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  1. Realism accounts can't trade other players (Only other realism accounts) Realism can't stake Can't receive PK loot Can't pickup other players loots from Bosses/Npcs They can't use the POS Has x25 experience rate & 5% drop rate increase Drops items on death like rs (be fast picking them back up) cannot use exp lamps/effigies When you first start Realism you'll want to bank everything and get yourself an iron armor set at ::shops as well as whatever else you want to get for leveling skills (mage gear, range gear ect...) After obtaining all of your early game upgrades from ::shops its time to get to training. There's a few ways you can go about it: Make sure you talk to the Town Crier to the east of ::shops and look at the "starter tasks" you can get some pretty decent rewards to help you out early. Regardless of what leveling method you choose make sure attend the ::events These are not safe deaths, you will drop your items, attend with that risk known. For these bosses I would not recommend bringing anything you don't want to lose. You should be able to hit most of the event bosses with a dragon dagger (p) from ::shops. Create a preset at the bank at ::home or ::home2 right click the banker -> click view presets Here you can change the spell book and prayer of your load out as well as name it by right clicking each one. Remember you can have multiple presets and as a realism your events preset should not risk anything you're worried you might not pick up in time if you die. Keep in mind that some events even though they're half over can kill you 5+ times before they're dead most of the time not allowing you to pick up nearly all if any of your gear. Leveling Combat Skills As with most things on realism I find it more rewarding when doing something to be multitasking goals, don't force yourself to hit certain stats before doing other things, set a few small term goals, a few mid term goals, and a few late game goals. This will help if you start to burn out on one grind, you can shift gears and keep on pluggin. 1. The tried and true rock crab grind, its not glorious but it works. you can find rock crabs at ::train 2. Grab your set of iron armor and ::tp -> mini games -> warriors guild use any piece of your armor on the animation stand and kill your armor for tokens to go after the first grind on realism, the dragon defender log. each kill of the iron armor grants 10 tokens which you'll need to enter to kill cyclops and obtain your defender. (You do not need tokens for the warriors guild if you get the 99 attack cape) 3. By clicking the slayer skill in the level section, you can choose a slayer master at level 1 slayer you don't have very many options on slayer master but it is good training. Tureal does not reward slayer points so keep this in mind when picking your slayer master, you can not change it during a task. Regardless of the method you took to level the first things you'll want to do with sufficient combat stats is go after your first couple of M-Achievements and Collection logs the first and most notable being the; Warriors' guild: Defenders rewarding you with, 75b gp and a ruby box. This is the first taste of sweet sweet upgrades on a long and dry journey for us realism accounts. You could pull some wild upgrades from your first box so definitely keep this on your grind list. While grinding your first collection log take a look at the M-Achievements there are quite a few that you can accomplish after you open your first ruby box. *Don't forget to check out the #Server-Media section on discord to find some helpful starters for your account* Reminder: " Players are allowed to claim each Promo Code ONCE! Players may claim Promo Codes on alts, but may only claim a code 1 Single time." - ::rules in game for the rules section Now Entering the Late Game: As most people who start realism characters quickly realize, there are not many ways of getting upgrades right off the bat. As I see it there are 3 or 4 main ways realism has access to a variety of boxes and box loot. Once you've had your fill of the easier M-Achievements and collection logs you might get a little bored but that's where you can start to shift gears at this point your stats should look pretty solid your slayer level slowly climbing closer and closer to eslayer eligibility, your combat stats should be pretty close to max you should have access to soulsplit, maybe a soulsplit pet if you're lucky on your boxes. Now you can start looking at doing things like: Eslayer - The massive grind that lay before you should not be taken lightly, 1-99 slayer is pretty fast up until you hit the 80's slug through and you'll have access to Kraken and Alchemical Hydra which are two often used bosses for pet hunts, as well as Eslayer when you hit 99 regular slayer. With eslayer comes the Eslayer boss Lithil, loads of mobs with tons of boxes and goodies for realism accounts to indulge in. Demonic Lands - Demonic lands is a fun new minigame that is a survival rogue-like no requirements dungeon crawler. Offering 3 unique areas for an in depth guide go to ::thread 9647 Basically its 3 areas; area 1 is 1 wave. Area 2 is 5 waves each starting with an increasing number of ghosts who can and will send your butt back home. after area 2 you go to the final zone a large area which you need to use to kite the massive amounts of enemies that spawn in trying to murder you over the course of 10 waves. On rounds 5 and 6 you fight necromancers in the corners of the room watch out for their fire or be one shot K-O'ed and have all that progress lost but make it through and you're looking at some potentially sweeeet rewards. Last but certainly not least we have all the currently known safe end game bossing available to us, these can be completed with non realism accounts on your team so don't feel like you cant join a mass if someone is hosting one! Safe Bossing deaths: Inferno Full Raids: Chambers of Xeric, Theatre of Blood Raid Boss only: The Great Olm, Verzik Vitur Bosses: Nightmare All other bosses are not safe deaths and your gear will drop where you died, if you were in an instance you may not be able to re-obtain your gear Honorable Mentions: Check out all of the npc's who offer achievements for the different events and activities in game. The town crier is for the starter tasks, right click the demonic merchant for his achievements (slightly west of home by the minigame portal), Algar the immortal has achievements for the emperor massacre (though I would bring your main to these until you have the drop rate pet Draco) If you have any other recommendations for the guide please don't be afraid to pm me or drop a comment below thanks for reading ❤️ ❤️ samsara ❤️


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