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  1. Would be nice to know the droprate of a skilling pet. If there's one. It would help give us an idea to when we can expect one
  2. I bought all of your Nex gears. Hoping to turn it into some money later if price goes up a little bit. Nice bank tho
  3. Just added another 4T lol. How to resign from gambling?
  4. Big lead from gambling after many losing streaks Here's a sneak peak. Total Estimated: 10-12Trillions
  5. Sapphire is like a forgotten rank in this server. It has nice perks and buff but the Szone is completely useless in this game. I feel like more players will contribute and aim for higher if Szone wasn't so useless. Like players would get to Diamond for ::Bank and would stop there since they already have Dzone and ::Bank command. If Szone can be rework with NPC, Bosses, untradables equipment, and supplies, it could potentially increase the motive of players aiming for this rank. Since the rank itself stands at $1000. Ideas for Szone New Zone: Definitely need a new look. Looks like a squeezed area where no one go to. Maybe a new with more space to roam with more resource than Dzone. Noted Supplies: Logs, uncooked fish, Noted Potions (overloads flask), and etc (technically a faster skilling shops aside from closing and opening shops) Bosses/NPC: Spawn bosses that Dzone do not have such as GWD bosses, maybe even corp, Bandos avatar, making it more convenient for such rank in the game. Box ring: Since this is like the middle rank of all the rank, maybe a Boxing ring so players can come and box and fight for fun and relax and afk here. Conclusion: I think Sapphire is a great rank after Diamond but the zone itself is very useless even for Emerald and Ruby, they still go to ::Dzone to chill and skill. A buff to Szone would be a great beneficial for Sapphire to Ruby players and even a strive for Diamond and under players to reach because after Szone is ::Ohall and the Legendary Crystalzone which is a very very very long way to go. Here's how lame Szone looks... Here's a picture of a place I think would be cool to move to for Szone. With trees, skillings, maybe NPC somewhere downstair around those open area. (Picture was from Google)


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