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  1. 1- Keep items noted in general store or make option to buy and send to bank 2- Make items in general store slowly disappear 1 at a time every 15 seconds or so 3- Increase hit boxes of items on floor from event bosses to be able to get loot that rob doesnt collect or possibly a ring of bosses fix for it especially for solak because you will lose a lot of loot because its everywhere when solak multi boss event is going 4- Possibly add an item ignore feature for when you search a boss you can ignore certain drops 5- Increase elite slayer chest loot. Maybe 50% or 100% more tokens. 6- Maybe add free tokens for completing certain streaks. 10 streaks for 200 tokens 50 streaks for 1.5k tokens etc. 7- Lending system for mid tier items boss capes/normal scythe/hcx/sang 8- Revamp nex possibly some elite boxes and remove atleast 2 of the minions 9- Revamp kraken to have the 4 tentacles already up for attacking 10- Add a text above peoples heads when they havent moved in 5 minutes so we don't try to get their attention especially for helping purposes. Maybe make it say AFK and wave or something. 11- Fix dungeoneering with ironmans, cant trade, cant share loot. Its pointless to duo with ironman. 12- Make the onyx and crystal ranks look more colorful. Kinda bland for the amount of money we spend. Ruby is nice and bright then onyx gets really dark and crystal is plain. Maybe add a glow or some sun rays around it or something. 13- Testing area. Has all the armor/weapons in game so you can test if you want to save up money to buy it. See damage increases etc.
  2. Awesome guide! Thank you for your time!
  3. Awesome guide! Thank you for your time in making this!
  4. Awesome ideas. Support for all of them. Good job! ❤️
  5. I love the concept because i love fighting stuff with my friends which there isnt much of that to do besides raids/nm/events. It would be a hard concept to implement because even at same slayer level i could have 40t gear and just carry you. Making it so you can only use elite slayer weapons would make it worse on the super rich people. We just need to figure out a way to keep it somewhat balanced. I think the best way to go about this is the game calculates your max hits on duo instanced slayer. So if your max hit is 1000 and mine is 3000 then it would make the mobs i attack have 3x more hp that way i dont have to use a bad weapon. Just takes my mobs longer to kill within a duo.
  6. Best of luck. It's an amazing achievement.
  7. Kinda of a pointless update. You can do this at all bank booth.
  8. Support this idea. Leaving and coming back a lot gets old.
  9. Congrats everyone. Keep up the hard work! You all are doing a fantastic job. Much respect! ❤️
  10. Seems alright but i think what happens in coding is if you release 1 update at a time and after awhile something breaks you aren't actually sure what codes breaking something else. If they do a massive update and something drastic breaks then can rollback the whole update. But maybe it doesnt work like that.


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