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⭐[16.12.2021] Christmas Event 2021, Ocean Archer Crossbow & Set (New Best In Slot), Client Fixes, Slayer Additions, Giant Evil Santa & More!

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Lausac    39
20 hours ago, Arthur said:


Santa is back in town and facing troubles agian, you can find him by entering the hole located west of the well. There is a special 2021 custom outfit added for this years Christmas event that will be rewarded for helping Santa out with his request.

The new cosmetic set "Christmas tree outfit".


The new cosmetic set "Evil Santa Suit".


Finding Skinny Santa's Snowballs
Santa has lost his snowballs across the realm of Simplicity. You can find the snowballs and return them to Skinny Santa rewards. Snowballs are dropped by certain bosses, use the ::drops command to open the droptable interface and search by item name "snowball" to pull up a list with possible bosses that drop them.

Skinny santa (Snowball finding mini-event).

Ocean Archer Set
The ocean archer set is the latest best in slot for ranged armour in the game. It's been crafted by perfection for the highest elite rangers in the game. The armour gives a 25% drop rate boost when fully equipped and comes with the highest accuracy and defensive stats for ranged. The set also comes with the ocean archer cape (wings) with better stats of the angelic cape and It provides the best in slot ranged attack bonus for the cape slot. The wings also have the working effect of ava's accumulator.

            The Ocean Archer set with the equipment bonuses.

Ocean Archer Crossbow
The Ocean Archer Crossbow is the new best in slot weapon in Simplicity. It can give up to 25+15% drop rate bonus when you wear it with the full ocean archer set. It has 25% more accuracy and higher damage bonus than the Hand cannon XI. The Crossbow comes with Ocean archer shots which gives the highest accuracy & damage for any ammunition in the game. The special attack "Crystal shots" similar to the special attack of the Holy mythical sanguinesti is the most powerful special attack in Simplicity. The delay between repeating the special attack is minimum to zero which allows to stack 2 special attacks into one, something that the "predecessor" Hand cannon XI was missing.

The equip animation.

The special attack of the Ocean Archer Crossbow "Ocean Crystal shots".

Giant Evil Santa (Boss Event)
Evil Santa's brother? This massive event boss can be found at ::christmas. The combat mechanics are similar to Callisto, it is recommended to bring a strong team when slaying the event boss because it can fire some serious attacks (combinations) that could stack up high enough to smack you back to Edgeville. The boss has some unique drops including Scythe of vitur X, Crystal box & Fire twisted bow.

Santa locked up by Evil Santa.



- Fixed placeholders not working when using presets feature.
- Fixed money pouch informational message typo.
- Added Christmas tree outfit.
- Added Lil' evil santa pet.
- Added Evil santa globe.
- Added Evil santa outfit.
- Fixed bug with armadyl crossbow special attack gfx animation missing.
- Disabled halloween event.
- Enabled christmas event.
- Changed the infernal dungeon to a new map.
- Added snowball throwing.
- Fixed a bug with dying in Christmas event instance.
- Added possibility to receive Emerald box from the Christmass tree.
- Added snowballs to bosses droptables.
- Fixed several issues with customs.
- Fixed animation delays with certain weapons.
- Fixed Level up & Effect timer sprites on HD.
- Fixed XP Drops tooltips.
- Added Christmas tree.
- Added Giant evil santa boss.

- Added the new Christmas deals.

- Slayer additions (available in the upcoming update):

    - Replaced ogre npc's at mudskipper point with Mogre's to match the slayer task.
    - Replaced the ghosts in Catacombs of Kourend with the correct level ones from OSRS.
    - Added 1 more magic axe spawn in the Catacombs of Kourend.
    - Black knights:
        - Added spawns in the back rooms of Taverly dungeon
        - Added spawns at Black knight's fortress (all 3 floors)
    - Moved aquanites to their correct location + added some more spawns.
    - Added ice fiends to Ice Mountain.
    - Added some more Dark Beast spawns to the Mourner tunnels.
    - Added all jackal spawns in the dessert.
    - Added guard dog spawns:
        - McGrubor's Wood
        - Hosidius 
        - Handelmort Mansion
    - Added dwarfs 
        - Dwarven Mine
        - Ice mountain
        - Keldagrim 
        - Lovakengj 
        - South of Yanile 
    - Ghosts 
        - Catacombs of Kourend
        - Death altar
        - Stronghold of Security:Sepulchre of Death
    - Tortured souls (only the 2 bottom ones)
    - Goblins
        - in Lumbridge
        - West of Varrock 
        - Close to fishing guild 
    - Kalphites:
        - Kalphite lair
        - Kalphite cave
    - Added lizard
    - Added dessert snake 
    - Added small lizards
    - Added desert lizard
    - Added golden warbler & orange salamanders 
    - Added waterfiends in kraken cove 
    - Added whirlpools in kraken cove
    - Added all npc's on top of karuluum mountain
    - Added upper level for blue dragons in Taverly dungeon and replaced osrs map
    - Added upper level for black dragons in Taverly dungeon and replaced osrs map
    - Added upper level for baby black dragons in Taverly dungeon and replaced osrs map
    - Added rogues at rogue castle
    - Added pirates at asgardian dungeon
    - Added all spawns in Brimhaven
    - Added mammoths in wilderness 
    - Added ents in wilderness

    - Added/re-added all spawns in the following dungeons/locations:
        * Godwars dungeon
        * Wilderness Godwars dungeon
        * Smoke dungeon
        * Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon
        * Wilderness Slayer cave
        * Karamja (no dungeon but land)
        * Braindeath island
        * Lighthouse
        * Slayer tower basement
        * Stronghold Slayer Cave
        * Karuluum Slayer Dungeon (all 3 floors)
        * Stronghold of Security (all floors)
        * Brimhaven

           Thank you & Merry Christmas!

           Arthur, Supreme & Simplicity Team


New range set!?!? Lets gooooo

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Couvee Jr    11

This looks, yet again, absolutely amazing! Can’t wait to help out Santa and get some rewards 😍 Amazing job guys 🔥

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