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  1. I'm a electrician mostly domestic housing but was doing industrial a few years ago.
  2. Nice to have you on the server, Hope you stick around for awhile!
  3. Welcome to My Solo Tob Guide Step 1... To get to Theatre of blood do ::tob Step 2: Start a party by clicking on the noticeboard. (west of ::tob). Step 3: Gear and Inv.... This is the minimum requirements. Step 4: Once you have clicked on the Entrance you will appear in this room. Click on the Skeleton to get the dawnbringer, Then proceed through the door. Step 5. Once you're through the door talk to Verzik to start the fight (note be above 108 hp) Once the fight has started stand on this tile marked to safespot the 1st phase. (Note weapon HAS to be on long range for this to work) Step 6: 2nd Phase. Stand on the Marked tile, When purp spider spawns move from under it and dodge little spider. *Save spec for when red healer spiders spawn.* Step 7. Last Phase You can tank this phase quite easy with SS and Sara brews. Move when the little spiders come close to you. Step 8. COLLECT LOOT. Thank you for reading my guide! Hope this helps a few people!
  4. In-game name: 30th May Screenshot #1:https://gyazo.com/4fa28948dbe06b233244a7fc0ccae95c https://gyazo.com/1d5b7622b5d92ec59eca42edf4785541 Screenshot #2: https://gyazo.com/a8ea5b9339f86c2cb8dba0d55511ce7b https://gyazo.com/f972ba2950df522fd2112550ea49b06f Screenshot #3: https://gyazo.com/feac761b87fe0d99dbffc39edb4e4adb https://gyazo.com/72901bdc2726ccb0a55813b2aeb7fa25
  5. What level of clue do you get bunny stuff from?
  6. That's the reason why it needs a shop or something, Get the community together and have a laugh and earn some money.
  7. Minigame Suggestion So here's the idea... Make "Spotlight hour" where a random minigame is selected every hour with boosted points / XP. Make a minigame shop where all minigames provide points for this shop to buy items etc ( These points are only obtainable from the spotlight hours.) I think this will help the minigames we currently have feel a bit more alive and give people something else to do. Open to suggestions on how to improve this.
  8. Owner Arthur - Not spoken to him much _ can't comment. Supreme - Only seen him once in game. Kevin - Amazing Staff Member always helpful to others! Staff Manager Bernard - Amazing person to chat with, good events Lewis - Good goodiebag deals, Good Pk events. Manager Athos - Never seen him Minh - All round good person, Very helpful . Global Administrator Foly - Never seen in game. Nate - Not spoken to much. Administrator Alb - Not spoken to him much. Dro - Never seen him in game. Dutch - A good laugh, Hosts good events, always polite and respectful. Rapiid ags - Really decent person, Helps out everyone he can. Spud - N/A Global Moderator Blitz - Not seen him much in game. Sezy - One of my most favourite people in game. Maxime - Not spoken to much. Moderator Tineepockets - N/A Noki - Haven;t spoken to them, but always seen them helping others in help cc Xelta - Never spoken to them. Charmie - Easily the best person on this server, Good choice as a mod. Swe Monkey - Up and coming star of the server Hiddenblade9 - VEry respectful/Very helpful with others. Sleepinwmy9 - Another up and coming star loved by all on the server, Server Support Gnik - Helpful will all your in game needs. Trial Support Riv - Should be promoted to server support! Forum Manager Foly - Never spoken to him in game.
  9. Hello by now many players would have seen me ingame.. and i've only realised i've never done an introduction :). My name is 30th May, I'm from the UK ( Huddersfield ), I honestly don't know what to write as an introduction so we will leave that there :). Look forward to many scaping adventures with all of you guys! :).
  10. I love the golden balls idea the best.. I do have one question about it, How many people could participate / how would you go about organising it?
  11. Hello all.. I was just thinking it would be nice if the raids chests at the end of the boss fights could have a button to send the items into the bank (Like osrs). Thanks for reading


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