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Found 2 results

  1. GIANT WALL OF TEXT WARNING I want to say that hopefully none of this comes across as too harsh, I want to be critical as I think it's important to receive honest feedback. I do enjoy this server and have spent a lot of time playing in the short time I've been here. I also know that a lot of time goes into creating updates for this game and appreciate what I've seen from the dev team so far. I don't expect much if any of this to actually be implemented but I feel like most of these ideas are very fair and would provide better content for the game. Anyways let's get into it... 1) Voting Shop, Loyalty Points, Boss Points Shop, Trivia Shop, and Prestige Shop. The Problem: I don't think it's close to exaggeration to say that about 95% of all these shops combined is dead content. I'll do a breakdown for each one and what I think can be improved on, but for any given shop there are maybe 2-3 items each that are regularly purchased and everything else in the shop is just a waste to have there. What I like: The idea of all these different variety of shops is very cool and adds a little bit of extra interaction to the game in some cases. The way points are received for them works well and there's no reason to change anything there. Suggestions: Voting Shop: The boxes and the vote scroll are pretty much the only things people purchase here. I think that there is a cool solution to adding more variety into the shop with several new items. NEW ITEMS: Teleports to donator bosses. Bosses such as Dawn, Porazdir, Night Beasts are all higher level donator specific content. New players see players getting cool loot from these in chat all the time and ask about them. Why not give them an opportunity to test them out for themselves too? The teleports would be for either an x amount of time or x amount of kills (whatever you think is fair) and should cost somewhere around 100 vote points and only be useable once per day so that it doesn't make the donators feel devalued. These bosses are very exclusive and players should have an opportunity to test them out to see what they are working towards. ADD: Emerald and Ruby boxes and dream potions. Sapphire boxes being the highest box is a little underwhelming and I see no harm in adding higher tier boxes for more vote points. Dream potions as far as I know are only obtainable through donating through bundle deals. A 10% drop rate boost for an hour is a cool perk that isn't too overpowered and it would be nice if there was a method of obtaining them in game. These should cost probably around the same as the $10 scroll. ADD: Nex gear and Chaotic Weaponry. These items are very appealing for newer players and even mid to late game for welling chances. Nex gear is already very obtainable from even bosses and various boxes. I don't see why it can't be added to the vote shop as well. REMOVE: All cosmetics. All the colored SOL's, dragon boots, robin hats, and dragon (g). These will be getting added to a different shop that I'll explain later and make room for the other items being added. Loyalty Points: Currently these are essentially useless outside of getting achievements completed. You could add the barbarian assault icons for maybe 500k loyalty points each as well as some other rare cosmetics such as partyhats, h'ween masks, santas, etc... Boss Points Shop: Probably one of the more well rounded shops on the list, my only suggestion is that some of the higher tier boxes cost too much. I understand that late game players with high enough donator statuses can farm points way faster, but let's be honest they already have other methods of farming boxes that are way better. CHANGE: Starting with ruby boxes everything should be bumped down to the next tier below. (I.E. Ruby -> 5k points, Emerald -> 3k, Sapphire -> 1k, everything else is fine). I have spent probably around 2k points overall, but I currently stand at 5k points and have over 400 hours on my account. It's just way too high of a cost for these boxes. The new prices I listed may still even be too high to be honest, but it's still a lot better than it stands currently. ADD: Onyx boxes. Make them cost 8k points. I see no reason why this would hurt anything and maintains the current point system but with just a slightly better reward on top now. Trivia Points Shop: This shop should be all about cosmetics. ADD: All the cosmetics from the voting shop as well as regular and elite clue scrolls. Any other possible cosmetics you can think of that would work well here too. REMOVE: Overloads, zammy spear, ring of wealth, rocktails, and dragon bones. These are all obtainable elsewhere relatively easily and wouldn't fit the cosmetic narrative for this shop. Prestige Shop: This is the worst shop of any of them by far. As far as I'm concerned remove everything that currently exists from here except maybe the brawling gloves (I have a suggestion later where to re add the brawling gloves). ADD: Master Capes. There's currently no way to obtain these anymore as the donator points shop essentially doesn't exist anymore. This is the only place that makes sense to re add them into the game. NEW ITEMS: Skilling gear with increased xp rates. I know this is essentially what the brawling gloves are, but these gear sets wouldn't degrade and could stack with the brawling gloves (would be better added to a different place in a suggestion later, if added there instead it is ok having master capes only in the prestige shop). 2) Nerf to Dragonkin Lamps The Problem: This is probably going to be an unpopular change, but this is absolutely essential to give more depth to this game. Skilling is non existent and pointless outside of grinding achievements. These lamps are way too easy to obtain and give far too much xp based on their availability. The xp nerf to this should be somewhere around 90-95% of current rates if the methods of obtaining them remain the same. Alternatively, the xp rates can remain the same, but then these would have to become incredibly more difficult to obtain. Make them only obtainable through donating for actual money, even removing them from the donator store at ::di. I understand this is a pvm focused server, but this change is honestly essential if you ever want make the game feel more in depth. The current xp rates in general on this game are still very decent and legitimately skilling to 99 and beyond isn't really that big of a grind. What I like: Honestly nothing. The existence of these lamps completely skip skilling grinds and make the grind to maxing so incredibly easy. A player can log in for the first time, donate $20 and fully max in a matter of 20 minutes. Suggestions: There is never going to be a perfect solution to this, I assume this is something most players will be against as well, and it will not be "fair" to newer players who didn't have the benefit of the lamps compared to veterans who did. There are 2 ways I see to implement this change: - Just do it and let itself play out over time. It might take months, but eventually the mix of players who benefited and who didn't will start to even out. - Reset everyone's SKILLING skills to level 1 upon release. Leave All combat stats/slayer/dungeoneering/summoning untouched and leave all achievement progress as they are. This puts everyone on the same playing field essentially, but could be more problematic with current players. Again I cannot stress enough how much I think something needs to be done with dragonkin lamps to improve the skilling aspect of the game. This is probably one of the best ways to instantly open up a lot of content into the game that previously wasn't ever used. 3) Full COX / Olm fight The Problem: As for the Olm fight, I know I am not the first to suggest this, but the crystal phases last way too long. The point system is simply not properly scaled to reflect the amount of time it takes to complete a full raid vs. a boss only. Also, Tekton does not currently give any points when fighting inside the Full Raid (even if this is fixed it is not near enough to make fulls worth doing). A full raid completion will give somewhere around 160k points on completion which takes roughly 20 minutes if you're decent with the crab room. A boss only kill takes 3-4 minutes with decent groups or with high tier gear solo and gives 60-70k points. Unless I'm mistaking (I've asked many times in game to various staff members) Full Cox does not give better loot/1k points received it just gives the opportunity for more points given which technically gives better chance for rewards. However, in this case you can see that clearly it is not worth the time as you can cash in on roughly 2x the points total (on lower estimates) doing boss only runs in the time it takes to complete a single full raid. On top of all of this it still isn't clear if doing full runs in teams decreases chances of individual loot (I.E. 160k points total but with a team of 3 split into roughly 53k points individually for each person). Does this now mean that each person in this full run actually has a worse chance of receiving loot than if they just did a a solo boss only run? What I Like: Full runs do have some different loot that isn't obtainable from regular runs, and have multiple ways of getting points other than combat, Suggestions: For Olm, please please please please please just half the time it takes for at least the first crystal phase to finish. It would make grinding Olm feel so much better and much more appealing for all players. Outline clearly how drops work with the point system in COX. I know there is an update log for when this was implemented that went over this, but honestly it is still very unclear from what is written down. IF my assumptions about how this works is correct, the points need to be scaled better for full runs across the board for combat and skilling methods. Regardless of if I am correct or not, Tekton not giving points I assume is not intended and would be nice to be fixed. 4) Full TOB Drop Rate / Melee in TOB The Problem: The drop rate on pretty much everything is way too high. This isn't as easy to "prove" since the drop rate isn't clearly visible to us, but I'm going to be extremely optimistic and say the drop rate to hit the "extremely rare" table is 1/300. An average Full TOB run takes about 20 minutes. You are looking at roughly 100 hours of game play to hit this drop table one time on average. That's just too high (THIS IS COMING FROM A PLAYER WHO HAS RECEIVED A HCXI FROM FULL TOB). I understand these are some of the most sought after weapons in the game, they should absolutely be difficult to obtain, but not that difficult. It's crazy to me that on the most recent update with all the different teams running Full TOB all day long that I saw I believe 2 chat announcements for drops and that's it. And they weren't high level drops either. Melee inside TOB does not work correctly. Any weapon other than a SOV has its damaged capped to 1. Seriously, every single melee weapon, I have tested it with every weapon I can think of. I wouldn't think this is intentional and would be amazing to be fixed so that the Nylo room can be done with faster weapons than the SOV. What I like: The 3rd drop table roll is very nice, and usually still makes running fulls better than boss only. Suggestions: Simply increase the drop rates on pretty much everything from Full TOB runs. My opinion is that the "Extremely Rare" drop table should be roughly 1/200, and everything else scaled down from that. A drop of any kind should be expected probably 1/10 or 1/15 full runs (3-5 hours). Anything more than that feels much too high. It would also be nice to actually see what the drop rate is in number form instead of how it is currently. Potential issues with this: I know there are a plethora of items that improve drop rates. I think it's possible to get up to a 105% drop rate bonus maximum with all the best in slot gear for drop rates now. If you take overlord capes out of the equation and the new SOV (which content should always be balanced without these in mind due to how few players have it). Most players at any given time probably only have roughly 40% drop rate bonus maximum (verzik's cape + ROB (i) ). There's nothing wrong with having more drops come into the game for these exclusive items. Especially since the well exists and a lot of TOB rewards get item synced because of this. I'm fairly certain that the vast majority of these end game items end up coming into the game through goodiebag deals anyways. Drop rates can always be adjusted again in the future anyways if it does become an issue, I don't think the economy of the game or number of people donating to the server changes due to this buff. 5) Max Cape/Comp Cape improvements The Problem: Current Rewards for maxing and comping are underwhelming. What I like: The Comp cape at least has a few exclusive bosses that have decent rewards. Suggestions: Give the Max zone better methods of skilling that coincide with some of the achievements for comp cape/master achievements. A rune rock that allows you to afk mine, a rocktail fishing spot that has a chance to catch 2 instead of 1, a range that can cook twice as fast. Things like this that give advantages that aren't too overpowered, but help greatly with some of these pesky achievements. There should be even better rewards potentially added if the dragonkin lamp nerf is implemented. However, at the current time I think these changes are fair. As for the Comp zone there should be mimic shops added such as the boss points, voting, etc... that have the same items, but at discounted prices. Or even added extra items to these shops that aren't available in the normal shops. Crystal chests that contain better loot than the normal ones. Master clue scrolls obtainable from trading in 1 elite and 1 normal that give better rewards and require many steps including possibly skilling and the need for certain items in game. Give the comp cape a 10-15% drop rate boost everywhere. This wouldn't devalue any of the current boss capes, but would be a great buff added for anyone who doesn't have an overlord cape (pretty much everyone). Alternatively allow the ability to use current boss capes/ovlerlord cape on a comp cape to keep the look of the comp cape, but give the benefits of whatever cape was used on it. Getting a comp cape takes a lot of time and it's a shame players can't show off their cape in game because of so many other capes that just are better. The rewards for comping overall are also just not that great for the length of time it takes to achieve it. 6) NEW CONTENT IDEA - Skilling Tasks: Suggestion: Implement a new system that acts similar to slayer but for skilling. This would be a great combo change if the dragonkin lamps nerf is added. An npc would assign you a skilling task that you can choose to be closely related to your current stats or ignore your stats and assign anything. Just like slayer you would receive skilling points on completion of a task and get rewarded with streaks. There's a lot of potential here, but there would also be a shop to spend your skilling points on that probably should include the brawling gloves and various other methods of improving skilling xp. Maybe even herb packs and other skilling supplies. (Most of the suggestions besides master capes I gave for the prestige shop could be added here instead). Fin. That was a lot of reading and if anyone actually read through all of it I thank you for taking the time to do so. I know these are a lot of suggestions and that I'm sure the dev team already has a list of future updates they've been planning. I hope there's at least inspiration here for changes as I really do believe pretty much everything I touched on does seriously need to be looked at.
  2. SIMPLICITY UPDATE 01-07-2019 A lot of new fixes, content, items, limited extras and changes! A lot of big things are still being worked on and more information about new bosses will follow after this update. Thank you all for playing and supporting Simplicity! Content and fixes - Added Ruby Mystey Box. - Added 'Buy all' option to shops. - Added make all option to smithing. - Added new best in slot gloves, Flame Gloves (e). - Added the table of Ruby mystery box to the boxloots command. - Added Fire of nourishment to the droptable of Raids, Great OLM. - Added a way to NOT close interfaces when a dialogue is initiated. - Added a new developer commands to reload new items into live server. - Added torva to the Superior Arthur drop table and made it a little bit stronger. - Added Hand Cannon X (A highly exclusive limited item from the Donator store). - Added a method to close ONLY the dialogue instead of closing interface + dialogue. - Added Angelic Cape (Best in slot Cape). Only available in the Donator store for now. - Added the creation of Flame Gloves (e), Combining Flame gloves + Fire of nourishment. - Added a way to easily create dialogue actions without having to use the current system of setting a special dialogue action id. - Added a warning-check prevent people from accidentally buying items from the store, an item statement in your chatbox will appear with a dialogue to confirm if you want to buy it or not. - Fixed a skull trick bug. - Fixed a bug with Tekton pet. - Fixed osrs items being small. - Fixed obstacle at Karuulm dungeon. - Fixed a bug with Saradomin brew healing. - Fixed the 2 line split recolour freeze issue. - Fixed burning noted magic logs on regular fires. - Fixed some model related bugs with certain items. - Fixed the high level woodcutting area clipping issues. - Fixed message when teleporting to crystal donator zone. - Fixed not being able to attack great olm claws with melee. - Fixed bug with ruby donators not upgrading properly. - Fixed skill tooltips on resizable not appearing correctly. - Fixed bug with general store not having limited stock. - Fixed clicking the barrier in olm, and other objects in olm. - Fixed spells lighting up when the runes are in your rune pouch. - Fixed free for all arena not removing staff when typing ::ffaleave. - Fixed well of goodwill benefits being active when they really weren't. - Fixed a bug with Hydra, the fire should no longer block you from walking. - Fixed a model bug for torva platebody / virtus robe legs making females invisible. - Fixed a model bug for sagittarian vambraces messing up ur character as a female. - Fixed a bug with Muhammad ali's dummy event so it can be attacked with fist now. - Fixed a pathing issue in the Edgeville hut where you would walk through the walls. - Fixed raids entrance being blocked, should now not have pathing bugs when entering. - Fixed dieng to a player with vengeance (or in a double death in general) and not getting the loot. - Fixed well of goodwill giving double xp stacked with 30% xp but giving double xp when 30% was activated. - Fixed bug where you don't get players stackable items on death.(Kill player that has noted items, if he keeps 1 of them, you won't get any). - Fixed an issue where you wouldn't have enough inventory space to buy items in shops and it would tell you that you needed to contact a staff member. - You can not use number keys and the space bar to advance through chat dialog Some other things - Reworked raid party interface. - Renamed the prison key to wilderness key. - Searching for clue scrolls with ::findmonster fixed. - Added the wilderness key to the drop announcements. - Reworked all the auto messages to make it look clean. - To view information about items in shops, you now select 'examine. - Removed the broken hedges in camelot causing major screen bugs. - Target interface will now move with your client in resizable/fullscreen. - Made changes to teleblock message to show duration and add color. - When logging out, your screen size will automatically go back to fixed. - Searching for items with ::findmonster no longer has to be specific names. - Sending open chatbox interface method will no longer force close interfaces. - The 'Invite' option on players will now appear when you leave olm/finish raids. - Ring of bosses will now collect your rare drop loot against ankou at crystal zone. - Changed the wilderness chest to deeper inside the wilderness with a multi area zone. - Vengeance now counts towards getting boss drops and drops from players in the wilderness. - You will now be able to return to pickup your items instead of them dissapearing (example: dieng to npcs) - Buying 'all' of a stackable item will no longer attempt to buy the amount for the slots you have free in your inventory. - You can no longer empty items in the wilderness (to prevent people from emptying items when escaping in wilderness). - The ::empty command is now a dialogue and I added a ignore empty warning option to it that will only be active for 1 day. - New exclusive donation deals are available now. You can see all the details by opening the thread with command ::deals. - Added a chatbox interface to easily make herblore potions, this is the interface that allows you to create a full inventory of potions while only having to click twice instead of continuously using the item on eachother. Thank you all for playing and supporting Simplicity! - Arthur, Supreme & Simplicity Team.


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