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  1. I did mess up a little was kind of in a hurry to make it but still worked out
  2. Im going to cover the fastest way i found for Realism Accounts to get 99 Construction. Getting Started Speak with the Estate Agent North-West of Edgeville spawn near general store. Purchase a House for 1k Gp Estate Agent will sell everything you need to achieve 99 (Except for bronze nails) 1-33 (44 Planks, 44 Bronze Nails Required) Chairs Make sure to get Bronze Nails to start construction. Crude chair Gives: 1,817 Exp 33-52 (56 Oak Planks Required) Larders 33 Construction you no longer need Bronze Nails. Oak Larder gives: 15,048 Exp 52-82 (516 Mahogany Planks Required) Mahogany Table Mahogany Table Gives: 26,334 Exp 82-89 (125 Mahogany planks, 50 Magic stones Required) Lesser Magic Cage Lesser Cage Gives: 84,645 Exp 89-95 (140 Mahogany planks, 112 Magic stones Required) Greater Magic Cage Greater Cage Gives: 147,345 Exp 95-99 (150 Magic stones Required) Crystal Throne Crystal Throne Gives: 470,250 Exp Congradulations!!! You have Achieved 99 Construction!! Dont forget to Purchase your Skillcape!
  3. have you updated your java/Jre?
  4. Thank you im going to be adding on to this putting all styles, and some with normal easy to get gear. Going to put some effort into the videos this time.
  5. hello i would like to host an event on april 26 for hide n seek for inname donations to the winner. 2 games ( 1 of $20, 1 of $30) The Second game is a competition, First person to gets a virt scythe from TOB. $5o inname donations. For the second competition (should we do video confirmation of recieving the drop from tob?). please let me know if that would be okay.
  6. 1: Add a separate Dragnokin lamp that can be used and only obtained from exchanging pets. 2: Add Death Graves or a similar option. Doing worldbosses and dying its impossible to pickup your loot. 3. Add possible options to decand pots to every dose. 4. Add a hunting cave at feldip with chins. currently its really hard to get hunter up since chins move such far distances and dont really group up. spent about 30-40min on catching 8-15 chins currently what i have i will keep suggesting new things as i continue to play more and more.
  7. Simple Vorkath Guide No audio just guide, done with gear you can obtain while playing with friends. Make sure to use antifire just to reduce damage. its not required but helps. Use Soul Split to gain health after every successful hit. When Vorkath fires a slow fireball while looking up move 1 tile to avoid damage. When Vorkath fires a PURPLE fireball it will knock your prayer down. When Vorkath spits acid around walk at least 2-4 tiles apart. (i like to walk at least 5)
  8. The altars should be removed from home. gilded altars should start being used, that way construction will be useful. Also armor repair stand should be worked on so that people can fix barrows pieces.


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