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  1. @ Dem Beatz Thank you for the awesome feedback ❤️
  2. Maybe add elite clue locations?
  3. @ The heavens Congratz man, keep it up bro @ sunsetj Congratz to you too man, goodluck with SS. Im sure you will be mod in no-time
  4. +1, we want to see this in the next update
  5. I like the idea and I can +1 this. But why not take this even further since you calling this the 'Master' Bossing cape. My idea on this is to have a Master Bossing Cape to have a extra droprate to all bosses. Not just the ones that we have the Boss capes for, but all bosses. But to create this Master Cape, you need to get a certain drop from each and every boss to fuse it into a Master Bossing Cape This way people will have to fight all bosses and not only the populair ones like Hydra and Vorkath these days.


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