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  1. Owner list might be slightly out of date but w/e NOTE:any "lack of interactions" isn't a bad thing just means ur not on when im on or I don't talk to you much b/c I don't usually go out of my way to chat with staff Arthur - Haven't had too many interactions with Arthur (most likely due to timezone differences, so i'll leave this blank I guess) Supreme- Same as above Kevin- Really helpful and nice staff member, haven't had a single negative interaction with Kevin ever, really good staff tbh (im kinda bad at this stuff so bear with me its gonna be like this for the rest of them lol) Staff Manager Lewis- same as Arthur/supreme Manager Athos- haven't had too many interactions with athos but from how he talks in chat he seems like a good guy Minh same as Athos Global Administrator Foly- haven't had too many interactions with Foly, but whenever hes on I see pretty much only positive interactions with other players Shiftynex- Havent had too many interactions either but seems like good staff and a good person based on how he interacts with help chat Administrator Alb- N/A (lack of interactions Dro Same as Alb Dutch always kind and easy to interact with and generally enjoyable to be around Rapiid Ags- haven't had a lot of interactions with rapiid, but he does a good job as staff and is really positive and easy to interactwith Spud - from the interactions ive had with spud so far hes a joy to interact with and is always really helpful in many ways (whether that be helping out players or buying out all the junk in my bank haha_ Maxime- timezone differences most likely, haven't seen to much of this player Global Moderator Sezy- enjoyable to interact with whether that be a passing interaction or when needing help Noki- haven't interacted with noki too much but he seems like he cares about his duties and that's good Charmie- timezone differences? Moderator Sleepinwmy9- haven't had to many interactions with Cody same as above Server Support Rabe37ob - haven't interaced with rabe too much but they seem nice enough(mainly timezone differences once again) Gravityz- time zone differences iirc ? Skovos- I see skovos on almost every day and is always fun to interact with and really helpful in all situations, ) Trial Support Mr Xii0- time zone differences idk?" Not mentioned/Listed: Parker: always really helpful and great to interact with and definitely deserves his position Forum Manager Foly- haven't seen to much of foly but like all the others I haven't had too many interactiosn with its probably due to timezone differences and conflicting schedules Bodhi- same as Foly Forum Moderator Sezy- Read his other entry lol Anyone I've missed ive either not interacted with much,or maybe me and my peanut sized brain forgot to mention them who knows
  2. Hello everyone felt like finally actually posting on the forums, some of you probably have seen me in game and some of you probably have no idea who I am I've been on various private servers for a while now, started playing on lostpkz a while back then played on various servers such as deezscape and the older (unrelated) versions of simplicity hope to see you guys in game! also can someone please buy my katana from pos I beg of you


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