15. Now you can yes they have implemented this into a recent update
  16. So is Overlord relic Dono only then, from Demonic box? Overall though a freaking awesome update!


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