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  1. Currently any magic without a sang is unviable for any medium/high level pvm, slayer, or bossing. For players without a sang its frustrating to upgrade their gear but not have their damage increase at all. This is because normal spells and ancients are hard capped - ice barrage can max a 40 and fire surge a ~28. Currently meleeing with a chaotic staff is more dps than using fire surge! On my ironman I have ancestral pieces, virtus pieces, flame gloves e, etc, but have not gotten a sang drop. My first elite slayer task was necros, which take ~3 minutes to kill each with the chaotic staff. I'm locked out of effectively doing elite slayer until I get a very rare drop as any magic set up I have access to is comparably very underpowered. Compare a chaotic rapier to the chaotic staff - melee is reasonable to use but magic is less so. Range has ruby bolts, blowpipe, etc - melee has whip/chaotic staff/etc. Magic weapons are not upgrades (water staff is the same as a chaotic staff) with the damage cap. I'd like to suggest: 1. Uncap spell damage on the normal and ancient spellbooks. (Only in pvm if necessary, or only one of the spellbooks and force players to switch to the capped spellbook when entering the wild) 2. Improve the drop rate of the trident. Currently it is too rare for med/high level players to farm. Alternatively add non-boss krakens off-task with the same drop rate. 4. Add the trident to the boss point shop 3. Add the trident to other drop tables (olm 1/40, wizard boxes, etc) 4. Add the tome of water to the kraken drop table and allow it to double water spell damage 5. Add the tome of fire to the phoenix drop table and allow it to double fire spell damage 6. Alternatively, there is room to revamp some mage below the sang staff to implement lower tier but high performance weapons (think ghrazi rapier, magma blowpipe) Obligatory "just get the drop"
  2. Other servers have a right click option on the teleport menu button for last teleport that would be nice


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