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Simplicity Ultimate Iron Starter Guide(2024)


welcome, so you think your strong will enough to make a iron account. In this guide my goal is to help you get a good jump start to enjoying the life of a iron!

the iron man life is the hard knock life not being able to trade other players limits what you can and cant do in simplicity. however I'm here to tell you that doesn't have to stop you with enough work you will become unstoppable



The Start  

  1. when we are first starting a iron account or any account the first thing we need to do is to join the ::Discord and read the rules at the top of the discord and confirm the rules, same with in game make sure we check out ::Rules. next for all account I would highly recommend checking out sever media in the discord for any promo's that can give you a huge head start to making your account.
  2. last thing before the grind starts! make sure we ::vote and vote on all sites to try and get juicey rewards. such are $scrolls to help you get donation rank without spending real life money. $scrolls/donation rank will help you achieve those beautiful ranks. check out all ranks using ::benefits in game.


The Grind

  1.  time to start the grind! what we need to do at the start of the iron man is grind out 99 atk for the atk skill cape. this cape will allow us to skip killing armor at the warriors guide and go straight into getting your dragon defender! once you have gotten your dragon defender there will collection logs to collect. you should get a ruby box and some cash we will hold onto the cash for now.
  2. Hopefully if you were lucky enough when u opened your boxes you where able to get some $$$ scrolls for your rank  once you hit $20 donation rank you can tele to ::Di and lamp the rest of your skills! to get max


the unlucky

  1. for those of you that were unlucky the grind starts now and its a long one, the best thing I can tell you is to check out the ::collection and try to fill any of the collection logs that have boxes to get you that eailer donation rank! (easiest coll log to do as iron are godwars)
  2. simplicity has a amazing mini game called demonic lands that has amazing rewards however  for those hardcore iron men this minigame can and will take your hardcore status so please be careful. for a guide on demonic land is ::Thread 9903.An huge help.
  3. while opening boxes  you have a chance at getting a ss pet (soul split). these are huge early game and will help you stay awhile there are many pets you could obtain though raids  also.  the best pet thread to check out would be Pets - 1877.



into the mid game

  1.   The biggest things that can and may help you as a iron is the magic well if and when you have enough items store the magic well will take the item with a chance to upgrade the item for you! magic well ::thread 210. throw all your store up gear that you don't need in the well and see if you can become a lucky one! 
  2. getting started into the mid game you will want to do all the ::events boss you can do! as these have great loot  and spawn often you don't want to miss out! next you will want to start on the elite slayer, but only if you have 99 regular slayer.  its a hard grind but most worth it!


!note for all hard core iornman olm( cox) and infernal are safe deaths for you no where els is safe!

we wish you the best luck on the journey of the iron man may the rng gods bless you!





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