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  1. this was only JUST been changed to emerald but AGAINNNNN! Ya boy is gettin there!
  2. Hey all! I've recently started my Journey towards Completionist, I've completed mainly the easy ones and still have a fair road ahead of me.. πŸ˜„ Today I finally completed The 2K Rune Ores and have started the 5K magic logs! To add onto the list, I have just completed the Chopping and Burning of Magic Logs, This one was Simpless Time to get Fishing and Cooking Achievements out the way! I'll keep you all Updated as I progress through the Grind! πŸŽ‰ Any tips or help would be greatly appreciated ❀️
  3. The biggest and Juiciest of the Southern Hemisphere, Taste's exactly how it should! Will arrive at your door shortly 🀣
  4. Thank you Ntho, been a blast so far! amazing community πŸ’–
  5. Hey Floy! Thank youuuuu! Been a pleasure meeting you my dude
  6. I'd like to request a change please πŸ’–
  7. Hey all! Bit of a late one, but here it is! I am Deep Value, and I have loved meeting each and everyone you that I have met so far!! Since the moment of starting this server I have felt nothing but love amongst the community with the funniest banter and such an amazing Staff Team, ❀️ My name is Mikhail and I'm a 23 Year old, Australian, I have a great interest in the Stock Market with a developing mindset each day. I am Currently running a Family Restaurant Business that serves in the Turkish Cuisine with 10+ Years experience as a Charcoal Chef. I'm a very Aspiring individual who likes to believe anything is possible if it's already been done! πŸ“ˆπŸ‘¨β€πŸ³ In saying all that the in-site to me is that I am quite the Spiritual human, in experiences that have pushed me to be of that way and I have always naturally just been an open minded individual. I don't like the damage we as humans have caused on and to this planet none of which at all has sat right with me. I think about a lot of it and try to change my lifestyle and ways to remove myself from being apart of the problem that I see is ruining our Nature. Slowly but surely! I guess I'd be classed as a Hippie/Tree hugger, as I myself do love the natural eye opening and mind effecting medicines our nature has to offer! πŸ„πŸ‘½ I love MUSICC. The main Genre I listen to is Psytrance, but i listen to anything else that is Psy based, Psychedelic Rock, Reggae. You name it if it's Ambient it's for me! I also play Acoustic Guitar and have a couple originals! 🎡🎸
  8. Deep Value


    Beard is in need of a lil bit of TLC, and I’m a bit tired, but here’s the face behind the apparent deep voice πŸ˜‚ Hello!!!
  9. Here is the screenshot of my ingame rank: https://prnt.sc/zpyjm1


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