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  1. I agree, the bloodmoney store needs a rework. +1
  2. yeah imma wait until i've done more clues before i arrange it
  3. Opening 200 easy clues + a black santahat giveaway!
  4. Agree with the examine to see droptable but we also have the ::drops command, which could get a clean up to make it easier to use. For the new donor tab i do not agree as we have ::commands and 90% of the commands you get access to are listed in ::benefits. So I dont see the need of it. And if we have the tab and show all commands its not going to help you is it, as you said you dont know what commands you can use ? \o/
  5. +1. will it would be a quality of life thing
  6. Another video is out. Loot from 500 Derwen with a giveaway!
  7. Ayy hellp there AVP!
  8. Thank you very much for making this!
  9. every phase increases his defense a bit, so just try to grind through it until you can afford a better weapon!
  10. Here we go again, 800 hydra kills with another giveaway! make sure to check the description of the video!
  11. Work on delays on weapon switches/specs, as of right now its really hard to get a spec combo off. Fixing this might grab more attention to wildy and pking as its pretty dead out there. Also re-do the bloodmoney shop as most things in there is way overpriced compared to the GP price in POS etc


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