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  1. Such a great update can't wait to get online tomorrow and go ham for the new pets! Some quality of life fixes there also along with the changes to the drop party chest 🔥 keep up all the hard work!
  2. Amazing update AUTO FP... VOTE STREAK REWARDS A NEW LOTYERY and Those interfaces are 🔥🔥🔥 Keep up the hard work devs!
  3. HUGE Update Keep up all the hard work that goes into these updates, Look forward to attempting to get the new terrorbird pet that thing looks LIT! and alchemy table sounds interesting cant wait to look more into it in-game think this update is gonna be a fun one for the community.
  4. I got to agree with Lau here @ Syrex Opening the 10k of each for the update of this guide well done bro seriously well done!
  5. Rob (i) easy to do and having on all 3 of the accounts is a good one, Obtaining crystal rank is on my personal list to do currently Onyx but It's worth the grind for sure! Obtaining a fully black nightmare staff/necro for dawn, will be a interesting watch to see you obtain all of this, I just achieved my overlord cape a week ago and its a nice thing to obtain something I'm very certain you will enjoy when obtaining, My next step now is custom ovl and to obtain a mythical set as well! I wish you the best of luck with all your goals.
  6. Oh trust you to leave such comment
  7. Registering on forums is separate to in-game if it's telling you invalid username/password chances are someone has already used the username you are attempting to use in-game. If you did in fact make the account in-game but is now showing invalid login please create a ticket on discord and we will be able to assist.
  8. Hi there Downpker, Has this been resolved for you? If not I'd advise you to join our discord and make a support ticket using #support > Then use General Support, our team will be able to further assist with getting your pin back to you, Hope to see you soon!
  10. Thank you, With how updates happen and things change was time to give this one a update.
  11. UPDATED SERVER EVENTS ON SIMPLICITY! *do ::events in-game to see active timers for the events below!* WILDERNESS EVENTS: PLEASE REMEMBER THE WILDERNESS IS NOT SAFE AND YOU CAN BE PK'D YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. DUE TO BEING LIMITED ON EQUIPEMENT ALLOWED INTO THE WILDERENSS I'D SUGGEST TO CHECK THIS THREAD BELOW TO UNDERSTAND WHAT CAN'T BE BROUGHT INTO THE WILDERNESS. Galvek Galvek is a boss that spawns every 30 minutes and drops a loot for the top 10 damage dealers. He has 4 phases, each having 5000 hp (50000 on 10x). Galvek is a very hard boss with lots of goodies for rewards and I highly recommend having a group of friends to go with. First Phase: attacks with strong melee (goes through prayer) Second & Third Phase: attacks with strong range (goes through prayer) Fourth Phase: attacks with strong magic (goes through prayer, anti-fire potions protects from some of the damage) There are 2 different possible spawn locations and the current location can be seen in the Player Panel The 2 possible spawns are: -Lava Dragon Isle- (wilderness teleports->greater demons and go west) *blue dot=spawn point when teleporting -Chaos Temple- (wilderness teleports->chaos altar and go north) *blue dot=spawn point when teleporting Here are the most desired drops from Galvek: (can also do ::finddrop galvek in-game to see) Wildywyrm Wildywyrm is a boss that spawns every 30 minutes and drops a loot for the top 5 damage dealers. He has 6500 hp (65000 on 10x) and I recommend using range with ruby bolts (e) along with the protect from range prayer There are 6 different possible spawn locations and the current location can be seen in the Player Panel The 6 possible spawns are: -Lvl 18 Obelisk- (wilderness teleports->chaos altar and run north west) -Graveyard- (wilderness teleports->zombie graveyard and go east) -Boneyard- (wilderness teleports->chaos altar and go north to level 29 wilderness) -Lvl 45 Lava- (wilderness teleports->rune rocks and go east to the end of the lava maze, then south) -Spider Hill- (wilderness teleports->rune rocks then go east for awhile) -Rogue's Castle- (wilderness teleports->rogue's castle and go east) Here are the most desired drops from Wildywyrm: (can also do ::finddrop wildywyrm in-game to see) Callisto *currently not on ::events Callisto is a boss that spawns shortly after it was previously killed and drops a loot for the top 2 damage dealers. He has 5000 hp (50000 on 10x) and is very tanky. I recommend using range with ruby bolts (e) along with the protect from melee prayer There are 2 different possible spawn locations: -Rogue's Castle- (wilderness teleports->rogue's castle and go west) -Greater Demons- (wilderness teleports->greater demons) Here are the most desired drops from Callisto: (can also do ::finddrop callisto in-game to see) Headless Beast *currently not on ::events Headless Beast is a boss Located in the wilderness and has 2 spawn locations, the 1st being just south of the KBD lair entrance, with the 2nd being in-between the lava maze and lava dragons. Exact spots can be found below. Here are the drops from Headless beast: (can also do ::finddrop headless beast in-game to see) SAFE EVENTS: Muhammad Ali's Dummy Muhammad Ali's Dummy is a boss that spawns every 6 hours and drops loot for the top 11 damage dealers. For this boss you'll need to wear no gear at all. You kill it with boxing gloves that come in your main hand slot when you teleport. To get to Muhammad Ali's Dummy you simply type ::ali in-game Here are the possible drops from Muhammad Ali's Dummy: (can also do ::finddrop ali in-game to see) Tekton Tekton is a boss that spawns every 3 hours and drops a loot for the top 10 damage dealers. He has 7500 hp (75000 on 10x) and I recommend using whatever your best gear is and using protect from magic prayer To get to Tekton you simply type ::tekton in-game Here are the most desired drops from Tekton: (can also do ::finddrop tekton in-game to see) Warmonger Warmonger is a boss that spawns every 30 minutes and drops a loot for the top 5 damage dealers. He has 3000 hp (30000 on 10x) and it's a fairly simple fight, just use whatever your best gear is and use protect from melee prayer To get to Warmonger you just simply type ::warmonger in-game and go all the way south in the dungeon Here are the most desired drops from Warmonger: (can also do ::finddrop warmonger in-game to see) SOLAK Solak is a special event boss who's spawn is trigged by 1000 server votes and drops a bunch of decent mid tier weapons and armour along with the infamous mini solak pet. To get to Solak you just simply type ::solak in-game when his spawn get's announced. (YOU WILL DIE HERE - SOLAK IS A POWERFUL BOSS, SOULSPLIT IS RECOMMENDED AND WHEN DIE JUST TELEPORT BACK AND CONTINUE ATTACKING.) Here are the most desired drops from solak: (can also do ::finddrop solak in-game to see) COWS Cows is one of our unique events that occur now and again and normally occur around 11:30am - 12pm GMT whenever they're hosted. cows drop table is unique as although cows have their own table, the person hosting this event is able to add additional items to the cows. (EXAMPLE: A $20 scroll gets added to the cows, as soon as that item is dropped a new item is able to be added in it's place on the drop table.) When teleporting to cows everyone has a wooden sword and shield, and must kill cows to earn upgrades (these are form the drop table) to then be able to kill them faster in order to obtain better equipment to use for the cows event. (ANY AND ALL DROPS EARNED DURING THIS EVENT ARE KEPT WHEN LEAVING) To get to cows you just simply type ::cows in-game with a minimum of 50M in your inventory with NO other gear or items equipped/ in your inventory. Here are the regular drops from cows: (can also do ::finddrop cow in-game to see) Kevin's Demonic Demon Kevin's Demonic Demon Kevin's Demonic Demon is a boss that spawns every 1hour and 30 minutes. To get to Kevin's Demonic Boss you just simply type ::Demon Teleporting here will prompt you with the following warning! Here are the Most Desired drops from Kevin's Demonic Demon: Maiden Of Sugadinti Maiden Of Sugadinti is a event that occurs every 3 hours, and is only available to players who have achieved the completionist cape by completing all the achievements in-game along. You can get to this boss by using ::tp > Bosses > and selecting Maiden Of Sugadinti as show below. The most desired drop here is the "lil' Maiden" Pet. The boss also has other drops that are not officially listed. BONUS EVENTS: We also have some bonus events such as Drop parties when the Donation orb is filled ($1000 Total donated) Below is an example of our Drop party chest located at ::dropparty (NOTE - THIS IS ONLY FILLED VIA DONATIONS, NO PLAYERS ARE ABLE TO ADD ADDITIONAL ITEMS) Another one of our bonuses is Double Damage This enables DOUBLE DAMAGE all around Simplicity (excluding wilderness) as shown below the event can be started for a set period of time normally 1hour (Example below showcasing 45 minutes!) This is a event announced in-game and will be announced upto 30mins prior in our ::discord. Trust me when I say this is an event you DO NOT want to miss out on!
  12. Hey there Kurumi looks like you've gotten a good start so far, I assume by drop party you mean the one at ::dropparty, if so then you got lucky my guy keep up the grind!
  13. Ytmillsey

    $ scrolls

    If haven't already could be worth doing the following. 1) Put a offer in for x amount in the ge at 32b for $10 2) If in our discord, post in #buy-sell-trade On many occasions I've been able to buy 5-10+ scrolls at a time by putting in an offer for 300b worth of $10 scrolls, I hope this can help you.
  14. EASTER EVENT 🔥 Bug fixes 🔥🔥 Keep up these amazing updates happy easter to all!!
  15. Got to admit this helped, amazing guide!
  16. Never left IGN in-game? would love to be able to follow the journy.
  17. Would of asked 100% just wasn't online at the time of me working on this.
  18. Thanks syrex I just had to tag you in this for slayer achievements as your slayer guides rule
  19. HEY AND WELCOME TO A GUIDE FOR THE RECOMMENDED ELITE ACHIEVEMENTS TO GO FOR EARLY ON AS A NEW PLAYER TO GET A EARLY ADVANTAGE IN-GAME. ALL OF THE ACHIEVEMENTS BELOW ARE ONES I HAVE USED MYSELF AND HAVE RECOMMENDED TO PLAYERS IN-GAME AND WILL CONTINUE TO RECOMMEND TO NEW PLAYERS WHO ASK FOR HELP WITH MONEY. The achievements can be found by going to the M Achievements section found here. (THIS IS ALSO WHERE TO CLAIM THE REWARDS ONCE COMPLETED.) TRIVIA KING - Trivia king is an easy achievement to complete rewarding with 3x 1000m notes and a superior combat box for help with this you can follow ::thread 44 (Using this command in-game will open up our guide on trivia answers to speed this up.) THE CRAFTER - The crafter can be completed by clicking on the crafting skill icon --> which will teleport you to the crafting area, from here you can use the Master crafter, and the Banker to level up to 55 and then begin to cut the 100 Dragonstone gems to complete the achievement. completing this achievement rewards you with 75x 100m notes, and a superior combat box THE ARROWS - The arrows is a easy achievement to complete rewarding you with 15x 100m notes, and a superior combat box. This achievement can be started by going to the Fletching skill icon ---> and from here can talk to Wilfred and purchase a Knife and Logs and can start crafting arrow shafts (1000) From here will need to use the fishing skill icon and click the first option ( General Fishing) can purchase Feathers here from the Master Fisher will also require 1000. Finally you will require 1000 rune arrowtips. These can either be brought from players/the POS (Player Owned Shops) Or can be self-crafted using the Smithing skill icon and talking to the Mining instructor to purchase a hammer and bars. This is the longest part of the achievement as will need to get a level of 90 Smithing to begin making rune arrowtips. THE ELITE KNIGHT - The Elite Knight, will require you to get a set of full Elite Void from from the Pest control minigame located at ::pc . Will require a small group of players (always easy to complete by asking in the cc for people to help with pest control) And can purchase the Elite Void by talking to the Void Knight Once you have acquired the Void knight top and bottoms, you can talk to the void knight and Using "Enchant Void Gear" Will allow you to Enchant your Void armour. Equipping this armour will then complete "The Elite Knight" and award you with 1x Superior Combat Box. KBD SLAYER - KBD Slayer requires you to kill 100 King black dragons, these can be found by using ::tp Clicking on the Bosses tab and then Clicking on "King Black Dragon" (THIS IS A SAFE AREA AND IS NOT IN THE WILDERNESS) Completing 100 kills will aware you with 10x 1000m notes, and 1x KBD Heads (SIDE NOTE: During the 100kills you could get luck and obtain the pet King Black Dragon if that happens you also complete "Pet Hunter" and get yourself a bonus of 3x 1000m notes and 3x EMERALD BOXES. MOLE DESTROYER - Mole Destroyer requires you to kill 250 Giant moles, these can be found at ::mole and will teleport you to the Mole Lair Here you will find multiple Mole spawns, Completing this will reward you with 15x 1000m notes and 1x Emerald box. THE SLAYER 1/2 - The Slayer 1 & The Slayer 2 is a two part Combo, To complete this you will require a total of 150 Slayer tasks and rewards you with a total of 250 100m notes and 1x superior box for "The slayer" and then an additional 25x 1000m notes, 1x Superior combat box, 1x ONYX box and 1x Sapphire box. To start with you will need to click the Slayer icon From here you will need to first select a slayer master, and then click the skill icon again to teleport to the slayer master (OPTION 2) I would HIGHLY Suggest you check out ::thread 5009 ( Our Slayer guide brought to you by @ Syrex ) This will allow you to find all locations of our slayer tasks, and which tasks should be skipped. (NOTE - SOME TASKS REQUIRE A SLAYER RING THESE CAN BE OBTAINED BY ASKING A MEMBER OF STAFF OR IN THE CC.) you can right click the ring and use the "rub" icon to be teleported to your tasks. THE PETS - The pets requires you to set up "The menagerie" in your POH (Player Owned House) You can start this by talking to the "Estate Agent" east of the ::home teleport Once spoke to him will give you the option to purchase a home. You can also trade him to buy all supplies required to complete this. YOU WILL NEED THE FOLLOWING: Bronze Nails, Oak Planks and a Hammer. Once purchased you can begin to train construction by clicking on the portal and use the second option "Go to your house (Building Mode) Once here you will need to start by building your first room which will be a Parlour room Once built you will need to begin using the chairs to get your level up to 37. Once you are level 37, you will now be able to construct the "Menagerie room" From here you just need to construct a "Oak house" found by using the pet house space Congratulations You have now completed the pets achievement, and will be rewarded with 3x 100m scrolls and 3x Superior combat boxes. Thanks for viewing the guide, These have all been Elite achievements I have used myself as a early player to grow a starting gear and bank to be able to further progress onto the more challenging and difficult achievements within Simplicity
  20. Great layout on the guide, well presented 😁.
  21. Hey Legendary, first of all 99 in all skills without combat seems fun, and the 20 rare's seeing people collect rare items is always fun to see wish you the best of luck on all your goals Kind Regards,
  22. As always Syrex you put together a top quality guide for new players to use a rough starters guide I can see this being used by many new comers and rebuilders.


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