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Simplicity's Quick Beginner Guide! 

(Last updated July 3, 2024 by Cameron and Jpmorgan)

This guide aims to help brand new and returning players get up to speed and build a strong foundation for a succesful account!


What to do right away...

  1. Join our discord server by typing ::discord in-game. Make sure to set up your notifications so you don't miss any in-game events!
  2. Visit the #server media channel for promo codes to help get you started! You are only allowed to a promo code once. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the rules! Type ::rules in-game
  3. Vote for a chance at amazing rewards. Type ::vote in-game to launch the vote site. Remember that you can vote every 12 hours except on Top100 which is every 24 hours!
  4. Max your combat stats by killing rock crabs or yaks. You can get to them by typing ::tp -> monsters -> rock crabs / yaks.

Getting your first donor rank...

  1. Visit the warriors guild and complete the defender collection log by collecting 1x of each defender (bronze -> dragon). You can access warriors guild via ::tp -> minigames -> warriors guild 1.
    Note: You can visit the wise old man at ::home2 for a 99 atk cape which allows you to get into the warriors guild for free
  2. Once you've compelted the defender log, purchase 2x '$10 Scroll' to achieve Bronze donor rank allowing you access to Donator Island - ::di. Donation scrolls increase your in-game donation rank without spending real life money. Every donor rank comes with its own benefits, you can check these benefits out by doing ::benefits.


Setup for PVM...

  1. Visit ::di and talk to the the old druid npc. Purchase the dragonkin xp lamps - these lamps will make maxing out your stats incredibly quick! Each lamp only costs 100m each.
  2. Get a 'Ring of Bosses' - the ring will pick up all drops for you and place them into your bank or your inventory, making PVM a breeze when you don't have to pick up your loot after every kill.
  3. Get a 'Superior Pet' - these pets give you unlimited soul split and can stack with protection prayers. To learn more, visit ::thread 1877 to see which pets these are.

    Money making!
  1. when your first starting off in simplicity money can be hard to come by. One easy way to help yourself and help the sever is by voting! but only vote when ::vpanel tells you your allowed to vote!
  2. Another sure way to make a bunch of money is by hitting all the ::Events that you can do as long as you keep teleporting back into the boss fight and do damage you will get a drop! Everywhere in simplicity is a safe death expect wilderness.
  3. Farming all the bosses in simplicity will make you money by collecting all the drops a boss has to offer and filling all the spots in the collection log!
  4. One of the best money makers in Simplicity currently is Elite Slayer. It's a grind but when you reach those 40-60+ levels you will be making tons of money! (more in depth guide on money ::thread 9988)

Gear tips

  1. Most of the game's content can be done with mid-tier gear such as Sagittarian and hand cannon xi. Sagittarian / Scared Clay / Ancestral  are great starter gear for any and all new accounts.
  2. We have a massive gear thread to help you by doing ::thread 1112 you can find all gear, while doing ::bis will show you the gear progression!
  3. Twisted slayer helm  - Offers a 54% damage buff when used with Ancestral top/bottom
  4.   Ring of Bosses- provides a 15% drop rate increase also picking items up and send them to your bank or inventory!


  1. ::Staff shows you all online staff / donation managers currently
  2. Entity Hider can be found in the runelite settings allowing you to hide other players in game (increases fps)
  3. ::Drops- give you the ability to search for an item and which monster drops it!
  4. ::events- opens all the world boss and the timer when they will spawn
  5. ::benefits- shows you the many levels of benefits a donator gets
  6. ::boxloots- shows you what drops you can get out of your boxs
  7. ::vpanel- to show you what your streak is and when you can vote!

Most importantly, remember to have fun!

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