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  1. Vouch for this guy! Great graphics and affordable prices! ❤️
  2. Changed your rank! Working your way up the ranks hehe ❤️
  3. Welcome to Simplicity! Very nice introduction, I hope to see you around in-game, and everyone tends to help each other, but if you need any extra help or support, I'm sure all the staff are willing to assist! Like Mak3 said, Happy Grinding!
  4. Gzzz on Inferno!! Super POG! ❤️ Rank given
  5. Q. How did you find about Simplicity?: A. I got a little bored during lockdown, and thought you know what! I've not played Runescape in a long time, I might as well see if I can recover my account, (OSRS) I did and I was training slayer, I got a friend to join and he took over me and I got pretty bored, I thought I'm gonna look for a RSPS, I simply typed in RSPS and this was the first one that court my eyes! I've been playing it ever since! ❤️ Q. What is your favorite gamemode?: A. I'm a basic noob, I like the normal game mode! I'm a mercher IRL so I'm a mercher in games as well, thanks to Habbo and other games when I was younger & my life style/choices in the past too! But I did enjoy the "Realism" grind when others were doing it, it's a shame I didn't stick it out! ❤️ Q. Your favorite activity to do in Simplicity?: A. I love Tob full, or PvMing! I think it's a thrill when you get a drop! Most of my bank is from PvMing, I won't like a little was donated, but I used to buy in-names from players, so most of my bank is from Tob Full (Pulled Hcx twice, first to pull Sang x and other items from Tob) but you can't beat a bit of PvMing! or Merching of course ❤️ Q. If you could bring 1 thing to a deserted island, what would it be?: A. A Survival Kit of course, Man ain't dying out here! I'll use my RS skills, woodcut, firemaking and other things like Hunter! Why do you think I really play RS? You never know! & Hope my RNG is blessed! ❤️ Q. How would you rate the server from 1-10?: A. I love Simplicity, not just for it's great content, but for its community! Yeah we still get a few bad apples in the bunch, but everyone helps each other, and makes the place amazing! 10/10 for me, if I could score higher it would be out of 100 ❤️ The member(s) and the staff team, have helped me so much these past few months, and the don't even know ❤️ Thanks!! - 10/10! Q. What's your IGN?: A. Stickle
  6. Rank given! - Thanks for applying, and thanks for supporting Simplicity! ❤️
  7. Stickle


    Hehe better late than never! Welcome to Simplicity, I'm glad you're loving it! We have a great community here
  8. Stickle


    Great to have you here brother, had some awesome chats in VC and it's good to see an intro
  9. Updated rank! Thanks for supporting Simplicity
  10. Stickle

    Hi :)

    Welcome to Simplicity! Glad to have you here as part of the community! Amazing intro, and I hope to see you around! Like Mak3 said, need any help feel freely to holla! -- I've been listening to a lot Juice wrld & xxxtentacion atm
  11. Rank granted, Thanks for supporting Simplicity!
  12. Yes, I like this idea and I will be willing to set something up as well! I'm not 100% sure how I would go about this, but I'll speak with Eli about hosting some type of PK'ing event! ❤️ We could even host it in a fun PK'ing zone so no killstreaks or items are lost after the fight! But I support this idea and I'll look into it! ❤️
  13. Hey, is that rank sapphire or diamond? Sorry I'm parcarly colorblind!


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