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  1. I'm redoing this because apparently.. I didn't read the rules properly. I legit chose this gear because I look like a bootleg Raichu.
  2. The author is a dumb arse, I read all the other assignments from other schools for this particular article. He was biased af, he voiced his own opinion and didn't mention anything about pros/cons to support his article.
  3. Yeah, I was reading an article by Jamie O'Meara for an essay and I was basically arguing that it may be a good idea in their eyes but they're not thinking of how it'll affect other families if their children were to equip such a weapon. Perhaps, giving the opportunity to educate students in schools on how to protect themselves by other means like taking karate, and such or allowing parents to teach their children first-hand on how to protect themselves from society would be a better option than allowing guns to be settled in school for the sake of "teaching". I know Americans have gun licenses to obtain and possess them for their own safety precautions, however in Canada, we don't have such a thing. The reason being is probably the same as what most people think, the idea of everyone being in possession of a weapon could cause an increase in violence.
  4. I agree with your opinion, however some parents aren't always available to teach their children things. Several schools and parents teach their students/children about sexual education as well; the disadvantages and advantages of how our bodies work, why we have sexual desires and such. Yet to this very day, even being taught about sexual education. There are still a lot of people out there running around, discovering themselves and/or using sex as a means of escape or control. I agree to the idea of teaching children/students how to maintain a gun (dismantling and preparing), this will allow them to use it to their knowledge and safety when needed.
  5. Let's do an intellectual opinionated debate. Do you agree or disagree on Gun Education? To elaborate, some people believe that guns should be implemented in schools to educate kids on how to prepare and/or dismantle their guns to be used for safety precautions. Which means, teachers won't be the only ones having a gun in their possession as kids are not frequently checked in several schools to see if they are in possession of one. AND.. GO.
  6. Okay, so update on this thread. I went from the previous amount of Votes to this.
  7. SMH, those aren't recipes you troll. >:[
  8. I'm sure we've all had recipes that we've made and have had opportunities to share it with others. I'd like for all of you to tell us what your favorite recipes are, that you'd recommend and want us to try out. Mine is a Chinese recipe that my parents have shown me over the course of 10 years, I'm not a chef but I've cooked it for my ex-fiance before. It's a traditional Chinese soup, it's healthy for your skin and it's an amazing soup for women because it replenishes blood during the menstrual cycle. Usually it's made into a tea, but I think some Chinese people have made it into a soup. Dong Quai Tong (Tong means Soup) 2 Chicken drumsticks 2-3 pieces of sliced Angelica (Dong Guai) 10 pieces of dried Polygonatum (Yok Chook) 10 red dates 1 .5 Tbsp. wolfberrie/Goji berries (kee chi) 6 dried longan 1000ml water Salt to taste *Optional: 3 pcs of Pork Bone and sometimes adds fresh pears and/or apples. (My dad's recipe).
  9. I heard Spud did 50K Clues and got them mostly done but I'm going to find time to do 150K+ Regular Clues. I have about 10,629 Regular Clues and 2,100 Elite Clues currently. (Update on Bank.) Also finally hit 10,000 Vote Scrolls, going for 20,000 next. :^)
  10. LOOOL, what the heck is wrong with female eyes in the game. LOLOL, some of the cosmetics that you wear as a female.. It pulls their faces out. My ghost robe set, for example, my character's stomach gets stuck.
  11. Pocky.

    Recent sketches

    I thought the first one was Squidward for a second, LOL.
  12. Thank you, if by chance I'm busy with school. I'll definitely keep in touch with you so that we could go travelling together one day! <333
  13. Before the Pandemic though, I was working as a Pharmacy Clerk and Assistant to a Pharmacist (most boring position imo). Then worked at a ton of retail positions and have like 8+ years of Customer service (Customers aren't always 100% right) and hopefully when this lockdown is over, I could just go back to working while I'm in school. I'm sure I've mentioned this on my introduction post, but going to mention it anyways. I'm a full time student at a college for Biotechnology, but I will be attending university after I finish college for Wildlife Biology and Conservation. When the lockdown is completely over, I'm going to be volunteering at a local animal shelter, may able to work at the Toronto Zoo to gain experience as well. In the future, I'm going to save up some money to open an animal shelter for rescued animals. In hopes that they'll be able to live a much safer and comfortable life. That's pretty much it.


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