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⭐[14.02.2022] HD-Fixes, G.E Additions, MORE Slayer Content & Locations, New Runelite Plugins, New Executive Boxes, Animation Smoothing, LOTS of Big Fixes & More!

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rapiid ags    6

Amazing update as always proud of our dev team and owners for the attention they put into everything everytime dub update bois amazing content 👏 😀 👍 🙌 

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Ytmillsey    56

First of all HUGE props to the update alot of hard work has gone into this to ensure the update could be as great as possible thank you.


Secondly thanks to all the players who have been patient and understanding with the update time, as mentioned at the start regarding covid, this can really take the energy out of you without realising just how much you lose so well done for doing all these updates and fixes even during time with covid amazing  work!

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Timebrawler    1

Inventory tags are bad mmmmk :kek: jkjk nice update, i like the entity hider, def one of my fav plugins.


Edited by Timebrawler

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